Greatest Telex Songs of All Time

In 1978, three Belgian musicians formed the synthpop band Telex. This technopop band played an intrinsic role in bringing EDM to the mainstream with their worldwide smash hit "Moskow Diskow". However, they enjoyed only a few international hits and eventually faded into obscurity. They produced so many great songs that it's hard to fit them all into a top ten list. But here is a collection of some of their essential tunes.
The Top Ten
1 Moskow Diskow

This energetic dancing train ride hit radio stations around the world. Many believe it to be an important step in the awakening of the synthpop movement. Few Telex songs gained nearly as much popularity.

2 Spike Jones

Telex's aptly named penultimate album takes an unusually goofy direction, with comical vocals and sampling along the lines of Swedish electronic band "Yello." "Spike Jones" is a tribute to the American musical comedian with silly brass interludes, a playful, irresistibly catchy bassline, and a whimsical, vibrating lead. This song is easily one of the best in Looney Tunes and one of Telex's only international hits.

3 Something To Say

This is a beautiful, trotting ode about the efficiency of international communication.

4 Eurovision

Telex entered this song into the contest of the same name. It became infamous for its mocking tone towards the contest, yet it is still a mellifluous, irresistible, brisk song.

5 En Route Vers de Nouvelles Adventures

French for "On the Way to New Adventures," Neurovision's closing track certainly lives up to its name with its bold melodies.

6 Plus de Distance

A fantastic, poignant, melancholy ballad about romantic separation.

7 Brainwash

When Telex released their third album "Birds and Bees" (formerly titled "S*x" despite having practically no risqué material), they commissioned American synthpop band "Sparks" to write the lyrics for them. This gave them their polished, witty flavor. "Why?" is a romantically soppy, upbeat, fun song about an intellectual's love affair that loses him his marbles. It recycles the bubbling bassline of "Moskow Diskow" in perfect conjunction with a fresh, new tune.

8 Exercise is Good For You

Which is better, fitness or love? You decide, with one of Telex's most charming songs.

9 So Sad

Contrary to traditional Telex, which is usually futuristic technopop, "So Sad" gains a street club feel with its flat, groovy bassline and smacking drums. This song concerns a person begging for his friend not to leave. This hooky pop song is certainly anything but its own title.

10 Tell Me It's a Dream

This beautiful ballad from Telex goes contrary to their usual, robotic Kraftwerk style. It has breezy backgrounds, crystalline chords, and a watery, dreamy aura. It is certainly the shiniest stone in this album.

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