Best Explosions In the Sky Songs

This is an interactive top ten list for the best songs from the Austin based post-rock band, Explosions in the Sky.
The Top Ten
1 Your Hand In Mine

The whole song is just beautiful. It's hopeful melancholy... Or maybe melancholic hope. Few songs make you feel wondrous joy and pitch-black depression like this one does.

No words to describe this song's beauty. The melancholy is enough to make you cry, but those are tears of joy.

Goosebump city! If I could read Braille, my skin would probably say something like, this must be what heaven feels like.

2 The Only Moment We Were Alone

It reminds me of someone who I loved and with whom I spent "that" only moment. I remember that feeling of being so blind, so stupid but so in love. I know you weren't, but that was enough for me.

Thinking of you almost drove me insane. When I look back, I can see that I loved the idea I had of you. It still hurts sometimes.

This song helped me ease the pain and still helps me a lot. I let you go, but I won't let that moment go. We will always be there, sharing that only moment alone. Stay there. I'll see you in a dream. Love, E.

3 First Breath After Coma

How can you not vote this as the best one? You feel yourself slip away for just a minute as the song begins to fade away. As the melody fades, you fade or you dream of some moment in your life fading away.

Simply beautiful. Just dream, and you'll feel it. Guaranteed.

Great music, with the highlight being the last minute of the song as the instruments begin to fade behind the mega guitar riff.

4 The Birth and Death of the Day

The intense drums that surface at the chorus of the song, and then the quiet tapping of the drumsticks after the chorus, are definitely a treat to listen to.

5 Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean
6 Postcard From 1952

This song is just so wonderful. I fall asleep to it so often. It begins so gently, building subtly until it grows into a melodic dream.

I'm not even being poetic when I say it makes my heart feel warm. It really makes me happy.

Amazing song, at 3:41 to the end, mind-blowing stuff happens. Give it a listen and bask in the wonders of life.

7 Last Known Surroundings

A mind-blowing track, so very addictive!

8 Greet Death
9 Yasmin the Light
10 Waking Up

Best emotion captured in Lone Survivor through this beautiful piece!

Beautiful music. Capable of bringing inner peace to a tormented mind.

The Contenders
11 Have You Passed Through This Night?
12 Human Qualities
13 The Moon is Down
14 A Song for Our Fathers

This is my personal favorite, great song, composition, sound, and packed with emotion.

15 Memorial
16 With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

Criminally underrated track when it comes to EITS. The multiple changes in tone throughout the track seem to replicate an epic journey, with the result being the title, if you will. There are peaks, yet seemingly minimal valleys, as the intervals contain mutating riffs that constantly progress the song.

The final moments end the track (along with the album) perfectly, finishing a heavy-hitting and power-driven record with a calming, hopeful closure. "With Tired Eyes" has no business being outside any EITS top-10 lists.

17 Magic Hours
18 Let Me Back In

I love this song! Personal favorite. That little guitar riff is just beautiful. It just makes me happy!

19 Glittering Blackness
20 Time Stops
21 From West Texas
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