Top 10 Best Miley Cyrus Albums

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1 Bangerz

I don't like this album. The only good song (in my opinion is Wrecking Ball.) In my opinion it shouldn't be this high but I am glad it does have fans as it is one of Miley's most hated albums. Although I don't like it, I do love Miley and her music so I'm glad it at least has some fans. But as I said, I don't think it should be this high.

To say that Bangerz isn't Miley's best album is ridiculous. No way is a teen-pop album with cheesy lyrics that Miley herself hates better than the slice of pop perfection that is Bangerz.

Her masterpiece that started her legendary 2013 run. Also, the album where people started taking her seriously musically, lyrically, & artistically. One of the best Pop albums of the 2010's.

2 The Time of Our Lives

It starts off with a great cover of Kicking And Screaming, then has awesome songs like Party In The USA, The Time Of Our Lives, Obsessed, Talk Is Cheap, and When I Look At You, and a live version of Before The Storm.
The international version includes The Climb, my favorite song of all time.

This is an EP rather than an album but I am glad it is on this list. It has the perfection that is The Climb on it, and the pop anthem Party In The USA. It also has a cover of Kicking And Screaming which awesome. Also has other songs too but these are the best ones here.

3 Plastic Hearts

Her best work to date! I think Endless Summer Vacation will be better once it comes out but this is pure art! One of the best albums released ever!

4 Breakout

7 things is without a doubt the best song on this album. I also REALLY like Full Circle, it got me into the album a lot more. I didn't fancy every single track that much, for example Simple Song, but I did enjoy the majority of it. It's a good pop rock album that deserves way more credit than it has. Fly on the wall was also a very catchy song. I'm not normally a very big fan of cover songs, but Miley's cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was actually very good. I wasn't expecting much if I'm being honest because like I said I'm the the biggest fan if covers, but it sounded amazing as she had changed it up a little from the original, and made it a rock song. Probably not her best album, but an awesome album anyway!

This is my favorite, with songs like Breakout, 7 Things, Fly On The Wall, Bottom Of The Ocean, Wake Up America, and The Driveway being fantastic.

5 Can't Be Tamed

I really like this album! My favourite songs here are Can't Be Tamed, Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Robot. I also really liked Two More Loneley People, Forgiveness and Love, Stay, Scars, Take Me Along and My Heart Beats for Love. The other songs are good too, but these are the best on the album (in my opinion).

Second favorite album to me, with the stellar Can't Be Tamed song, along with Scars, Liberty Walk, Robot, My Heart Beats For Love, and Who Owns My Heart.
Edit: Fourth. Technically third, since The Time of Our Lives is an EP.

This is a masterpiece! Her second best album after Plastic Hearts.

6 Younger Now

This was a very nice album, a little different to some of her other ones. It's quite calming. The best song on there is Malibu. I also liked Younger Now, Week Without You, Miss you So Much and I would Die For You. Not my favourite album by her, but definitely better than Bangerz and Dead Petz, also better than Time of our lives. Music around 2017 wasn't the best, however this is an exception.

7 Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Her best album musically, far superior to Younger Now. Highlights are Bang Me Box, Space Boots and Lighter.

Just trash in my opinion. I respect Miley Cyrus, but I just don't like this album.

This belongs at the bottom. This album is garbage.

8 Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

I've listened to the whole album of Meet Miley Cyrus. I really liked it. I didn't find every single song that catchy, but I loved the majority of the album, especially I miss you and as I am. I was exxpecting this album to be quite cheesy, as miley was a young teenager at the time, but it was actually so good! I know she didn't write all the songs but she did help with some of them and I thought they were the best songs on the album!

9 She is Coming
10 Hannah Montana: The Movie
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11 Endless Summer Vacation
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