Top 10 Snubs in the 2021 Grammy Awards

Here is a list of albums and artists that were snubbed for the 2021 Grammy Awards. I don't know how controversial this is... but the 2021 nominations are even worse than the 2020 nominations. Not nearly as bad as the 2019, I mean Cardi B didn't get nominated but... yeah. Some of the picks of this list will give you an idea about why this year's nominations were so bad.
The Top Ten
1 After Hours - The Weeknd

Probably the most shocking Grammy snub in the Academy's 60+ year history.

Not only was The Weeknd predicted to be nominated, but he was expected to be the big winner of the night.

It's a really unforgivable move to snub him, especially if it's anything related to the Super Bowl or meddling by the higher-ups.

BY FAR the biggest snub of the entire year, not only After Hours is one of the most succesful and acclaimed albums of the entire year, Blinding Lights it's also one of the most popular songs of the year, arguably the most popular song of the year, it has been in the top 10 since it's release and it never went downhill from there
Apparently The Weeknd got feud with the grammys so that explains why he was angry at twitter after the nominations got announced, and why he wasn't nominated for anything
Deserved Nominations:
- Album of the Year
- Record of the Year: Save Your Tears
- Song of the Year: Blinding Lights
- Best Pop Solo Performance: Blinding Lights (also what is Yummy being nominated?)
- Best Pop Vocal Album
- Best R&B Song: Blinding Lights
- Producer of the Year: Max Martin (Blinding Lights)
- Best Music Video: Blinding Lights

Duh. This song was by far the most played song of the year, it has been in top ten on billboard ever since its release. I can't believe that this wasn't number one... these Grammy guys are dum

Yeah I have to say that your list of albums likely to be considered makes significantly more sense than the actual nominations.

2 RTJ4 - Run the Jewels
3 The New Abnormal - The Strokes

Only got nominated for one award, Best Rock Album and hopefully they could get it
With that said they deserved more than one nomination, not only this album was really good, some of the songs were candidates for some of the best material of the year, and almost everyone agrees this is their best album since Room on Fire
Deserved Nominations:
- Album of the Year
- Record of the Year: At the Door
- Song of the Year: The Adults Are Talking
- Best Rock Song: Bad Decisions
- Best Alternative Music Album
- Best Music Video: At the Door

It got nominated for best rock album, but not best alternative album?

4 Chromatica - Lady Gaga

Another big album made by a big name that surprisingly didn't ended nominated for more, it ended being nominated for pop album and duo performance tho, but not enough nominations sadly, not only Rain on Me was a fantastic song, the whole album turned to be a really great project for Gaga, showing her most energetic and poppiest efford since '11 Born This Way
Deserved Nominations:
- Album of the Year
- Song of the Year: Rain on Me
- Best Pop Solo Performance: Stupid Love
- Best Music Video: Stupid Love

This wasn't nominated? I don't understand this!

5 Circles - Mac Miller
6 Petals for Armor - Hayley Williams

This should've gotten a nominee.

7 Fine Line - Harry Styles

Harry got 3 nominations: Best Pop Solo Performance for Watermelon Sugar, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Video for Adore You, all the 3 nominations are okay but personally I feel he deserved more nominations, I mean having he in the AOTY feels better than Black Pumas or Jacob Collier who aren't even well known
Deserved Nominations:
- Album of the Year
- Record of the Year: Adore You
- Song of the Year: Watermelon Sugar
Not sure if nominating him for the alternative category since Fine Line is more of a pop album than an alternative album

8 Music to Be Murdered By - Eminem
9 Set My Heart on Fire Immediately - Perfume Genius

Another great album that sadly wasn't given a chance this year, despite how good it is, and the recognition Perfume genius is having as an artist lately
Deserved Nominations:
- Record of the Year: On the Floor
- Best Pop Solo Performance: On the Floor
- Best Rock Song: Describe
- Best Alternative Music Album

10 Use My Voice - Evanescence
The Contenders
11 Legends Never Die - Juice WRLD
12 Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent - Lewis Capaldi
13 Pick Me Up Off the Floor - Norah Jones
14 Ohms (song) - Deftones
15 Song Machine, Season One - Gorillaz

I forgot about this one... but truly Gorillaz' best album since Plastic Beach
Deserved Nominations:
- Record of the Year: Aries
- Best Alternative Music Album
- Best Music Video: Aries

16 Ohms - Deftones

Arguably the best atmospheric/ambient metal album of the decade and not onemention? (Also, #justiceforabel)

17 Rough and Rowdy Ways - Bob Dylan
18 Smile - Katy Perry
19 Manic - Halsey
20 Gaslighter - The Chicks

The Chicks deserves a nomination for Best Country Album.

21 Dynamite - BTS
22 Sawayama - Rina Sawayama
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