Top Ten Songs from 10 Years' Minus the Machine

The sixth studio album by 10 Years marks the shift back to the independent releases, this time through their own label called Palehorse. Was Minus the Machine a black sheep of an album? It seems to feel as such with songs that are far less memorable than before. But it's still not a bad album, and Jesse describes it as an album that has no boundaries. So make of that what you will.
The Top Ten
1 Backlash

A hard-hitting single to start things off. Backlash grew on me the more I listened to it. The verses were quite strange but led up to an amazing chorus with just killer vocals and drums. Both provide much of the power in the song Backlash.

2 Minus the Machine

The title track starts things off, and it's dynamically different than Shoot it Out before it or the less action-packed Actions and Motives and such. It just feels like 10 Years got right into the groove of making something with balance, certainly one thing we see here in Minus the Machine. Heavy chorus, not-so-heavy verses.

3 Dancing With the Dead

This single did a fairly good job of staying true to 10 Years form, with a humble guitar riff, more warped vocals that make up the pre-chorus, a few screams echoing before the chorus, and one of the more fun choruses to sing along to. Guitar breakdowns at the bridge and at the end are quite fun.

4 Sleeper

Sleeper is the sleeper hit of the album. The bass here really reminds me of Staind's Mudshovel, very loud and interesting, complemented by guitar notes that mellow the tone out. Jesse's vocals continue to make strides, and then you hear the chorus and later the bridge with its strange, warped vocals, and it makes the song feel absolutely powerful.

5 ...And All the Other Colors

The closer of this album functions quite similar to Fade Into (The Ocean), serving as a conglomeration of the overall sounds of the album. Fairly grungy riffage here, but Jesse's soothing vocals provide the backdrop to make the whole thing fun.

6 Forever Fields (Sowing Season)

The positioning of this song is probably its weakest point, as it's a piano ballad as the third track completely changing the overall mood after Battle Lust and Minus the Machine. But if you want a slow 10 Years song, this is a contender for the slowest. It's very soothing yet depressing at the same time.

7 Tightrope

Probably the most mysterious-sounding song on the album, with a buildup to the chorus and the chorus itself giving you that completely strange feeling. But sometimes, that mysterious feeling is an outright beauty, so Tightrope sells itself well.

8 Soma

A techno-sounding beginning leads to a fairly well-done rock song. That chorus will have you waving your head while the verses keep you listening.

9 Knives

If Tightrope felt strange, Knives is probably stranger. In fact, it was probably the first song shown from the album, even though it wasn't a single. That chorus certainly has a number of moods to it, but then that bridge just kicks in, and it's one of 10 Years' most unique songs made.

10 Writing on the Walls
The Contenders
11 Battle Lust

Battle Lust is appropriately a rock song, though not 10 Years' heaviest by a long shot. Jesse goes for a number of interesting vocals throughout, especially at the chorus. It's short but it's still fun.

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