Top 10 Best Original Songs from the SpongeBob SquarePants Broadway Musical

So the SpongeBob Broadway musical is a thing that exists. No idea why this was made. However, the songs are actually pretty good. And then I watched the bootleg and the musical was very okay. The bootleg was from when the musical was in Chicago. And from what I’ve heard, changes were made for its Broadway run. I’ve decided to make a list of the best ORIGINAL songs from the SpongeBob Broadway musical. Which means only songs that were written specifically for the musical and not already existing songs like No Control, Best Day Ever, and the SpongeBob theme.
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1 (Just a) Simple Sponge

Yeah, this song is amazing. Every musical has to have one amazing song that rises above the rest. That's where Simple Sponge comes in. This song was written by Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco. It's basically an "I want" song. SpongeBob wants to prove that he is more than just your average sponge. Mr. Krabs, however, doesn't think he is capable of handling big responsibilities such as being manager. Um, excuse me, Mr. Krabs. How many times has SpongeBob saved your life? Anyway, I love this song and the whole scene itself. Ethan Slater has a very great singing voice. I especially love the backing vocals. The harmonizations give me chills. During the song, there are people on stage with little sponges and they are using them to make different kinds of shapes. I thought this was very excellently choreographed. This must've taken a lot of work. This reminded me of how much I used to love SpongeBob. I haven't watched SpongeBob in a long time, mainly because of how bad the show has gotten, but this song put me in such a good mood. The crew really put a lot of effort into this musical and the song artists did a great job with the songs. Simple Sponge is just amazing. I really hope this musical starts touring soon. I actually kind of want to see it in person.

2 I’m Not a Loser

This is the song that Squidward songs when the Electric Skates band quits the benefit concert. For many seasons, Squidward has had a rough life. But this song makes him realize that he should believe in himself. He's better than most people give him credit for. This is some very excellent development. It's done through excellent choreography, instrument playing, tap dancing, and scenery. I just love seeing Squidward's name up in lights. It's what he has always wanted. The lyrics can be pretty confusing since it uses a lot of double negatives. But it's really funny. The only problem I have is that the song literally adds nothing. It just starts and then ends with no reference to it later on. Honestly, it could've been cut and nothing would've changed. Still, I really love it since Squidward is one of my favorite characters.

3 Hero is My Middle Name

The citizens of Bikini Bottom have pretty much given up and are preparing to leave town. But not SpongeBob. He still wants to save the town. So he gets the help of Patrick and Sandy so they can try to stop the eruption. This song reminded me of how much I love these characters. They make such a great team. Sandy is the smart one, Patrick is the strong one, and SpongeBob is the motivational one. Each of them has a contribution that allows them to be very helpful. I just love seeing the three of them do things together. And they are all excellent singers. Especially Sandy. Also, according to this song, her middle name is Jennifer. Interesting. This song is great. It pretty much shows that you shouldn't give up and you sometimes have to be the hero in certain situations.

4 Tomorrow Is

This song was legitimately emotional. The characters realize that they only have one day left before the volcano erupts and destroys everything they love. Bikini Bottom is a place that they grew up in. And I'm sure that most of us grew up watching the show and seeing all these characters living in this town. All great Broadway Musicals must have a powerful song to close the first act. Wicked has Defying Gravity, Phantom of the Opera has All I Ask of You, Frozen has Let it Go (I'm assuming), and SpongeBob has Tomorrow is. I like how act 1 takes place during one day and then act 2 takes place the next day. I thought that was pretty smart. This song is a very excellent way to close the first act. We care about these characters so much that we worry for them. Although, I thought Best Day Ever was a little more impactful. I can't add that song to this list since it existed before this musical. I also love how this song ends with a little reprise of Bikini Bottom Day. That was very well done.

5 When the Going Gets Tough

Eat your heart out, Hamilton! When the Going Gets Tough is a rap song that is sung by Plankton in which he comes up with a plan to have everyone leave Bikini Bottom before the volcano erupts. However, it's all just a ruse to hypnotize all of them so they could eat chum. It's actually very surprising that they actually trusted him. I love this song! It's definitely something I wasn't expecting. Plankton just coming out and singing hip hop is hilarious. The actor is actually pretty good at rapping. Karen's best boxing is awesome. I actually taught myself how to do the dance that they do during this song. It took me a while but I got it. This song is just very awesome. A really great rap song and a really great villain song. Also, Karen is hot!

6 Poor Pirates

Basically, there's a running joke in this musical that involves Patchy. He attended the SpongeBob musical as an audience member, and after disrupting the show, he gets kicked out. He later comes back and he ends up being chased by security. It's actually very hilarious. He even gets a song that he sings in the beginning of the second act. Which was written by Sara Bareilles. It's basically Patchy complaining about how pirates are treated in modern times. Pretty understandable. Must be hard being a pirate. He even has some of his pirate friends join in so they can tell us how hard their lives are. This song doesn't fit in the actual musical, but it's not supposed to since Patchy himself isn't part of the actual musical. Or at least we're not supposed to think he is. You know the song One by One from Lion King? This is similar in a way. I like this song. It's mostly supposed to be in the musical for fun and as a way to start the second act.

7 Bikini Bottom Day

If you're a fan of Portal then you're probably a fan of those songs that GLaDOS sings at the end of the games. They were written by Jonathan Coulton. A very excellent songwriter. He even contributed to the SpongeBob musical. He wrote the song Bikini Bottom Day. The very first song of the show. Before I heard any of the songs, I knew the beginning song would involve the citizens of Bikini Bottom singing about their town as a way to introduce the characters in the musical. Because it's very cliché. And that's pretty much exactly what this song is. And it's still pretty good. This song alone perfectly captures the personalities of the characters from how they act in the cartoon. Of course, SpongeBob is the most cheerful of the bunch. Which is exactly what his character should be. And Ethan Slater does this perfectly. It's too bad everyone's mood is ruined after finding out that a volcano is about to erupt. I like this song. It's a good way to start the show.

8 Chop to the Top

This is the song that Sandy and SpongeBob sing as they are climbing up a mountain to stop the volcano from erupting. The title kind of sounds like Bop to the Top but replacing "bop" with "chop" makes sense since Sandy and SpongeBob like karate. The song is about the two of them trying not to give up as they're climbing the mountain. This song is basically a motivational song. And a very catchy one. I really love the actress who plays Sandy. She is really into her role, she is such a great singer, and she is very hot. I listen to this song a lot because of how catchy it is. It's definitely a great song.

9 Daddy Knows Best

My least favorite character in the musical would probably have to be Pearl because there was never a moment when I believed that she was Pearl. Obviously the actress is not gonna actually look like a whale, but if you expect me to believe that Pearl can actually sing, then you are sadly mistaken! This actress hits notes that Pearl would not be able to hit in the cartoon! Although, I kind of like the fact that she's black which further shows that she's Mr. Krabs' adopted daughter. Speaking of Mr. Krabs, this song is a perfect depiction of him. He's always been a character who puts money before everything else. He even loves money more than he loves his own daughter. That's pretty much what this song is about. And you can even see how upset Pearl is knowing that Mr. Krabs isn't listening to what she's saying since all he cares about is money. I actually kind of feel bad for her. That's why this song is so good. And I will admit, the vocals are brilliant.

10 I Guess I Miss You

Its emotional and shows regret.

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11 BFF

SpongeBob and Patrick have two duets in this musical. BFF and I Guess I Miss You. I Guess I Miss You is actually my least favorite song from the musical. Which is sad since I like John Legend. The lyrics in that song were just not good and the chorus was lazy. At least BFF is a pretty good duet. It was written by the Plain White T's. The cartoon has had a lot of moments that show us that SpongeBob and Patrick are great friends. This song is another one of those moments. It talks about how everything they do is better if they do it with each other. One thing I was impressed by during this scene was the stretching couch. Seriously. How do they do that? What is that couch made out of? How does it stretch like that? I thought it was really cool. I also like how they projected a bubble onto it at one point. This song doesn't really serve much of a purpose in this scene, but I guess it mainly exists to build up to a later scene. I'm not gonna say what happens, but it's kind of predictable. I thought this song was pretty enjoyable. Very fun to listen to.

12 Best Day Ever
13 Super Sea Star Savior
14 No Control
15 Bikini Bottom Boogie
16 Without You (Welcome to the Chum Bucket)
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