Top 10 Biggest Pet Peeves In Music

This list will be on annoying things relating to music, whether it’s something in a song, annoying fanbases/haters or false stereotypes about music.
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1 Finding out that one of your favourite artists is a douchebag

Personality doesn't affect the quality of the artist's music though. Of course there is some exceptions like Fred Durst and I also find it hard to enjoy black metal due to many of the musicians in that genre being scumbags, but for the most part a particular artist having a bad personality doesn't mean that their music is trash.

Now a bad personality obviously doesn't make someone a bad musician, just like how a nice person doesn't make someone a great musician, so I should've at least put this lower, but it still sucks meeting someone you've looked up to for a long time and they give you the cold shoulder.

2 Too much repetition in songs

I don't get "repetitive" as a criticism. Repetition ain't a bad thing - it allows a piece to breathe. You can hypnotise a listener with it, letting the loop ebb and flow while you add new things on top, whether minor or major. Hell, Steve Reich and Basic Channel have made entire careers out of finding ways to entrance the listener.

This gets really annoying in songs like "Whip My Hair" or "Gucci Gang" where they're repeating the same thing a million times throughout the entire chorus, but hey, if it gets your song played on the radio every 10 minutes for 5 months straight, then I guess do you.

3 Irritating vocals

I can't even tell you how many bands I've been turned off from because of this. There are so many I've heard with great instrumentation, but annoying vocals, and it's probably the number 1 thing that stops me from being a fan of the band.

Autotuned vox are extremely irritating to me. Also singers who sing off key and singers with weak voices.
But I would say this item is very subjective - for example, death metal vocals aren't irritating to me but autotuned vox are. Some people would say the opposite.

Yeah. Pretty much ruins the song. You can add a grandiose of lush, or epic instruments and sounds to your music, but if the vocals suck, everything else goes down with it.

4 Excessive amount of Autotune

Personally, I think that autotune could actually be used quite tastefully. Seeing as how I view the voice as just another instrument, I'd really like to see some artists get creative and start using autotune, not as a pitch correcting device, but instead as a distortion effect over their voice, in the the same way that most guitarists use distortion pedals to the alter the sounds of their instrument.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little bit of autotune, and some of my favourite singers probably use it, but please keep it in moderation. Heavily autotuned vocals are just a mess, and it kind of makes them sound like robots.

5 When people say a genre they don’t like takes no talent

Genres such as metal or rap are nowhere near as easy as people think they are. Don't believe me? Try playing a guitar solo for 10-20 minutes, or rap and actually be good at it, then come back and tell me they take no talent, and it's not just metal and rap. The same goes for every other genre as well.

The thing that makes this dumb is that no talent implies anyone can do it and if that were the case then why would they not if they can make massive amounts of money from it?

Some specific songs don't have any talent in them, but every genre has some good artists and songs.

6 A lot of screaming or growling in songs

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind some screaming in songs. Almost all of my favourite bands have screamed in at least one song, but sometimes, the vocalist does it a lot, and it's really hard for me to enjoy metal because of it.

Meanwhile, I'm over here listening to Converge which is basically headache inducing noise at points, yet I love it.

This is why I hate most extreme metal.

7 Bad covers of good songs

Kanye West's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I don't want a cover that doesn't want me to share it with people because it's embarrassing

8 Stereotypes

No, not all metal is screaming about burning churches, not all rock is some dude whining about how he hates his life, not all pop is repetitive and heavily autotuned, not all rap is about drugs, sex and money, and not all country is drinking whisky and having sex with a minor on a tractor, so cut the stereotypes already.

Not all metal is about satan or burning things, not all pop is girly, not all rock is about an emo guy with a small peen, not all rap is about sex, drugs and money, not all

9 Boy bands and girl groups

All of the boy bands and girl groups I've heard sound exactly the same as each other, only sing about love, don't play any instruments, have annoying voices and have absolutely no variety whatsoever.

10 Bad or mindless lyrics
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11 Trying too hard to sound modern and trendy
12 Singers who try to sing out of their range

If the singer goes out of there range it messes up the whole beat

13 Trap beats

Not bad at all. If anything Trap beats are one of the best things in Trap music(Both Trap Rap and EDM Trap) although in Trap Rap the worst is the the soundcloud rappers who do Trap.

I actually like trap beats, but it has a bad reputation because a lot of trap rap artists are awful.

14 Forced rhyming

Some rap songs are guilty of this.

15 Music videos being the reason a song is popular
16 Excessive runs or ad-libs

90's and 2000's r&b is filled with these. That's why I now prefer 70's and 80's r&b as well as neo-soul over modern r&b, because back then the singers actually had naturally great and big voices and didn't need to try so hard.

17 People who think there’s only one good music genre
18 Vocalists who sound bored and uninterested in what they are saying

I don't usually mind singers who are not technically great but this is something I generally can't tolerate.

19 “Sexy” songs

€Change by Deftones and This Broken Soul by Korn are a perfect example of this. It's really unfortunate because they're also perfect examples of vocals that ruin otherwise pretty decent songs.

20 People classifying solo artists as "bands"

This is something that annoys me more than it should.

21 Excessive swearing

Swearing too much will mess up the beat and change the tone. It was also make it less impactful

22 People who judge the quality of artists and songs by how successful they are
23 Voices that are so high-pitched it makes your ears pierce

Yeah, men with high-pitched girly voices who also scream! N.B. Screaming isn't singing!

24 Artists not writing their own lyrics

I don't have a problem with this, all though I admit if it's an emotional song and the music artist didn't write the song it kinda takes away the emotion. And fun fact: Elvis never wrote any of his songs

I don't see any problem with this.

25 People who judge an artist by their fanbase.

Eminem is a prime example, his fanbase is annoying as hell. But he's a good artist.

I don't find it fair to judge someone by their fanbase. It doesn't take away from the music

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