Top 10 Best Albums of 2024

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1 Hit Me Hard and Soft - Billie Eilish

This new Billie Eilish album is a must listen! This is her most personal and diverse set of songs yet. Her vocals are also better than ever and she will most likely shut the mouths of haters who think she's only good at whispering. This is probably her best album yet, which is a great achievement when she already made two excellent albums previously. Billie proved once again she's the greatest Gen-Z artist, in front of Olivia Rodrigo. Welcome back!

2 Mountainhead - Everything Everything
3 The Tortured Poets Department - Taylor Swift

Another great album by Taylor Swift. Already iconic. The criticism on this album is just harsh. If you don't like Taylor Swift, you can just go back to listen to your favorite music and move on.

4 Deeper Well - Kacey Musgraves
5 The Order of Fear - Orden Ogan
6 Flyin - Wade Bowen
7 Phantoma - Unleash the Archers
8 The Wound is Not the Body - B. Dolan
9 König und Kaiser - Hammer King
10 Dark Times - Vince Staples

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? Back with a Bang - Kissin Dynamite
? Coming Home - Usher
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11 Stigma - Wage War
12 Eternal Sunshine - Ariana Grande
13 Clancy - Twenty One Pilots

TOP have definitely redeemed themselves from Scaled and Icy, which is not really a disastrous album but definitely has its lowest points (e.g., "Saturday," which sounds like a ripoff of The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love").

This one, however, really reminds me of 2018's Trench, and it sounds like they've found their groove again with this one.

14 Theories of Emptiness - Evergrey
15 The Past is Still Alive - Hurray for the Riff Raff
16 She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She - Chelsea Wolfe
17 Stand United - Firewind
18 Heaven :x: Hell - Sum 41

Overall, while I do think this is a good album, some parts of it are quite messy. Though the "Heaven" side starts off strong with "Waiting On A Twist Of Fate", some of the songs on there are some of their worst, such as "Time Won't Wait" and "Dopamine", both of which sound like something MGK (even worse than "Baby You Don't Wanna Know" off of SMM) would write and maybe even Simple Plan. I do think the "Hell" side is a lot stronger though, and I think "Stranger In These Times" and "How The End Begins" are some of their best. Not a perfect album for sure, but I'll probably give it a 7/10.

19 Wall of Eyes - The Smile

Such an excellent album by The Smile. Even better than their debut album!

20 Saviors - Green Day
21 Prelude to Ecstasy - The Last Dinner Party

The best indie album of the year so far. The influences are very well digested and the songwriting is excellent.

22 Mean Streets - Riot V
23 What Now - Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard rules with this album and proves she's a versatile artist.

24 Papercuts - Linkin Park
25 Only God Was Above Us - Vampire Weekend

Such a great return to form for Vampire Weekend. I really love the instrumentation on each song and it looks like Ezra Koenig and his peers are at their most creative again ever since Rostam's departure. Definitely one of the best albums of the year and totally worth the 5-year wait! Welcome back guys!

Definitely one of if not the best album of this year so far, lots of creative ideas here, especially with the instrumentation. It's also great that Fantano loves it as much as I do.

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