Top 10 Best Songs of 2019

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1 Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

Y'know, I was wondering why this was so low on the best songs of 2020 list, until I realized this was actually released in 2019. How foolish of me. Turns out everyone likes this song. Like I said earlier, this could start a trend of more 80's sounding synthwave styled music being mainstream. I had my doubts about the weekend back in 2015 or somewhere near that. And this artist only got better for the most part up to the present.

This is a pretty unexpected turn from the mediocre releases The Weeknd has put out after "Pray For Me", but also an amazing one. Like my god, the production is just stellar, and The Weeknd sounds really good. Definitely a lot better than "Heartless". 10/10.

I feel that this is more of a best song of 2020 than 2019. Even though I know it was released in November of 2019, it charted much more in 2020 and hit no. 1 in 2020.

This is still a best song of the year worthy material and that's shocking, considering that this was aassive mainstream success.

I knew it would be a hit song the moment I heard it's something different, an 80s sound with a modern pop feel. I wasn't alive in the 80s but I do like the music from that time because of my parents and this song is heavily influenced of that decade and it's nice to have a song like this today.

2 Unsainted - Slipknot

The piano in the introduction, Corey's epic screams, the chorus, everything about this song is amazing. Best song of 2019 hands down, wish there was more stuff like this to replace the Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X trash dominating the charts, this, TOOL, Korn, Tyler, the Creator, and Lana Del Rey are all examples of what music should sound like. Especially this.

YES! The best song from their new album so far. It's up with my all time favourites such as Wait and Bleed, Pulse of the Maggots and Before I Forget. I'm sad about Chris though...

Love this song. I like to see a metal song at the top of this list. Better than a stereotypical pop song.

The best song in the new album WANYK. (by the way don't take this personally but this song is the only decent song on the album the rest are! %#

3 The Greatest - Lana Del Rey

Beautiful song from a beautiful album. One of the best albums released in recent years.

Such a beautiful song.

I just like lana del ray in general and has a catchy tune as well

4 The Raven Child - Avantasia

There were better Avantasia songs on this album, but the Raven Child is still a phenomenal track.

This song is an epic masterpiece! The imstrumentals were amazing and so were the vocals (Especially Hansi's).

Pure joy and ecstasy on this monster of a track!

I heard it after wondering why it was so high. This was very well done. 9/10

5 Cellophane - FKA Twigs

Yeah, I agree. Twigs is talented, but EVERYONE is trying to be like Lana del Ray.
Billie Eilish
FKA Twigs
Julia Michaels

They all sound the same to me.

And I understand why Lana lashed out at Twigs, who wouldn't be mad at everyone copying you?

6 Earfquake - Tyler, the Creator

It's okay I guess but not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, this isn't what I want from Tyler.

Glad to see this song is now in the top 10's and is finally higher than that trash that is ME!

DON'T LEEAAVE. Perfection, only thing bringing this down is Playboi Carti's incoherent mumbling, which really was unnecessary but this song is groovy and amazing. 5/5

Glad to see some of Tyler, the Creator's new work up here.

7 Bags - Clairo
8 Gone - Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens
9 Everything I Wanted - Billie Eilish

It is a really good song that describes the relationship Billie has with her brother Finneas. Their relationship is everything all siblings should strive for. It is also a really calming song and the lyrics really speak to me. Plus, Billie is super young and she deserves the recognition.

I'll be honest the song didn't interest me when I first heard it, but now I love it and the music video really compliments the song.

Same with this one. Billie is one of my favorite singers next to Melanie Martinez.

This was release in 2019? I think it's from 2020.

10 Fear Inoculum - Tool

I didn't even know who/what Tool was (don't bash me, please) until I saw this no. 1 trending on YouTube. And it lasted on the trending page for 3 whole days!
So I gave it a listen, not realizing it was over 10 minutes long. Since I have a short attention span I thought I would pull out 30 seconds in, but no. I heard the whole dam track.
And I was blown away!
This track is hypnotic in the way it used it's stringed instruments and satyr.
Well done Tool. You earned a new fan that very day.

Really needs a place on the list. This might have a lot of elements Tool has used before, but that's not exactly a bad thing. This song proves that perhaps those 13 years were worth the wait. We can only hope we get more greatness when the full album releases later.

Not much to say here except that it is well worth the 10+ minutes.
Fun fact: this is the longest running song to ever chart in the billboard top 100.

Okay get this to number 1. While Tyler The Creator's songs from Igor are very close, the songs from Tool's most recent album destroy it.

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11 Bury a Friend - Billie Eilish

In my opinion, Billie Eilish is the most creative and unique singer ever, and this particular song is one of my favorite songs by her, because she's special in her own way, and this song just brings out so much of her talent. I also like the fact that she doesn't care about what people think about her, she wears close that nobody else does and like I said that's unique. It's also very remarkable that Billie Eilish is only 17, but she already has 3 careers, singing, songwriting, and modeling, I just think that she's a perfect inspiration!

While Bilie Eilish hasn't overly impressed me yet, she has a lot going for her. I absolutely love her low and breathy vocals. Her style of singing stands out from the rest of the pop music industry, and I appreciate it. I think Bury a Friend represents everything Bilie Eilish is all about; moody (although borderline melodramatic) lyrics and atmospheric production.

Billie Eilish is one of the most interesting artists in the industry today. She brings a wit and charisma to her lyrics and melodies, while at the same time delivering aggression and emotion. I'm not a fan of modern music, but I anxiously await Billie's next work.

I just love almost everything Billie Eilish has released since I first found out about her back in 2017 and this song is no different. It's bloody creepy but it's excellent. Bring on that album next month!

12 Solway Firth - Slipknot

"Solway Firth" is proof that Slipknot have finally found their beat that they have been trying to find since the passing of Paul Gray back at the start of the decade. After the uncertainty if they even wanted to continue as a band when ".5: The Gray Chapter" came out, the band took some time off after a couple years of touring to recuperate and come back with a stronger mindset. Despite a slight roadblock with the departure of longtime percussionist Chris Fehn over legal issues, the band was able to continue putting their sound forward, and ultimately ended up releasing a whole plethora of some of their best work in over 15 years. "Solway Firth", the final track on "We Are Not Your Kind" (with the exception of the Japanese release, which includes the single "All Out Life" as a bonus track), is one of the album's more experimental tracks, bordering even on "Melodic death metal" territory. An incredibly somber opening leads to an all out assault of heavy guitars, double kick patterned ...more

This is my very least favorite song on WANYK, but I'll vote for it just for the sake of pushing up Slipknot. I'll take any of Orphan, Nero Forte, Birth of the Cruel, Solway Firth (both of which I voted for as well), and pretty much anything else on the album aside from No Pain over this song.

It's almost like pop metal. I really hope they don't go in this direction next album, but I'd rather have any Slipknot song at the top of the list than this other nonsense.

But being real, Supernal Flame by Arkaik was the best song released this year. But I know there's no way a tech death song will make this list, so Slipknot is an acceptable compromise. Pop metal is better than no metal, though I'd take 7empest by Tool over this as well

This one is just damn amazing. The beginning gives me chill, starting slow and talking about killers, but then just jumps right onto the pretty heavy sound. The vocals give me chills too, especially the last lines, for a reason I don't have to explain. This track is just sick.

This would be my pick for my eleventh song of the year, just missing the top ten cut. Pleasantly surprised with how their new album turned out. "Nero Forte" is legit joint with this one for me. Their new album makes my top10 this year I think.

13 Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

One line of this song may sound cringy, but ABSOLUTELY nowhere near as bad as You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift. The only thing that should be changed is how she executes the line "I'm a bad guy". The new Taylor Swift song however, sounds so bad you can call it the new Baby Shark, but a lot worse.

I would like Billie Eilish's songs a lot more if she actually TRIED to sing and if the beats were less minimalist. The lyrical content is interesting and I love that thought-provoking album title.

Another good pop song from an amazing alternative pop album. Not my favorite song on the album, but I don't hate it and it's better than most of the songs on this list.

I absolutely LOVE ❤️ this song, I love Billie Ellis has, the thing is that her music is so different, and has a different vibe than others, although I used to love her old songs to though like bellyache, and ocean eyes, so I wish for more of her angel like voice songs, So I wish for her older songs come in. Thanks!

14 Ira Dei - Mago de Oz

This song is the title track from the newest album of Spanish folk metal band Mägo de Oz. This song is not popular but it has EVERYTHING, amazing vocals, amazing guitar work, awesome drumming, amazing addition of other instruments like violin, and SYNTHS! I seriously recommend everyone to check it out. It is definitely my favorite song so far this year.

15 Seventeen - Sharon Van Etten
16 Dawn Chorus - Thom Yorke
17 Two of Us - Louis Tomlinson

Even if you hate One Direction and what the members have done since how could anyone not like this song?
Especially since it's a beautiful ode to his mother and sister who both passed on tragically. But that's not it, not only are the lyrics moving and filled with passion but the music and production are on an A level as well.
Please vote this song. It's an everlasting oracle to those who mean the most to us.

I promise that I did not put this on the list, but I love this song! Louis adds EDM and guitar together which works out well. Plus his vocals are spot on as he sings about his deceased mother that, he wished he was the one taken and that he will be living "One life for the two of us."Definitely a top 10, you should listen to this. Beautiful People and Sanctuary are also must listens.

The song is so raw and full of emotion. The former 1D singer bravely sings about the passing of his mother with heartbreaking lyrics such as "the day that they took you, I wished it was me instead". The song is sad, but a message of hope, and it is a strong reflection of Louis' growth as both an artist and a song writer. Absolutely would recommend it to anyone!

Heartful, sorrowful yet abounding with joy, this memorial track is gorgeous.
Well done, Louis.

18 Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

This song is fantastic and seeing Dua Lipa perform this live reinforces that opinion, she's got the attitude to carry it off, I really hope this is the bonafide smash hit it deserves to be. Welcome back Dua Lipa.

I've always liked a lot of what Dua Lipa has put out but never expected her to actually release a nu-disco song. Anyways, this song's great and I like where she's going with this. 10/10

I really enjoy the pre-chorus/drop of this song but that's about it

19 Circles - Post Malone

Great song by Post Malone, it shows that he can go outside trap beats and make more pop type songs.

Such an amazing and addictive song by Post Malone. So glad it went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Circles is such a good song. Post Malone is becoming one of my favorite artists.

These are the type of songs I want more from him.

20 Leave Me Lonely - Hilltop Hoods

How have I not come across Hilltop Woods before? This song is fire,Ithe production is creative,the wordplay is amazing, and even though it has your normal drug refrences, everything is so good it makes up for it. Defentitly is my top pick of the year- until I find something better, which will be very unlikely.

The fact the Hilltop Hoods are number 5 on this list kind of blows my mind even with the song being unfiltered amounts of awesome.

My friend introduced me to the band, and while its not the best song of 2019 its Hilltop Hoods' best song. And they deserve more recognition

That weird moment when Kat searches up your song, hates it, and pushes it down to #17 and you put it at #1 on your remix

21 Cross Off - Mark Morton

It should be way higher. The combination between Chester 's vocals and Mark Morton 's guitar it's amazing. This is a song that proves that Chester is capable of doing even the hardest metal genres, like heavy metal. If that legend had still been alive, I 'm sure he would have experimented a lot more heavy metal sounds

Chester 's vocals are amazing in this song and are similar to the ones in linkin park 's first albums but heavier. This is definitely one of the best songs of this year and ( and this is one of the reasons for voting this song ) cannot be under Billie eilish!

Personally, my favorite song of the year so far.

22 Cold - Korn

Best song on The Nothing. Especially the chorus is really good.

The amazing intensity of that song perfectly fitting to the style of Korn

23 Sanctuary - Joji

One of my new favorites from Joji. I love the lyrics. Joji's performance is great. The production feels nostalgic and vintage, but in a modern way (if that makes any sense). And it's all wrapped together in a super clean mix. Such a good song.

Slow Dancing by Joji was alright but not memorable. This, on the other hand, was very good. The vocals, the production and not to mention the fantastic music video makes this better. I rank a 7.5 out of 10.

George really sounds like he is getting better and better. And with an album dropping in just 7=10 days, I cannot wait.

I just recently got into Joji, and this song is everything I need in a song like this year. I also reccomend to check out his other work.

24 Take What You Want - Post Malone

The collaboration no one saw coming, nor asked for, but we all needed.

One of Post Malone's best songs. Ozzy, Posty and Travis make such a good team on this.

Why is this so low?
You got the legendary Ozzy here, and he does a great guitar outro, Post Malone songs the most fresh he ever has been, and Travis Scott sounds superb as well.-Spydyr

25 Old Town Road - Lil Nas X

I admit.
I actually like this song a lot.
I don't like the Young Thug and Mason Crosby remix, or, the BTS remix, or the Diplo remix, the original is too boring, it was memified to DEATH, and Lil Nas x milked for all its worth.

Still I love this trap with Billy Ray Cyrus.

This is conceptually stupid yet loads of fun simultaneously, and both artists can actually sing, so yeah I say it's pretty good. 7/10

Yup, it's 665th place, at the bottom, where this trash belongs.

Don't know why this is not top 5. It was hella popular.

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