Top 10 Best Japanese Singers of All Time

Help me to improve this list (I need the help of Japanese people). I'm Iranian and we want to know who are best Japanese singers of all time.
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1 Aoi Teshima

Best singer of all time! voice of two singer was so great in history, Michael Jackson from male singers and Aoi Teshima from female singers, you must listen to her voice!

2 Kōji Tamaki

I love his "Junk Land" song, It's masterpiece no doubt.

Just great, He describes the Junk Land!

Best Japanese male voice

3 Hiroshi Kamayatsu (Monsieur)
4 Yui

Her voice is really nice

5 Hikaru Utada Utada Hikaru, who has also gone by Hikaru Utada and the mononym Utada, is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter and producer.

Literally all her songs are epic. Personally her 1999 album "First Love" is my favourite; I can listen to it in heavy rotations

She is really good and a good voice too!

6 Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi is always going to sound like ayumi, for that fact I love her. However, none of these girls on this list comes even close to the energy, and power, she puts into a performance. Best singer? I mean that all depends on what you want. Me I can't stop watching Ayu sing.

7 Kenshi Yonezu

I love his voice so much and his style are so cool. He is a genius he can sing, dance and draw animate.

Sweet and deep voice. His voice can mix in well with so many genres. He is pure talented.I just love his voice.He produces his own songs and has given us songs which are of those level which outshine jpop itself

He's a living masterpiece, I can stop loving him and his amazing music

8 Hosoya Yoshimasa

I like his voice

9 Mitsuko Horie
10 Aimer

Re:frain, One, Rokutousei no Yoru, Zero, almost all of her songs are amazing. If you don't listen her song, you are missing something in your life

The Contenders
11 Nana Mizuki

The true queen

12 Namie Amuro
13 Akina Nakamori

My first favorite singer in Japan though I liked Pink Lady and Momoe Yamaguchi a lot. She took the diversity of sound and feeling in her music and melded it with a dynamic stage presence and a sense that she was releasing her emotions in real life in her music. The best low register and vibratto of any female singer I have ever heard.

Best Japanese singer of all time. I don't understand why she is 13 in this list. This list based on one person's opinion. (

14 Hyde (L'Arc-en-Ciel)

I saw him at concert in September with his solo career! He never fails to completely impress me. Not to mention that his English is amazing, too!

15 Toru Kitajima
16 Gackt Gakuto Oshiro (大城 ガクト Ōshiro Gakuto, born July 4, 1973), better known by his mononymous stage name Gackt, is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He has been active since 1993, first as the frontman of the short-lived independent band Cains:Feel, and then for the now defunct visual kei rock band Malice Mizer, before starting his solo career in 1999. He has released nine studio albums and, with forty-eight singles released, holds the male soloist record for most top ten consecutive singles in Japanese music history.

Second best after Ryuichi Kawamura I'd say.

17 Kana Nishino

Amazing songs, so much emotions. Love her passion and her voice.

18 Takahiro Morita
19 Joji
20 Kana Hanazawa
21 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
22 Natsukawa Rimi
23 Akiko Shikata
24 Atsuko Maeda

She has such a sweet cute voice.

25 Shiho Ochi
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