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1 November Rain - Guns N' Roses

This is by far, not only the greatest rock ballad, but the greatest song ever. Axl Rose, Gn'Rs front man and the greatest singer of all time started writing November Rain from as early as 1986, and there a two demos, a piano and a guitar demo. Axl would never have thought this song would've become the greatest song of all time. Starting with a some really superb piano from Axl, the song starts off slow. As the drums kick in, the song starts to move faster. By the end of the piano solo at the start, get ready. Axl's lyrics, have so much meaning to this song. From the depressing truth of "Nothing lasts forever, and we both no hearts can change." and the sadness of restrained love. The song appeals to the listeners emotions, with the piano, lyrics, synths...
Slash's guitar solos on this song are INCREDIBLE. It's like the guitar is crying with sadness. The end of the song takes a huge turn and completely shocks the Audience. If you've never heard this song, best way to hear it is at ...more

In my opinion this song is not only the best rock ballad ever, but also the best song of any genre ever. It's just perfect in every way. The intro with the piano and orchestra is so beautiful that you can't stop listening. Then the drums begins with the perfect beat, and the lyrics are meaningful that everyone can relate to, unlike Stairway To Heaven that you need to actualy sit down and have a class on it before you have any clue what it's talking about. Then Slash comes with 2 amazing solos, before the song dies and is brought back to life with one of the best solos I had ever heard.

How am I supposed to vote for one of these songs, when there are so many awesome power ballads out there? I managed to narrow it down to November Rain, Angel (which I was listening to at the time) and Still Loving You but, I eventually chose November Rain because it is just so creative and can NEVER get boring because it just keeps changing as you listen to it.

This is my favorite song of all time, not just in the rock ballad category. It is perfect in every way possible. What's weird is that the first time I listened to it, I didn't like it, but then I gave it a second chance and now I'm listening to it at least ten times a day!

2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

This is the Best ever so far...
You never get tired of this
It started like the most gentle and sweet ballad. A pleasure to the ears
Then you wait 4 minutes to enter de Drums and when it finally dit. Is like the power released.
When the guitar solo comes, you are in the midlle of a wild rock tune listening one of the best solos in the history,
There is not another singer like Plant.
This tune has it all

Why it's so high on this list. I have seen some other rankings where this song didn't make it. But here on TTT its one top 2. I don't think it should be on top 2. There are lots of other better ballads.

COME ON. This song is a masterpiece under every single aspect, I just don't think it will be ever surpassed by anybody. Definitely the best ballad out there for me

One the the greatest rock songs ever in my opinion. The lyrics and production are just so good and the guitars. WOW. Even if it was 8 minutes...

3 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Man, whoever didn't vote this song, was probably because of not knowing of... It's one of the best sounds my ear has had the fortune to hear of... Touches the soul, brings memories... Makes me cry...

The guitar solo makes this whole song complete. It's in my top 5 guitar solos of all time. The mood created by the music and the lyrics make is sound amazing.

I love Metallica! I don't understand how Aha is at the top I wouldn't have classed them as ROCK? But Everyone's different! So Kool and the Gang!

It's an amazing song! Love it! The music is so touching and the lyrics are just amazing! I could give 20/10 if I could!

4 There's Never a Forever Thing - a-ha

NO we are not on drugs but we have a very good music taste. Morten is one of the best male vocals in the world, maybe the best ever. He has a 4 octave vocal range and hold many records in singing. The Grammy/Mtv Awards always represents the US music scene and this doesn't mean that it also represents the best music on earth. A-ha won by the way 8 MTV Awards, was nominated for the Grammy and American Music award, they won many other international awards especially in England and Germany if all this is more impotent for you than the music quality. A-ha alo It was A-ha's own decision to leave the US-Music Market which was (and is) unfair and crooked. They are maybe one hit wonders in the USA but in the rest of the world they are big stars. Listen to "Hunting High and Low", "Stay on These Roads" or "Summer moved on". If you still keep saying Morten's voice stinks, then you should visit an ear specialist. Many Bands were inspired by a-ha like Coldplay (they are big A-ha Fans), U2, Keane, ...more

I loved this song as a kid and I still love it now, glad to see many other a-ha fans are out there.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a-ha at number 1, let alone 'There's never a forever thing' as the song with the title of number 1 etc.

A much deserved chart place for a very pretty and soulful song. Although 'Stay on these Roads' album was the 2nd worst album they did I reckon.

This tune rules though for baby making laugh out loud.

Are you all on drugs? This song stinks as does his voice. If he were a remembered voice, they will be giving tributes of Mortal Morten and A-a (ahahah) on the grammys, etc. He's got the most annoying voice ever, worse than my neighbors 6 yr. Old perpetual screaming.

A strong song from a a band that has a lot to say about feelings. They sound perfect in every way, the lyrics, the sounds, the voice... I just love them

5 Dream On - Aerosmith

This song made Aerosmith a band everyone knows... also don't think some of you know what a Ballad is.

What are you talking about. This song came out when Eminem was 1. How could they copy a 1 year old. retard.

Ok so realistically this is number 3 on the list since the vast majority of people on here don't know what a power ballad is but anyways this song is amazing, it's the American Stairway to Heaven

Amazing and inspirational song!

6 Tears - X Japan

No one can hold a candle to X Japan when it comes to composition. They write songs that break your heart and they write songs that rock your socks off. "Endless Rain", "Crucify My Love", "Forever Love", "Tears". "Say Anything", "Longing"... They have so many songs that could be the best ballad of all time... I think it would be best to leave the top 10 spots to X Japan and just talk about who deserves to be at number 11...

X-Japan is one of the greatest rock bands of the world!
They are in the same line as Queen, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple..
They are really musicians who made one of the biggest contribution I'm the history of rock music.

This is probably the best X Japan ballad. Other than Endless Rain. But this one... Tears is an appropriate title. Beauty, emotion, it has it all.

Very moving. one of my favorites along with endless rain. One of the few bands that sound even better live. What's great about this band's vocalist, is that he sings his songs so beautifully that you wouldn't need to know what he's saying to get the message. A truly beautiful song.

7 Alone - Heart

One of the best songs ever written! This must be on the top! Anyone agrees?

Ann Wilson is the best hard rock singer ever, and this song is the gold standard for 80's metal ballads.

I would say "Dog and Butterfly" but as long as its Ann I'll vote #1.

Love this song. Ann Wilson's voice is so beautiful!

8 Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen

Who Wants to Live Forever has to be one of the most meaningful songs to the entire human race. "This world has only one sweet moment put aside for us." We all have one thing in common.

This sends shivers up my spine. I have tried to sing it once but I cannot do justice to it. This is Freddie's song

Really great song musically. One of the best Queen compositions.

Makes me cry. Freddie was so broken, but still has the voice.

9 Still Loving You - Scorpions

Definitely best rock band when it comes to ballads. There is so many of them Still loving you, You and I, Wind of change, A moment in a million years, When the smoke is going down, when you came into my life, believe in love...

I remember this song from my beginning teen years in the 80s. It gave me goosebumps then and still gives me today. It's etherical, beautiful and in one league with the greatest rock ballads of all time. Still loving it!

There are many rock ballads that are great, but Still Loving You turns a man on like no other does. This song is not trite and it's definitely a rocking ballad. It's suitable for a breakdown.

Such an underrated band. By far the best ballad by ever written. Klause Meine is such an awesome vocalist and in this timeless song he really outdoes himself. Even after 30 years I'm still loving this song.

10 Fade to Black - Metallica

The all around perfect metal ballad. With the most beautifully methodical intro of all time, while also rocking your socks off! This song should be at least top 5... Nothing else matters should be number 1 /m!

This track means a lot to me... That solo, it might just be the best of all time! James' voice is really kickass too! I can't describe it, just listen to the damn song!

Don't judge me I like Metallica's ballads better than the thrash metal songs. I still like master of puppets and hardwired and other thrash metal songs

Best example of the light-then-heavy formula in the Metallica library!

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11 Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

A wonderous masterpiece, serving a useful warning of how drugs can ruin one's life.

12 Angel - Aerosmith

Who the hell put x japan and a-ha at number one, I guarantee you that when this song came out, more people fell in love with it than any of those two bands songs. I could see why it fell down so far since everyone's heard it so much and its not as powerful, but it deserves to be number one

I think this wonderful track should be much much and much higher - beautiful lyrics, great Tyler's voice, melodious sound. True masterpiece from Aerosmith and one of my all time favorite songs!

I normally like heavy stuff but this is such a powerful song from the rock legends. I love it so much it was my first dance when I got married!

This is probably my current favorite. Every time it comes up in the random play, it gets played till the end.

13 Is This Love - Whitesnake

I always feel a little better when I hear this son. It should be higher than Metallica, and most certainly A-Ha. That's just wrong.

Amazing video. She is female at the state of art.

This music is the ultimate breath of love!

Always reminds me of her

14 Open Arms - Journey

Journey's songs transcend time and this is no different. The ballads they created are a testament of love in the purest form and Steve was able to convey that emotion in all the performances. The music will forever be timeless.

Any song that Steve Perry sings deserves to be #1. His incredible voice, backed by emotion and passion for the lyrics makes all of his songs timeless. This is the most beautiful ballad to ever come out of a rock singer.

This Power Ballad deserves to be #1 in my book. Steve Perry sings this with so much passion. He pours his heart and soul into this song. Simply awesome. My favorite for sure!

Steve Perry sings this song with so much passion, well actually what song doesn't he sing with all his heart & soul? This song is just so beautiful it must be at #1!

15 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow

The song is two things:
1.One of the most criminally underrated songs ever
2.One of the best ballads of all time

Beautiful song. Very underrated.

16 Cemetery Gates - Pantera

By far my favorite (though I love many others). Let me describe it to make you want to listen to it :
Starts off with a heavy clean ballad riff. Soft, sad, vocals about death.
Then, a slow solo. As it closes, a kickass metal riff kicks in.
After a few repetitions, the riff stops and we're straight back into the sad vocals and the ballad riff.
Then suddenly Phil goes full metal as his anger lashes out at his condition.
Then after that, the metal chorus.
Then back to ballad.
Then again, chills as his anger lashes out again.
Drum break
This solo starts off as a sad melody, then breaks off into a powerful, glorious shreddy resolution. It closes on a metal riff.
Then the chorus again. Before the chorus' last word,a drum break.
And then the HIGH NOTES. Oh god. Phil shireks as hard as he can while Dime answers with his guitar wails. This repeats thrice until it fades out with guitar wails. Such beauty.

This needs to be higher... If Nothing Else Matters is Number 3 (Metallica is one of my favorites but that song is no where NEAR as good as some of their other ballads) than this should be number one because #1 nothing else matters is Metallica's most typical song. So any third grade girl can say shes a Metallica fan, that is where NEM plays it's part. #2 X Japan sucks #1... Never even listened to it so I can't judge it

One of the best songs ever. Poweful lyrics, a great riff and an amazing solo. Dimebag Darrell is a legend.

17 A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth

Such a hard hitting song and Dave's vocals just take it to another level. You can hear the pain and anger in his voice

Great song and melody, despite the sad lyrics...

Solemn lyrics and powerful message.

18 Wind of Change - Scorpions

Absolutely incredible. The song was about the collapse of communism, and makes me cry every time I hear it.

Nothing can match the lyrics and the music to this song in this whole list. God's music.

Lovely song I have heard in my life. Best sing of scorpions, ireccomeend this song to be on top 5

Flawless beyond measure.

19 The Scientist - Coldplay

I think a lot of songs should be higher than they are, but this one definitely should be. One of my favourite Coldplay songs ever.

20 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

I don't think many people here understand that the real ballad has to offer some sincere emotions, and this is probably the most beautiful love song ever made.

This should be much higher up in the charts. This has got the most romantic, powerful meaningful lyrics which can mellow anyone's heart.
Guys what ya doing vote for this magical song

Amazing rock ballad. I watched armageddon. Legend.

A shame this isn't higher in the list!

21 Waiting for a Girl Like You - Foreigner

The best power ballad... so far

22 Here There And Everywhere - The Beatles

McCartney's brilliance and genius as a composer is absolutely consummate. However, without the rest of the Beatles it was impossoble to create this masterpeace.

An awesome love song. How is this not ranked higher considering the songs ranked above it.

23 Snuff - Slipknot

Number 23?! Are you kidding me? This is a masterpiece. Corey taylor really brought all of his feelings in a song and there are just so many people in this world that could relate to a heartbreak song like this. The lyrics are frigging genius. The more I listen to it, the easier I feel about the love that I have lost..

Excellent song. Personally, I believe this should be much much higher than 37th. I listen to this song whenever I'm feeling down and it always seems to make me feel understood

Most beautiful vocals ever! I listen to it over 10 times a day "so save your breath I will not care"

Beautiful acoustic song and vocals, one of slipknot's best songs!

24 Soldier of Fortune - Deep Purple

One of the most spine-tingling ballads out there in rock. Should be in the top 10 at least!

How did you guys even forget about this song. One of the best rock ballad song.

Grew up in the 70's. This is the best rock ballad song, then until now.

This is one of the greatest songs ever made. So sad, should really be in top 10

25 Faithfully - Journey

My favorite song of Journey! I have listened to it over and over and never get tired of it...that is a song!

Amazing performance by the band and Steve Perry. WOW!

Love, love, love!

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