Top 10 Worst Albums of 2023

What do you think are the worst albums of 2023?

Note: I have only listened to three albums on this list and I didn't like all three. As for other albums, I only included them because they received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and fans alike.
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1 The Plugs House - Joey Trap
2 The Flood - Joey Trap
3 Call Da Fireman - DaBaby

This whole 3-track long EP shows how much DaBaby has really fallen off. It suffers from the same flaws that DaBaby's newer music project releases suffer from: repetitive flows and lyrics that don't amount to anything and come off as very unmemorable. The beats sound very bad, with awful bass mixing issues. A guest feature, like Offset on SELLIN' CRACK, clearly outshines DaBaby on the same track. I'm just so sick of it all. Even if I separate the controversial actions from the artist, this is still awful!

DaBaby either fade off into irrelevancy or step up your game into being a better rapper and person!

4 Leyenda Viva - 6ix9ine

Who told 6ix9ine to release a Latin album? Not only are his vocals awful, but most of the beats are also half-baked. The title is also a misnomer because 6ix9ine is not a living legend and never will be. All he needs to do is go back to jail.

Why is he allowed to do music anymore?

Ranked #8 worst album of the year by Anthony Fantano, which is too low.

5 To Whoever Wants to Hear - Dream
6 Mansion Musik - Trippie Redd

The features on this album are terrible. Lil Baby isn't even trying in Fully Loaded. Lucki sounds very bored, Summrs sounds like he is crying, and Rob49 just overdoses on autotune. Trippie Redd also steals beats and flows from other rappers on this album as well.

This Trippie album is way too long, bloated, has too much Auto-Tune, and Trippie's flow is off-beat at times.

7 It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day - Thirty Seconds to Mars

I was really not looking forward to this album since the sorely disappointing lead single "Stuck" came out. But I was not prepared for the steaming pile of garbage the rest of this album is. Really, nothing works out here. Not only is the production overblown and particularly outdated, but the lyrics are incredibly vapid as well.

Most of all, why does Jared Leto sound so out of it? He sounds like he had a really bad cold while recording the album. To add insult to injury, the vocal processing makes his vocals sound AI-generated.

Also, all the songs sound like ripoffs of other artists, namely Imagine Dragons (no surprise considering Dan Reynolds co-wrote "Life Is Beautiful"), The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Skillet, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, and Lukas Graham. But the worst part is that the songs actually sound worse than the aforementioned artists, which is simply inexcusable.

Overall, this album embodies all the worst aspects of millennial pop and even manages to sound worse than Tones and I's "Welcome to the Madhouse," which is saying a lot. Definitely the worst album of the year so far.

P.S.: I can't wait to see Anthony Fantano roast this album.

8 Let's Do It - DaBaby
9 Resistance & the Blessing - World's End Girlfriend

This album is not only way too long (2 and a half hours), it's also straight-up unlistenable. I know it's experimental music, but it doesn't have to sound this glitchy, this rough, this distorted. It's like this album does everything to ruin a potentially nice melody. Sorry for those who liked it, but I will take Fantano's side and give it a 1/10. I can't believe this album is somehow worse than Trippie Redd, 30STM, and even 6ix9ine.

Ranked #9 worst album of the year by Anthony Fantano. It was definitely unlistenable.

10 Lil Pump 2 - Lil Pump

As someone who has listened to Lil Pump's entire discography, it's not his absolute worst project, at least to me. Lil Pump 1.5 and Harvard Dropout are still easily his worst. However, this album was still bad, with hit-or-miss beats and a few bad lines from Pump. The songs Swipe and Pump Rock X Heavy Metal are easily up there with the worst non-hit songs of 2023 that I've heard. The singles leading up to the upcoming deluxe re-release, like I Sell and 6 Rings, aren't much better either.

Ranked #7 worst album of the year by Anthony Fantano. I didn't think it was that bad, just average, but yeah, "Pump Rock x Heavy Metal" is definitely one of the worst songs of the year.

The Contenders
11 S*x M*ney Dr*gs - Lucki

Lucki is so low-energy in every song.

12 Maybe It's Me... - DDG

This album needs to be high on this list. DDG sounds bored and takes woman degradation to a whole new level.

13 Palace of Feet - Submarine Man

This is the worst album ever. It's infinitely times worse than any Tom MacDonald album.

14 Queen of Me - Shania Twain
15 Coco Moon - Owl City
16 Rush! - Maneskin
17 Kidz Bop 2023 Vol. 2 - Kidz Bop

Who even likes Kidz Bop? Their music is worse than that of Tom MacDonald.

Why are you catering to Karen's Kids?

18 The Mockingbird & the Crow - Hardy

Ranked #3 worst album of the year by Anthony Fantano. I think this album is too harshly hated, to be honest.

19 Austin - Post Malone
20 Yuno Certified Trash - Yuno Miles

At least the album title is accurate. It is indeed trash.

21 Go on Tour Yuno - Yuno Miles

No, Yuno, don't go on tour. Stay in the dumpster with all your trash music.

22 Afterlyfe - Yeat

Yeat sounds like he gave up on music.

23 If Looks Could Kill - Destroy Lonely

The vocals are terrible, and the beats are garbage.

24 Council Skies - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Oasis sucks. Blur is much better.

25 Jackman. - Jack Harlow
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