Top 10 Best The Police Songs

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1 Every Breath You Take

This songs is cool but it sounds like this guy is stalking someone
'Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you.
Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I'll be watching you.'

This isn't my favorite but it's definitely up there. I'd be fine with this at number one. The lyrics are a little creepy but not near as bad as some other songs today.

The first and the best song I've heard of this group.
They are amazing! I think everybody have to listen this song, it's so good!

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you

Love the song..

2 Message in a Bottle

Beats Every Breathe You Take 100%.. Literally no flaws with this catchy tune.

My List:
1. Message In a Bottle
2. Every Breathe You Take
3. Roxanne
4. So Lonely
5. Can't Stand Losing You
6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
7. Walking on the Moon
8. Don't Stand So Close to Me
9. King of Pain
10. Invisible Sun.

I'm not a "The Police" fan, but this song is very, very good. And I'm not talking about lyrics (But lyrics are good, too). It's music. It's great. I heard this song in the "Guitar Hero", a game on PSP. Also, one of my favourite movies is "Castaway". I think you know what I'm talking about.

This song deserves the number 2 spot in every way. Absolutely flawless song on all aspects. Never get tired of it. Perfection only out perfected by Every Breath You Take because EBYT has timeless lyrics.

Such a good band. For me it was a toss between this regatta de blanc and bring on the night. Also voices. Damn!

3 Roxanne

The only song by the Police that I actually recognize. It's got a good hook, but the meaning is a little shady, since Roxanne is a prostitute. (Why do I like two songs about prostitution? I find the idea appalling, yet I love this and Bon Jovi "Runaway". Weird)
Edit: I DO recognize Every Breath You Take

Roxanne is a great song and has a lot of meaning to it. In my opinion Roxanne is better than Every breath you take because everyone recognises Every breath you take. I think that is the reason Roxanne is 3rd below Message in a bottle is the fact is is less recognisable than the two above.

I think that "Every Breath You Take" is number one, but I am voting for "Roxanne" because it has to be higher than this! It is such a The Police type of song. When you think of The Police, you think of "Roxanne. "

Ahh! There are so many awesome really good ones but it has to be Roxanne and it's their most famous song. I do like Every Breath You Take but it cannot match the awesomeness of this song.

4 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

This is the one. Everybody in their live has one... The song that helps bring you from adolescence to adulthood. The song, that when you hear the first note or two, or in this case Copeland's symbol rhythm, you are going' back to a time that was truly "Magic. First heard it when I was 19... I am now in my 50's and it still has the same effect.

A pretty but somewhat inoffensive song that kind of borders on Muzak for me, but luckily it is redeemed redeemed by one of the most terrific song endings. Still. Too poppy. For me. Ghost remains the most difficult listen.

One of the few songs around which can mix cheerful tunes with some meaningful lyrics... The end part of the song is just awesome but come to think about it the whole song is fantastic

Best written of the Police songs...

5 Don't Stand So Close to Me

From the haunting bass chords at the beginning to the lyrics about jailbait, this song is the best from the Police (and rightfully so)!

I really love the tune for this song. Surprised this is onlt 5th in your list. I'd have it in my top 3!

I like the other version (which is also by The Police) better.

I really enjoyed this song. Should make the top 3.

6 King of Pain

Extremely good song by a great band! In my opinion this is the police at their best. Amazing, dynamic, and relatable song. "That's my soul up there" love!

Terrific song. One of the best. Dark. Sad. Powerful. Beautiful. The second centerpiece of Synchronicity after EBYT.

This is one of best songs from The Police, love the lyrics and the melody. Great song!

Personal favourite. Unbelievably catchy. The Police are excellent!

7 Can't Stand Losing You

The lyrics are so accurate, you can tell that it's a great song, probably one of the greatest one ever written at least on "that" topic.

"I guess this is our last goodbye,
You don't care, so I won't cry.
You'll be sorry when I'm dead
And all this guilt will be on your head."

These are such powerful lyrics

One of their best songs for sure, it must be in the top 3. And for those who don't now Sting wrote it in just 5 minutes!

I've been obsessed with this song for the longest time, with good reason too.

8 Walking on the Moon

Stellar piece of Reggae pop combining a simple but clever bass line with delicious wails, a catchy chorus, top notch multi dimensional drumming, wonderful guitar textures, and a subliminal imagery of lightness. This is what I call a musical masterpiece guys. 9 does not do this song justice. Try at least 3 please.

This is easily their best song. Every breath you take sounded more like Sting on his own as his solo career was moments away. Walking on the moon sounded like a group song. A masterpiece in guitar

By far their best song. So quiet. It makes me feel like I really was on the moon. Stewart Copeland is just incredible!

Best drum beat and bass line The Police have invented. Amazing refrain and dreamy guitar line. Surely the best.

9 So Lonely

This is the song you'd probably hear in Jamaica or Mauritius or Goa... Its like those beach-side songs...
I love this song cause I was brought up in a coastal region and so this song naturally becomes your #1! Do listen to it once...
And try not to mind the lead singers pitch :P

Not bad but a bit repetitive in the end and also Sting can be a bit annoying sounding like an angry 4 year old in the impro section. No woman no cry...anyone?

This one is good but Sting's pitch kind of deteriorates it.

Stings high pitched voice was just part of The Police.

10 Synchronicity 2

Underrated! In my opinion, this is the best song by the Police. It's got a really dark riff, and it's great all the way through. There's so much experimentation put into it.

An interestingly bright and driven song about mental hysteria and breakdown. The guitar is excellent, the drumming is fierce, and the vocals are forceful. Perhaps not the best song from Synchronicity, but very good nonetheless.

One of my favorites, this is such a fun and driving song from The Police with a surprisingly dark message about the monotony of everyday life. Should be higher.

Only Sting could write a song about a father going insane and killing his family and still make it catchy as heck. This is The Police at their finest.

The Contenders
11 Wrapped Around Your Finger

This is a great spiteful song that has just the amount of turn-the-tables to be a great song. I was trapped in a personal problem for a while, and this song really helped and listening to it was a positive coping mechanism.

One of The Police's most underrated songs but it takes their signature sound and adds a slight haunting feeling to it to make it one of their best. Definitely think this one should be higher.

This is a piece of art, should be at top 5 at least.

How is this not higher? At least Top 3?

12 Do Do Do Do, de Da de Da

As silly as this song may sound it's got a great guitar drive and distinctive plucking which bands like Roxy Music probably later inspired themselves on in Avalon. A good 80s nostalgia classic.

Good song, love the guitar.

This one is spelled right.

13 Invisible Sun

This is my favourite Police Song by far, probably the only person in the world who thinks it, moody, atmospheric. I just love the synth line, the tom-tom, guitar all sound fantastic. Great video too. Quite eerie though, not surprising the subject matter, but that aside will always be favourite, you can keep your Every Breath You Take laugh out loud.

Love the haunting sound of this song. Really invokes lots of emotion with this one. Should totally be higher!

Reminds me of the Beatles' "Rain". Thick, dense music that successfully colors the lyrics.

Such a good song the opening start to this song is really good. the video for this song was banned by the BBC (UK) becuase the video was about the troubles

14 Synchronicity I

Obviously I don't see this song the same way as anyone else: urgent, propelling, clever, mathematical, complex, perfectly paced, and elevating as it reaches out, and by the way this is actually a synthesis on Jung. Most of all every one is perfect here. Marimbas go wild and pound like juggernauts, drums are explosive, guitars ring to the ether, harmonised voices reach to infinity. Ever heard an album opener manage to do rock and give you a lecture at the same time...and make science sound so alive and fascinating?

Way way way better than part II.
In your face live playing.

It's an absolute disgrace that it s so low. Bloody hell.

Why is this at 15? This deserves to be at least at rank 5!

My favorite police song by far.

Super cool song.

15 Driven to Tears

A good song, lacking perhaps some structure but still manages to do a good job because of its melody and the highly talented Andy and Stuart on guitar and drums who can make the song engaging.

This is the song that got me into Stewart Copeland. If you are a drummer listen to this song. Literally perfect drumming. Message in a Bottle and Reggatta de Blanc are good drumming songs too

16 Murder by Numbers
17 Spirits in the Material World

With an instant synth hook, the catchiest song of Ghost remains the most brilliant song Police has ever made. Who would have thought guitar could have been replaced with synths to create an even better reggae sound, this time with a sophisticated neo classical feel. The instrumental section is gorgeous and eloquent. Lyrics are quite intellectual as well so all this makes it a very worthwhile piece to listen to. Why this is at 24 beats me though. Maybe it's too subdued for some. Acquired taste perhaps but anyone who knows music will feast on this gem.

Must have reset the list for this to be at the bottom with the amount of comments on it.. should be number 2 in my opinion.. with Walking on the Moon number 1...

LAST?!?! That just doesn't make sense. Easily one of the Police's top 15.

How is this not higher?! For sure should be in the top 10!

18 Next to You

One of my favorites on Outlandos this is the punkiest Police song with a great energy, great riff and an uncompromising Sting.

19 Bring on the Night

Very pretty but somewhat unsettling piece with amazing serenade like playing by Mr Summers. Romantic melancholy.

20 The Bed's Too Big Without You

While Stjng s pompous a la Jamaica West Indies accent does give a pompous impression of an educated White Man trying to sound cool, this is a very good attempt at experimenting with reggae and we essentially have an excellent piece with sparse instrumentation, exotic groove, timed and precise syncopation and a super sexy feel. It' s a delicate dark horse and definitely a winner.

What is this doing down here? Probably my favorite Police song ever (especially the mono version). The guitar rhythms are so cool and distorted with a haunting yet upbeat instrumental to fit the song. Again, definitely should be higher.

Great reggae song... Great sentiment... I've quoted it a couple of times, sometimes sincerely.

This should be higher. It's a classic Police song.

21 No Time This Time

Fantastic song from one of the greatest B-side albums ever.

22 Reggatta de Blanc

Now this is plain insult. Any lover of the police has got to listen to this at least once in a life time. In fact anyone should listen to this at least once in a lifetime. This is such a classic Police song. You have just got to listen to it to understand why. It's got everything the Police are good at improvisation, experimentation, jamming. Starts from a reggae dance, becomes an army march protest then a series of calling waves before it takes you over wipes you out and rides you into oblivion like a speed train. And all it was was actually just the middle section of a song rendered live. Subliminal.

Only the Police could do that.

This song is way too good to be this low people. Listen to it. It's incredible. Especially the drums. This song proves better than probably any other song by the police just how instrumentally talented the members of the band were.

One of the most atmospheric songs by this huge band! It's great stuff!

23 Canary in a Coalmine

This is one of the least interesting songs by the Police. It does have enough to keep it going but it's otherwise a very ordinary song with a standard beat and linear melody. Works in a kind of 'ob la di ob la the' way, you know with a catchy repetitive line. Monotony is not Police's forte.

Love this song, so many great ones by one of the best bands ever!

24 On Any Other Day

As much as this is one of the most ridiculous songs you will ever hear for some reason and despite his awful vocals Copeland does a great job at making a fun catchy punk rock piece.

25 Contact

I don't get what they were trying to do with the weird sci-fi bass, spooky guitar, and a bit meaningless lyrics. Just having a bit of fun maybe. Nothing wrong with that, because it's a pretty good song overall and its change of pace from darth Vader gloom to fast racing kart makes it catchy and engaging.

I think there s a bit of a side joke by the ever cheeky drummer:

Contact the police

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