Top Ten "Paul is Dead" Clues (The Theory that the Real Paul McCartney Died in a Car Accident in 1966)


I am not a firm believer of this theory. I would say like 80% of me thinks it's a hoax. But 20% of me thinks there just might be something to this. Most have heard the story and for those of you who haven't here it goes (in short form).

In late 1966 (some say September few say November) Paul leaves the EMI studio on a rainy night/morning. Rumor has it he left really stressed out or angry. As he's driving along in his Aston Martin he either sees a beautiful meter maid (lovely Rita) and is distracted and crashes, or another version of the story is he picked up a pretty female hitchhiker and upon realizing who he was, the hitchhiker got crazy and caused the crash. Either way, he supposedly blew through a red light and was hit by a truck that pins him/them to a pole where he/they died. The story is Paul was decapitated and burned badly. It is also said that most his teeth were knocked out. Quickly after his death the record company and/or the remaining Beatles themselves got a look-a-like replacement. A Scottish man named William Campbell.

Whether you believe it or not, there's a lot of people who do believe it to be true. Like I said, for me, I think most likely this was an elaborate hoax by the Beatles or record company. However, there's a part of me that thinks maybe? I keep an open mind to it.

Some interesting quotes from Paul McCartney himself:

"I joined the Beatles as an already set up affair" (but he was a founding member?)

"There's me and then there's famous him. I don't want to sound schizophrenic but I'm probably two people. I look in the mirror and think, I am a shell of this guy I've read so much about. I don't know if it's a schizo thing. Paul McCartney is like the successful bit of it all that I'm very proud of but you know, I don't imagine that I am him otherwise I'll probably just blow my head off"

"They shouldn't be paying me all this money cause you know, I'm not him. I'm some kid masquerading as this guy who's like the famous guy and, oh no I'm a clone you know"

There are a lot more to this. I really suggest people read up on it. It's a fun read and journey even if you think it's nonsense.
The Top Ten
1 Paul Switched Hands

I have this at number 1 because this is the one that really makes me raise an eyebrow. Almost everything else can be hoaxed by the band. There are old photos and video of the "original" Paul playing right-handed.

This is actually really interesting. I never gave it a thought until now. You raise some good valid points.
This really is a good list.

Doesn't he still play left handed today, though?

2 Lyrical and Backmasking Clues

Personally, I think most (not all) of these are a stretch. There are so many examples, these are just a few popular ones.

Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Album -
Lovely Rita - the line "standing by a parking meter/when I caught a glimpse of Rita" referring to Paul's accident.

Good Morning, Good Morning - the lines "nothing to do to save his life", "you're on your own/you're in the street", "people running 'round/it's five o'clock (the supposed time of the accident)", and "watching the skirts you start to flirt, now you're in gear" are all said to be references to Paul's accident.

With a Little Help From my Friends - The intro announces, "Billy Spears" is a play of words for "Billy's here". The introduction of the man who replaced Paul, William.

The Magical Mystery Tour Album -

I am the Walrus - at the end of the song, there are voices of men saying, "bury me...bury my ...more

3 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Clues

The album cover is suppose to represent a funeral scene.

All the people on the album cover are suppose to be all the people Paul looked up to or admired. There is also a photo of the "early" Beatles who look like they're in mourning. Some theorize they're not just mourning Paul's death but also the end or death of the original band itself.

The headstone is the stone statue to the right of the drum.

The floral display in the front is in the form of a left handed bass guitar and spells out Paul or "P". Above its spells "LiES".

On the right of the "headstone" is a woman looking at a car that's on fire. The woman is suppose to be "Lovely Rita the Meter Maid". She supposedly saw and was the cause of Paul's accident.

If you hold the album cover to a mirror, focus on the drum and split the drum in half (hold a small mirror or use the back of a cd, hold it to the middle or half way on the words LONELY HEARTS on the drum) it reads, "1 ONE 1 X HE DIE" with an ...more

4 Abbey Road Album

The album cover is suppose to represent a funeral procession. John is dressed like a preacher. Ringo represents the pallbearer. Paul is the corpse. George is suppose to symbolize the grave digger.

Paul's eyes are closed symbolizing he's dead.

In the background there's a Volkswagen Beatles with a license plate that reads "28IF". Rumored to symbolize or state that "if" Paul was still alive, he would've been "28" years old when Abbey Road was released.

Paul is walking out of step with the other members. All the other members are leading with their left foot, Paul with his right. Supposedly representing the same thing as when is facing away from the rest of the band on the other covers. He is not one of them.

Paul is walking with a cigarette in his right hand. (Rumor has it the "real Paul" was left handed.) Also cigarettes were/are known to be called coffin nails.

There are eight circles next to the "Beatles" sign. When the circles are connected, it ...more

5 Magical Mystery Tour Album and Movie

The stars that spell out Beatles, when viewed upside down, reveals a phone number. (Some say it's 5371438, other say it's 2317438 ) The number 2317438 is reported to be a mortuary in London. Some have even claimed they got a recorded message of a voice saying, "You're getting closer".

In the movie (also in a photo in a booklet that came with the record version) Paul is sitting at a desk with a sticker that reads, "I WAS"

On page 12 in the booklet mentioned above, Paul's shoes are to the left of him and covered in blood. There are tire tracks leading right up to Paul. In the same picture, the kick drum reads, "LOVE The 3 Beatles".

In the booklet there's a picture of Paul wearing a black carnation while the rest of the band is wearing a red one.

Numerous photos of a hand over Paul's head in the booklet

6 Yellow Submarine Album Cover

Again Paul has a hand over his head symbolizing an Eastern tradition for blessing the dead.

The Yellow Submarine is beneath the band members. This is suppose to represent Paul's coffin underground.

7 Revolver Album Cover

On the top is a picture of Paul screaming with no teeth showing. (Rumor has it that most of Paul's teeth were knocked out and was decapitated in the accident.)

Again Paul is facing the opposite direction.

8 Lack of Emotion When Paul was Told Lennon Was Shot and Killed

Look it up. Either way I find this kinda disturbing. The story is John never really accepted "Faul" and was mean to him.

9 Faul

The other members started calling Paul "Faul". As in "fake Paul".
I don't know what to think of this. Maybe it's a accent thing and people who are ignorant to the language (like me) are jumping to conclusions? Maybe Britgirl can give her two cents about this and straighten this out for us? If it isn't an accent thing and they are blatantly saying "Faul" instead of Paul, that leaves only two options in my opinion -
1: This all was an elaborate hoax either started by The Beatles themselves or, at least they enjoyed throwing fuel on the fire for fun, or publicity. Or...
2: Paul's really dead.

If "post '66" Paul wrote Hey Jude, Blackbird, and The Long and Winding Road, I think I'll take him over "pre-'66" Paul.

Frankly, I think the whole thing is ridiculous - even though I was briefly obsessed with it when I first got into the band - and a great example of confirmation bias. Sure, you could find a body double to replace McCartney. But somebody with the same voice, playing style, and songwriting talent? The story needs a good shave with Ockham's Razor.

10 Photographic "Evidence"

Compare old (pre '66 and new (post '66) pictures of Paul. Tell us what you think. Some people swear you can see a lot of differences. Personally, I can't see much of a difference. Maybe the eyebrows are a little different and he does look like he aged a lot. Between '66 to '67, he does look about 5 or 6 years older to me.

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