Best Songs on Róisín Murphy's Overpowered

One of the definitively underrated electropop albums of its era. Not one bad song can be found here. Or on any of Róisín’s albums! Also, let it be known that commenting on songs with such ambiguous meanings as Róisín’s is no easy task without sounding redundant!
The Top Ten
1 Primitive

Though not a single, this song embodies both the poppy and the experimental sides of Róisín's artistry. With some beatboxing thrown in for good measure! A song which examines the history of humankind and links the scientific to the primal needs we have as humans, repressed in ourselves over millennia. More simply, it's about losing your inhibitions in a moment. It's a sleeper that becomes more addictive with more listens. It could also be interpreted as the mating call of a weirdo!

2 You Know Me Better

One of the most forward-thinking nu-disco songs of the 2000s, and irresistibly catchy. With lyrics tackling the idea of taking a close friendship further and making it something more, I am actually surprised it wasn't a surprise sleeper hit.

3 Let Me Know

A similar strain of electro-disco that Britney was riding with "Piece of Me," but busier, glitchier, and more twisted, with techno influences. The kind of song that should have been a massive hit on every chart around the world but might have been just the slightest bit too left of center. It is indeed her biggest hit as a solo artist to date, excluding features. A song which lyrically discusses a liberated woman enjoying her singledom while inviting another to play along for fun - but don't hold on tightly!

4 Overpowered

One of the sickest synth basslines of all time and massively influential on the EDM sounds that would come in the following decade and beyond. This song finds Róisín examining the human psyche from a scientific perspective.

5 Movie Star

One of the more straightforward and poppy moments on this album takes influence from '80s synth rock and electronica and details the creative relationship between an actor and director. It could also be seen as being about Róisín's own creative process, in which she has described herself as the muse for her producers.

6 Cry Baby

I'm just too busy grooving along to THAT BEAT to really care what the lyrics are about. Taking influence from '80s synthpop and '90s house beats, it's impossible not to sing along once you've memorized the lyrics, even if you have no clue what they're about.

7 Checkin' On Me

A twisted spin on the classic disco beat played by a thumping bass adorned by beatboxing and backed by orchestral arrangements and electronic beeps, bloops, twinkles, and snapping sound effects. It's a classic tale of a jealous lover getting the axe.

8 Footprints

Taking on a more Prince-like dance-funk sound, while also incorporating elements of '80s Italo-disco, it is a very flirtatious song. It invites listeners to get really involved in that moment of intimacy beyond the heat of passion, all through Róisín's typical oddball writing perspective.

9 Body Language

A twisted rollercoaster ride lyrically, but oddly catchy. Or maybe you're too busy dancing. Sonically, it takes on more of a funk-inspired sound, almost reminiscent of Madonna's first album.

10 Scarlet Ribbons

This is the album's only true ballad. It discusses the relationship between father and daughter, and perhaps takes influence from the movie, or it may have a few autobiographical touches. We may never know.

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