Top 10 Most Brutal Dubstep Drops

The most brutal dubstep drops ever made is on this list. Dubstep is not noise... it's epic sound.
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1 One Click Headshot - Feed Me

I'd like to start off by saying I absolutely love this song, it's easily one of my favorites from Feed Me, but this list is specifically about a song's drop, where it changes and brings in the sound most associated with dubstep, and honestly, that's not where this song excels. It's brilliantly done, and overall is a fantastic listen, but I don't lose it at the drop.

This is more of a Bass song.

2 A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production - Dubba Jonny

This is sooo good most brutal by far. Hardest bass drop ever you can tell this is going to be brutal from the start. I would put Nightmare second

By far the most brutal drop in all of Dubstep. Compare this to One Click Headshot

Drop is hard as hell

One hell of a drop

3 Nightmare - Biometrix

Most ruthless, brutal, remorseless song to ever exist.

The drop is extreme. That's words to describe it.

4 Human Error - Droideka
5 Centipede - Knife Party

This is the most brutal dubstep for me that I heard it!

Awesome drop. So intense and the intro is wack.

The intro is a bit creepy, but the drop is insane. This should be higher

Should be first

6 X Rated - Excision & Messinian

The drop wasn't that brutal try some skrillex for some BRUTAL drops.

Very brutal, but lacks all the other parts that determine the best.

Holy crap, an epic drop right away! now where can I get my hands on the full song...

Just a slow start with a man speaking and then BOOM here we have a brutal drop

7 Rampage - Skrillex
8 Monster - Meg & Dia

Its really cool, definitely on my playlist now... The bass drops pretty amazing

9 Thumbs Up - Kill the Noise & Feed Me
10 Deadweight - Zomboy
The Contenders
11 Xtrullor - Ego Death

Probably one of the hardest drops ever. Both of them. The first one starts off slow and then it goes from 0-100 in a millisecond. Insane. The second drop is just face-melting. Extremely loud noises and ear splitting beeps. This song has sudden pauses indicated by a beep and then the song just goes on like nothing happened. It feels unreal when you hear it for the first time. It's also Xtrullor's best song. Don't just listen to one of his tracks, listen to ALL of them.

Well deserves to be higher. Xtrullor is an amazing artist. His music may sound like just like noises, but that's all music really is. Xtrullor is changing music as we know it. Paracosm, Reverie, Humanity, Tria and Ego Death in my opinion are his best songs!

This is probably still Xtrullor's most brutal track, even at the start of 2018. But personally, I like the first drop better... I don't know why

The heavy drop combined with the weird 7/4 time signature takes you off guard, and just an amazing track.

12 Surface - Aero Chord

It begins with unassuming synths, almost making you think that the drop wont be that good, but then the MASSIVE buildup starts, and your just sitting there waiting, and then... DROP! By far one of the best drops I've ever heard.

Aero Chord! This guy took the world by storm. Surface clearly has one of the meanest, most brutal drops. The track begins with soothing synth lines, then a huge build-up AND a massive drop. "MAKE THE GROUND SHAKE".

There's no drop better than this one.

This is the best drop ever!

13 Piledriver - Steve Aoki & Knife Party

Super fan of Steve aoki

14 Flying Spaghetti Monster - Doctor P

Really an extreme drop.

15 Apocalypse Now - BeastKiller
16 Bonfire - Knife Party

This is probably one of my favorite drops of all time. The first time I heard it, it gave me chills.

17 Dimension 7 - Eptic
18 The Devil's Den VIP - Skrillex

As a huge Skrillex fan I can tell you he pulls off some of the most brutal drops, but this one resonates with me as the most powerful. Best of the best right here

19 Kill Everybody - Skrillex

Actually quite good. not as brutal as others but still a brutal drop. but I think I might have heard something similar once

20 Codename X - Excision

How isn't this track in the top ten list? Never, ever have listened to such a powerful track. If there's anyone who can make brutal dubstep, it's EXCISION. Others don't stand a chance.

21 Internet Friends - Knife Party

Lyrics are... interesting if I say so myself. Ignore the lyrics this is one hell of a drop

Funny lyrics and even better drop.

22 Tsunami - DVBBS & Borgeous

The base dropped harder than the greek economy.

So cool. every time I hear it though, I think of fat man jumping in pool.

23 Excision - Bass Cannon

How... this is a torture for my earphones, I never listen it on full volume only like volume 40% and my ears still hurt, but this is good!

This is flux pavilion, not excision.

24 Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) - Krewella

I love pegboard and nerds. I like all of the monster cat songs. If you like him check out monster cat.

I love this song so much! I really recommend listening to it.

25 Holdin On (Skrillex and Nero Remix) - I See Monstas

This has to be one of the fastest and most hardest drops ever.

Really great song! great bass drop that makes your heart beat faster!

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