Top Ten Songs from 10 Years' Division

Division is easily my favorite 10 Years album out of their entire discography, with soothing melodies complimented with alternative rock vibes throughout everything. I can't get enough of it.
The Top Ten
1 Dying Youth

I believe this was the song that really got me into the band as a whole. This seriously is a feels song, with melancholy acoustic guitar backed up by Jesse's amazing vocals. It's not one to miss overall.

2 So Long, Good-bye

Here's another song with its main course being melancholy lyrics combined with a wonderful acoustic ballad sound. There's actually two different versions of So Long, Goodbye, but both are great. It doesn't matter which one you choose. They are both stellar songs that can be used for farewells.

3 11:00am (Daydreamer)

Here's one that feels like a Staind song in a way, but since that's one of my favorite bands, I have to like this one too. It's got a perfect amount of driving guitars and epic lyrics to compliment it. Then there's the acoustic outro, something 10 Years had done with Cast it Out and Through the Iris before, but it's just so good.

4 Patiently

This is an iTunes bonus track, but it really should have been on the full album. A very soothing track with great guitar tones that complements the dreamscapes and fantasies. Not only is that the first line of the song, it's also what you experience when you listen to Patiently.

5 Proud of You

Proud of You closes out Division with a piano closer, which feels like an accomplishment for sitting through one of rock's more delicate albums overall. There are no detractions with this one. They just wanted to make you feel good.

6 Russian Roulette

Here's a good example of why I really like 10 Years. They give you some very brooding instrumentation in the beginning. When they decide to rock out, they still stay slow but prod you along as a listener. The lyrics are probably the most interesting part, and the vocals here are a very strong suit.

7 Alabama

Alabama is almost textbook 10 Years, representing the soft-to-hard dynamic with excellent guitar work and soothing vocals before breaking it down before the chorus. Some could disagree with this, but I really do enjoy how they don't go too far with their chorus, and it is a good representation of what being self-centered is all about.

8 Beautiful

Beautiful always struck me as a strange track for a single. It works and feels like what 10 Years definitely represents, though this may be me having listened to the band so much. With its chorus being the strongest part of it, it's still a fun blender of a track in any case.

9 Actions & Motives
10 Just Can’t Win
The Contenders
11 Drug of Choice
12 All Your Lies
13 Focus

This was co-written by Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, and it's probably the most unique track overall, with great percussion to drive the song with Jesse's vocals continuing to soar. Not the best guitar work, but who needs it with the fun instrumentation?

14 Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)

Another song that defines the Division album for what it represents, just like Alabama and Beautiful, is rock that stays soft but fun for the melancholy listener. The lyrics come fairly fast, but the song never feels that fast. This is the third song on this list (with Proud of You, 11:00 AM) that has an outro, with spoken word that spoils the lyrics of the song after it but fantastic guitar work that is actually the hidden track Planets 2. We don't get to see more Planets instrumentals until the Violent Allies album nearly 11 years later.

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