Best Japanese Rock Bands

No limitations. Put your favorite Japanese rock band here and vote for them. Rock/punk, Rock/Pop, Rock/Visual Kei and similar genres are accepted.
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1 X Japan X Japan is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi.

I've discovered X Japan when Roger Taylor (the legendary member of Queen - the band I've been a fan of since childhood) recorded a song with Yoshiki. I decided to listen to them, bought some X Japan records and was blown away! I'm from Russia, barely knew English at that time, not to mention Japanese, so I didn't understand a word they sang, but the strength of emotion and musical expression was so powerful, it impressed me deeply. I've become a fan. They changed my life forever! It was many years ago, I'm still a huge fan, except now I know all the lyrics. I've tried to listen to many Japanese bands since then, many of them are great, but X Japan are definitely the best.

I listen to X Japan for 6 months now (compared to others here it's nothing but still something) but they definitely are one of my favourite bands. Unfortunately I was born after they stoped playing together and more unfortunate is that hide died before I was even a year old... But I still think, he is the most amazing guitarist that I've ever heard and one day I will be able to play all the songs that he could play. I could swear that I listen to their songs at least five hours daily... (sometimes even during class :D) I just hope that they will play again soon in a reachable distance. X Japan forever, we are X!

Not only the best for Jrock scene. They open & helped other Jrock bands like Luna Sea, Glay, etc at their early career via Yoshiki's label (Extasy Records). Basically is the father & founder for the Visual Kei scene we all know today. I can says majority of these voters are anime fans who don't even know the music industry work.

X Japan is the most influenced for Jrock scene. What's making me shocks & huge respect, while mostly other bands making very easy listening music but X making heavy/speed metal music without appears in anime and reach even like popstar status hell no even way above that. Look how many cosplayer for them to every Visual-Kei shows.

On terms of quality also they far above from like 99% majority bands on this list, with all due respect I don't think every musician combined from bands on this list can arrangement a very rare masterpiece like "Art of Life". I'm not fanboying but speak a facts & yes I know/listening to almost every top Jrock bands ...more

Who don't know about X Japan? Few days ago they was nominated in Golden Gods Awards as The Best International Band - and they WIN! Last year they had their first world tour and many fans are ability to see them (like me - X Japan's gig in Berlin was the best day in my life). Now fans are waiting for new album and the second upcoming world tour! I know it will be great
X changed my life and their music helped me a lot when I felt depressed. I love their ballads so badly, like 'Endless Rain', 'Say Anything', 'Forever Love', 'Unfinished', 'Alive'... You definitely should listen it!

2 Gazette

The GazettE is by far my favorite band simply because their music touches me and moves me. they have the ability of making me happy, accompanying me when I'm sad, cooling down my anger and just being fun to rock out to. It's the combination of vocals and instrumental that make the songs so touching. Every member is so talented. Uruha's and Aoi's guitar, Reita's bass, Ruki's voice and Kai's drums are just awesome. Their lives are always amazing and prove their talent and dedication to what they create and do.

First and foremost, I'll say that I'm still quite new to the GazettE. The first song/video I listened to/watched was RED, and I loved it as it suited my taste. Then I saw SHIVER and that was good for me too.

After a while, I started listening to more of their songs and I really got into them. The boys have great fashion sense and hair to-die for! X) Another thing I commend them for is their beautiful lyrics. I believe Ruki-san is the one who mostly writes them and his prose and language is absolutely gorgeous.

The music too, is great. Each GazettE song has its own unique solo, which I love to listen to. They're very creative to have to come up with guitar solos for every song!

Hmm.. Lastly, I just love the members. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai. Each have their own personalities that shine through when they perform. Ruki-san has a great voice that isn't like the norm, I should say. Uruha and Aoi are awesome guitarists. Reita's bass grooves are damn great and Kai ...more

The GazettE is unique and inspiring just as X Japan is in their own way. They have touched so many lives, and why I voted for the GazettE is because their music really got through to me first, when other bands never could. Each and every member has their own qualities that create the whole of GazettE, and their team work has pulled them through to their coming of age with their tenth anniversary coming up. Each song is, of course, different, but they all talk about many different lives, something that connects all of the fans together and isn't just limited to the youth, but the older crowd as well. They have so much determination, have struggled to get this far in their early years, but with their example they have shown future generations of rock bands that, they too, can do it and aren't limited to just the confines of their dreams; they turned their dreams into goals, and for all of their hard work and lives they've inspired, I think they deserve the Best Japanese Rock Band title.

The GazettE are the ones who have stayed true to themselves. When their fans leave them, they don't bother trying to get them back. Instead, they do their own thing and whomever happens to like their music, they rock on with them. I love the fact that while there are many trends going on in the music industry, the GazettE never paid much attention to that. They got their own style and they know what it is that makes them THEM. I admire that their thoughts regarding music are not influenced by any other person such as their label company or any other stuff like that. Each band member is unique and no one completely stands out. Like Uruha had once said, the GazettE is like a team. When they all work together, good things come out of it. I will always follow, I will always support, the GazettE.


SCANDAL are just the queens of Jrock. They have the best looks and style among other all-female Jpop/Jrock bands out there. Speaking of versatility, SCANDAL can give you different styles in an album, even in a single song. Purely amazing. You can listen to them everyday, all day long without getting tired. Thanks to their versatility, you won't hear 2 songs that sound the same.

I don't think I ever heard a band that could keep evolving their sound throughout the years. It's been 15 years, and they're still going strong.

SCANDAL is definitely one of the best Rock band in Japan. They are proud icon of All-girl Rock Band. They got skills - and we know they are improving, they got attitude, they sound great in their albums and even more on live performances. They play their respective instruments really well, they all sing (and it's nice to hear 4 different voice-tones blend as one), they write their music, they can dance, too.

From 4 normal students, barely knowing things about instruments, to one of the best rock band around. They work hard to get to where they are now and they keep on getting even better!

Girls can rock the stage, looked deadly, powerful, yet stunningly beautiful at the same time. That's SCANDAL.

What can I say that hadn't been already said? Every since ZONE went their separate ways their had to be someone to full the gap. SCANDAL had done that with their talent, charisma, charm and seemingly never ending energy. Haruna leads this eclectic group of girls with her seriousness on stage and her openness off. Her voice is unique and can recognized anywhere. Tomomi is unbelievably adorable. Her looks hide her talent for writing lyrics and skillful bass playing. Maimi has mysterious aura about her but is just a dork at heart. Playful and approachable, her husky voice and guitar playing are always a joy to listen to. Rina at first glance gives you the beauty queen vibe but that just hides her musical talent. Who would ever suspect her to be a drummer of high caliber and a sweetheart.

4 L'Arc~en~Ciel L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band, founded in Osaka in 1991. With a reported 40 million records sold, they were the first Japanese act to headline at Madison Square Garden.

As for Jrock, they are the best. I honestly Don't like B'z because their songs sound all the same for me and I was surprised that they're the biggest in Japan. By listening to L'arc you won't be bored! They play Hard rock (Shinshoku lose control, Drink it down), Rock (Honey, HEAVEN'S DRIVE), Pop (Winterfall, 4th Avenue Cafe), electronic music and even disco (Cares of Venus). Every their song souns just unique. Highly recommended

Just like the name of the band, Rainbow, they have such wide range of Rock, from Hard rock to the almost Pop ones, and yet their melody is very unique. I love their songs too much

Extremely struggled between GazettE, X, Malice Mizer and L'Arc, to me the first three bands impact me with their magnificient world settings and talents, but only L'Arc, they accompanied me in my hardest time of life.

I think GazettE encourages people with Ruki's powerful words, but L'Arc does this in a soft way - they heal like 4 angels. Pieces and Anata saved me when I almost gave up. Niji always reminds me with their legendary stories. They would remind you what should be cherished in life by purely beautiful music. Actually I love many j-rock bands, and I admire GazettE, X, M+M the same way as L'Arc, but L'Arc is special in my life.

Someone may say they are Japanese Rock themselves. But I just wanna say they just the God of us, giving us faith through their melody. They just tell how they think of the world and show their passion by playing.. And this is what music means to us. They are true musician. There songs have kept me for company for many hard days. And it's sure that they will be with me forever. And the four let me realize many important things of life. So I just vote them with great gratitude.

5 Dir en grey Dir En Grey is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1997 and currently signed to Firewall Div., a sub-division of Free-Will.

"I think that we have the courage to do what the others are scared to. I mean, musically we go beyond the format established elsewhere. Our visuals and videos are meticulous, outrageous and grotesque. The whole identity of the band is unique. This is our strength. We motivate each other, the idea is to grow together, develop together, and continue to inspire each other with what we each bring to the band. It's definitely a plus. Also, most of the bands try to be friendly to the people, to the media ; this is not our case. We are not here to please anybody and we have the courage to do what we want to do in every level. " - Die

Need to say anything else?

Dir en grey transcends genre and reinvent themselves with every album. The band has been around for fourteen years now, and still continue to pursue the new and bizarre just when everyone thought that they could not possibly have something new up their sleeves. All members of the band are irreplaceable, because they each bring forth their own important, unique elements to the music. They may be a cult band, but they truly stand out apart from the rest of the groups on this list, despite their lack of 'mainstream appeal'. True rock musicians should be out to break boundaries and question authority; which is exactly what these guys do.

The first time I ran into Dir en grey, I was captured by Kyo's vocal range and quality. He sang in a way that was similar to the visual kei style and j-rock style but was able to add his own completely unique touch. Not to mention I love their guitar riffs and melody that sometimes feel like you're being yanked down a spiraling path with a chain. The drummer and bassist are equally as awesome, making for a very well rounded band who continuously comes out with songs that appeal to the heavy side of metal. Lets not forget the lyrics behind their songs. If you've never looked them up, I suggest you do; they often press upon issues that just aren't spoken about in the open. But that's what music is about. Expression. The key to visual kei and J-rock. (not excluding any other genres.. )

I love Dir en grey. I have never heard a band with so much passion. I love the way they can go from aching melancholy to brutal nihilism, sometimes within the same song. All the musicians are so talented, they each have their own distinctive style and give the arrangements so much textural depth. They never rest on their laurels and they reinvent themselves with each album. The only constant is a portrayal of raw beauty in a desolate world. They are the only band that have made me cry with emotion. Diabolos and Vanitas from their latest album are a couple of their masterpieces.

6 One Ok Rock One OK Rock, is a Japanese rock band, formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. The band currently consists of Takahiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki.

One Ok Rock is a one in a million band. They are just so awesome and skilled. Their songs are just off the limit. "The Beginning, Cry Out, We Are, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, Wherever You Are" and so on will just you hit like never if you haven't listened to them yet. They are not just an ordinary band as they have put all of their heart and soul into their music. Their live performances are just "WOW" and they are so damn cool like few handful. Moreover they are my favorite band. Taka's vocals are insane, it's like the outcome of the combination of fire and ice if put together. They are the best for me!

Well, Taka is one of the best Japanese singers, if not THE best. The emotions, music, stage-presence, message, EVERY SINGLE THING is actually at the highest level. Also, one of the best things that I can say about ONE OK ROCK is how they stay humble no matter where they go, they have concerts all over the world and it doesn't matter who their fan is. Taka was featured in a lot of music videos and concerts, and we all know as fans, he can actually make that song better if he was the one singing it completely but he doesn't take the spotlight or even if he features another artist, he makes sure the one that the band features really shines if it means that artist outshines himself. The most important thing is that they really care about their fans, there's a video (you can google it) where a fan suddenly collapsed, but the band stopped performing and assisted the one that fainted. Not saying that the other bands don't have this, but ONE OK ROCK really makes it evident. Every member is to ...more

I'm not really one to listen to rock bit seriously, ONE OK ROCK has changed my life-and it's literally been a few months since I first heard of them. Such skill and passion comes from each band member and it really shows-they are not like some bands which use autotune as one of their main 'instruments'. Their lives are incredible, so much so that I can feel a mix of just raw emotion from them all, THROUGH A COMPUTER SCREEN. And also unlike others, they don't rely on petty things like anime to boost their popularity. But I guess the thing that I love the most about ONE OK ROCK is their humble attitudes, through which I feel I can easily connect with them on a personal level. This band EASILY deserves best on this list and if you haven't yet listened to them. I strongly suggest that you do-you will not regret it!

ONE OK ROCK is the BEST BEST jrock band I've ever known in my life, every song they make touching my heart specially the remake, no scared, the beginning perfect when I'm angry this band is really amazing and the wherever you are, pierce, C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.h are best when I want to relax and rest it calms me and the sentimental genre wherever you are and pierce making me cry it's so cool.. As everyone said ONE OK ROCK is the BEST JAPANESE BAND! They don't stock in one genre they make different genre that will be the type of everyone who is going to listen to it! If you ever try listen to this band then I dare you try listen to their song and I'm really sure you will never ever regret it try their song The Beginning! I Dare You!

7 Asian Kung-Fu Generation

They are a brilliant band. My personal favourite songs of theirs would be Re:Re, Haruka Kanata, Blood Circulator, and Rewrite.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation may not be the most well known band, since they're a bit older, but what they bring to the table is phenomenal. Their live shows are absolutely amazing and their vocalist is one of the best in the game. I really prefer their music style over many bands, because the emotion within their lead singer's voice does not sound over exaggerated or fake. The emotion of each and every band member is live and there. I also look up to them, because their recording style is very raw, unlike many modern-day bands who process their parts individually and fix sounds through editing.

Their songs such as "Haruka Kanata" and "After Dark" are extremely emotional(just listen to those jaw-dropping vocals) and have exceptional musical ideas integrated regarding the chords used. Almost all their songs are extremely catchy as well. Many of the up and coming bands in Japan look up to them, such as Kana-Boon.

Unlike many bands out there, they sell through their music ...more

I have every single songs they have made and they are so great. This band is the only thing I could listen to all day. Their albums is not all the same or one thing but they are all different in a way that no other band could do. The point is that this band you should consider yourself listening to because their lyrics are amazing but not only that the instrument is phenomenal, everything in their songs combine so effectively.

They never made bad music. All of their songs have good arrangement and meaningful lyrics. They never made huge transition in the style over the years yet they don't repeat themselves. Just addictive to listen to.

8 Nightmare

Well I've listened to every song nightmare has put out there.. and I got to say these guys show improvement throughout their careers... as a former band guitarist myself I appreciate witnessing a band like this one improve over the years... cas with normal American rock it seems as if we just keep the same style don't even dare try to change up or experiment with different vocalizations... like I know someone is gonna to be mad but... nickleback... five finger death punch all their songs sound the exactly the same... cas there is not any attempt what so ever to change up... so good job nightmare of showing you guys aren't just some one trick pony! I look forward to more hits..

Flawless instrumentals, seamless arrangements and an amazing vocalist who in my opinion has one of the best voices of any artist anywhere today. Diversity of musical styles, all done so well with their signature style. An amazing catalogue of music for their 10+ years as a band. Nightmare is all I need in music really. The best band (Japanese or otherwise), period.

Forever Nightmare.. How the hell is this band not in the top 10. Their music justifies Altern Rock and Gothic Rock as none else and it has a sense of maturity in their music. The music isn't just some random notes, but well constructed music. Alumina, The World, Cynical Reactor, A:fantasia, Message and Vermillion, wiht songs like these You just can't deny their wonderful music

For me they're the best band ever. They're my favorite band since almost ten years and I just can't stop loving them. Their compositions are wonderful, Sakito, Hitsugi, Ni~ya and Ruka have incredible skills, and Yomi has a god-like voice. And they truly love their fans! They love their job and what they do. I don't understand why they're not more famous, and I think it's a shame people only know them because they made Death Note Opening and Ending. They truly deserve to be more famous.

9 Versailles

The music is well fitted, the bass and drums complement each other wonderfully. The guitars are never overbearing, nor out of place, every rift sounds like it belongs. I love the way they start out slow, with piano and other music, then totally start rocking it by the end of the song. Kamijo's voice is velvety and unique, he really suits their usual song topics. What are their songs about? Well I've noticed quite a few about vampires, which is awesome! How many bands out there sing about vampires? But there's also loneliness, love, nostalgia... Etc. Their costumes are as amazing as their music. They all look really good. (Refraining for more provocative comments...)

Versailles definitely has a unique style and beat. Their songs cover a wide range of feelings, and their clothing is ever surprising and entertaining. Kamijo's voice is incredibly beautiful and deep, and it has just the right tone. Versailles' lyrics are also amsterfully written and it is obvious that they have been written so with passion. My favorite two songs from Versailles, Episode and Serenade are especially beautiful in their simplicity. Hizaki, Jasmine You, Teru and Yuki are also very talented in playing the guitar and drums respectively, though Jasmine You will always be missed, both in presence and skills.

Versailles must be the First! They're simply perfect. The Visual Kei are based on lyrics, ero guru, the costumes and overreality videos, and Versailles is more completly and their sound is like the GODS. The Versailles music expresses all you wanted to hear all your life. I love the Visual Kei and Power Metal, my favorites of all genres I listen and Versailles is a combination o both and more, and their customes reflect the greatness and superiority, when the members are like kids and have good heart. X JAPAN must be the second, but Versailles is the new generation and a young band with excesive tallent an charism above these other bands 'cause in Japan are very commercial. WE ARE VERSAILLES!

Versailles gives an elegant performance in their music and physical appearances. They have set clear standards for themselves, and they never disappoint their fans, their music forever evolving with each new release. They tell stories in every song, filling them with emotion. Each of the members has noticeably grown stronger over the years, and each have a definitive place in the band. They try new things and excel each time; the love they have for music and beauty permeate everything that they do.

10 SID

SID is always be the greatest help for me. They're my inspiration, my life and my grip. WIthout them, I don't know what would I be. Maybe I wouldn't be in this world and wrote this here. I respect them for their great music and they're personality. I've never been respecting anyone as much as I do for each members. They have such a kind heart that everyone should learn for. And how they support their fans, as much as we support them. SID is a great band, the greatest band, I would say. They make greatest music. Most important, they are not a monotonous band. They have various music, various lyrics that you can not predict any upcoming single, and they would make you like.. "whoa" for their surprise. They are the truest artist and most talented artist.

So yes, I'll vote for SID.

This band is the best band I've ever heard! They're songs, they're music, and the way Mao sings it beyond wonderful! He put his heart into every songs he sings, and it reaches my heart. So many helpful and supporting songs they made that made me move on and being who I am now.
I can't get enough of their songs, their lyrics. The whole band made it complete with the guitar, bass line and the drumming. 4 of them are genius musicians! And most of all, they never failed to make their fans surprised with every single they up to. They're not monotone, and the happiness to hear them just wonderful. They help me smile everyday.

I have known sid for 3 years now. I just turned 13 in August so I'm still younger than most sid fans. I would like to say that I'm still new to this world and I'm not very wise. All I know is that my Japanese obsession started when I met an Okinawa woman. She told me to look at suki yaki by sakamoto kyu. After that I was hooked! One day I was introduced to full metal alchemist and I started looking up openings. Once I heard rain my heart was set on this band I wrote about them for weeks. I'm still here to support them and I hope you guys do to. I live in Kentucky and not a lot of people wants to here foreign music. I hope you guys care. Even if I'm only thirteen I will always be with sid and maos amazing voice!

Sid is the best Japanese rock band I've ever heard. My whole visual on life has been changed. I'm thirteen so I'm not at the exact age appropriate to listen to their music but I understand a lot of things in life. I have listened to a lot of love songs and theirs I have found to be the best. Maos majestic voice and Aki has this amazing ability to play his bass with both hands! Man and Shinji he has the ability to play guitar like a master and yuuya his ability to make people laugh! I get excited over every new song the come out with.
I live in Kentucky so we don't get foreign people here and a lot of these people put me down and say I'm weird for liking them but that's me and they don't understand... Mao said that I can't help everyone individually but I can be someone you can look to. That inspired me a lot to help others and support them they're the only rock band I like! I usually only listen to country or bluegrass so leaving my roots was a big deal be thankful that you guys ...more

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11 Maximum The Hormone

Maximum the Hormone is amazing! Dir en Grey was my favorite band. And then came along the MAX! I love how everyone in the band sings. Daisuke-kun with his screaming, Maximum the Ryo with his awesome guitar playing and melodic vocals (sometimes funny sounding too! ) Newo with her metal drumming and her "pop" sounding vocals and (my personal favorite) ue-chan with his crazy god-like bass playing and he does sing every now and then. They are just so fun to listen to. This is the one band that I can head bang to and smile about! The other bands on the list are good too but Maximum the Hormone just influenced me to make music too!

MTH is just godly... I mean... If you blend Pantera, Tool, Red Hot Chile Peppers and System of a Down... You end up with Maximum The Hormone. They mix Metal, Rock, Punk and Alternative to make you become a slave of their mind-blowing music. Daisuke-Han is insanely hyper with his strong screaming vocals. Ryo is great at shredding guitar and sings most of the chorus and softer vocals. Ue-Chan is the Japanese Flea! He is INSANELY good at bass! Nao is one of my favorite drummers... She's good AND hot! And she even sings a lot in 90% of their songs as well! Everyone in the band is just so talented! I can't pick a favorite because they are all AWESOME! And they are original, name a band that is nearly identical. Considering they have a lot of change ups meaning they don't just do a verse and chorus through the whole song. They don't do the visual kei

Like most people outside of Japan, first time I heard this band was while watching DeathNote. They have been my favorite band since. Many bands try to blend different styles in their music and almost all those bands fail epically. Not MTH! Their ability to mix nu-metal with j-pop (and anything else) keeps this band fresh and every track is a pleasant surprise. The chemistry between the band members is also a wonder to behold.

What the hell is this band doing in number 5? It should be number 1! I love maximum the hormone especially their song Zetsubou Billy which was used for death note rocked the world! I went like "! This is THE song! Keep rocking guys! By the way: I also love scandal, uuverworld, aqua timez, vamps, and girugamesh (though I'm disappointed with their new album)

12 UVERworld

Very unique, open, uplifting, hard-hitting sound all due to UVERworld's diverse instrumentation and vocal elements (Sax, synth, bass & electric & rhythm guitar, beatboxing, rapping, crazy drums, and Takuya's lovely singing voice).Every UVERworld album is incredible and each song really fills up the sound space - they really transport me to some other world when I listen to them. I love that UVERworld songs have great messages about making the best of what we've got in life.

I like that UVERworld continues to experiment with each release and always aims to 1-up anything it's done before, and yet still manages to make it work. I've really enjoyed watching and listening to UVERworld grow and I think they really deserve all the success they've achieved thus far.

I've loved this band for the past 10 years since their debut, and I've loved the combinations of rock with multitudes of different elements that just give their music such wonderful color. Not to mention they are one of the BEST bands live, the band is crisp and TAKUYA∞ can actually sing through an entire playlist perfectly, which is incredibly hard for anyone to do. They're also not just a stagnant, one-trick-pony, they explore several different styles while at the same time retaining them all through the years so that fans of different types of music can stay interested in them. Whether you think they are the best band or not, these guys are definitely worth checking out!

I love UVERworld. Their songs are very energetic,emotional and expressive. They convey a wide range of musical styles n lyrics have impact and melodies are very dynamic. The main vocalist's voice is very unique. You can feel the songs' emotional touch even if you don't understand Japanese. He can do that. And the hip hop or rap parts backed up by harmony are very awesome separating them from traditional rappings. Musical arrangements are very magical. They can make the same thing expressed in different color or feel which is why you can listen to their songs a hundred times and you only crave for more. More can be praised for each member of the band. But let me stop here. Rock all the way to heaven UVERworld!

I don't find any reason for UVERworld to be underrated! It should be @number 1!
Best thing about UVERworld that you can't find in any other bands are their beautiful lyrics and melodies (and the way they arrange all their songs freshly and uniquely! Anyway I'm a musician, so I know how thoughtful are Takuya and friends of all their songs. they are so talented, really). ALL of their lyrics always have a deeper and thoughtful meanings, and I really believe that UVERworld purely and only wants to motivate people to be better and give all their fans high+positive spirits everyday! Simply amazing.
UVERworld is truly a great band with touching songs. Their members have a deep musicality, which you hardly find in other members of a band. It's so sad that people often underrated them :(
GO GO UVERworld! Six Pride forever.

13 Fear, and Loathing In Las Vegas

I didn't think techno and scream went together when I first heard them, but after forcing myself to listen to them for awhile I found that I love this band. My music taste has changed insanely since I started listening to this band. This is my favorite group and I can honestly say that I love very one of their songs. Do you know how rare it is to not dislike a single song that a group has made? Falilv rocks. Go check them out!

I hate screamo, but Falilv is my all time favorite band! They nailed down how to use electronics with heavy metal, and how to make screamo a lot less emo. Every single member feels important, not just a background guy. Every member has a distinct look and a distinct role, which I find very respectable. I haven't yet heard a song of theirs I dislike. These guys are very talented and only growing in popularity!

They're unique. Techno and scream was something I didn't know that would sound perfect together. And the synths, minami's screams and so's autotuned voice, guitar riffs blends very well and that's what makes it unique. And it's rare not to dislike at least one song. I just love every song they made.
though...their dances is the weird one
But fave band of all time

Very creative band. They just keep getting better and better after every song they make. Minami's unique screaming plus the autotune voice with great guitar riffs and synths makes the band very unique from tje others.. My favorite band of all time..

14 Stereo Pony

Stereopony stands out as a band not just because they are amazing or the fact that they have style, it's because their music is full of life and their energy and their message travels way beyond words. Using simple but profound words, amazing talent at playing their instruments and a very fresh take on everything, Stereopony is a developed style that appeals because of their originality. Collaborating with other artists brings out their talent further~ YUI, Kariyushi58, Scandal and various others. STEREOPONY ALL THE WAY! ROCK THAT CARRIES US THROUGH THE DARK AND BRIGHT DAYS!

Okay. In terms of consistent audience rousing energy/power SCANDAL has Stereopony most often beat...
But, in terms of balancing the composition of their own music and the performance, they are definitely among the top 10. Because of this Stereopony may hold the most talent in terms of a girls band instrumently. Moreover they have perhaps been the most successful integrating American musical talent into the world of Japanese art. Stereopony has shown constantly again and again that they are dedicated to such a thing and have visited the U.S. over and over and have even through the loss of their leader and lead Vo. AIMI, merged so far permantly with their favorite. American artist Avril Lavigne's guitarist Evan..
They may not have rasied the most popularity in contrast to SCANDAL they are definitely one of the strongest if not the strongest Japanese female bands. So, let's raise their rank guys.

These girls are amazing at what they do. You can hear all the energy they put in to their music, the sound just touches you. If you haven't heard any of their songs check some out, Hitohira no Hanabira is the first song I heard from them and I fell instantly in love. If you ever have the chance to see them live it's an amazing experience because you can see all the energy they put in to playing their music, as well as see how much fun they have while doing so.

The awesome girls of Stereopony are so talented and so hard working! There is so much more to come from them, so keep an eye on this amazing group from Okinawa! They are also really great to their fans, always going out of their way to meet as many fans as they can from all around the world. Even despite a language barrier, they are very personable and fun to be around.

15 Abingdon Boys School

Those who dose not have any idea of music can easily be educated in music if they listen to it carefully but if they don't understand this because of all the extreme things these guys are doing then you better stop listening to rock. Abingdon boys school combines both guitars which plays in the same scale and level at same beat but with different touches... Keyboard not only supporting guitars but giving new effects and bass IKUO my 3rd god is awesome at everything, and drums makes it perfectly clear that this band is awesome... And then vocals TAKANORI totally makes this band immortal to music

Abingdon Boys School never disappoints. Nishikawa has gathered some of the best musicians out there, and their combination is electrifying.
Be it the euphoric keyboards of "Athena" or the heavy guitars of "Via Dolorosa", each song is a masterpiece.
SUNAO's and Shibasaki's styles are very different but they complement each other perfectly. Kishi's keyboards and programming give them a really cool futuristic sound. And Nishikawa's voice is godlike, his vibratos are the best.
ABS totally deserves a higher spot on this list!

I love all of they songs and specially for Takanori, you're the best quality singer for me. And now you back for so many long times I've wait for your new single "WE aRE". You make my heart and soul so down for "From Dusk Till Dawn -INCH UP", make me so emotional in "Nephilim", and make me so powerful day to sing "STRENGTH" all the times.

Takanori is just the best. Guitarists and the rest are doing an amazing job, because every song has that "something", that makes you wanna listen to it for eternity. And you can sense all these emotions they've put into it. Sorry for any mistakes, because I'm not English

16 Girugamesh

I love girugamesh so so much. I can't ever get bored of them. That is why I can't come up of any idea would explain why the hell they are at the bottom of top 20. I bet you think the same as I do: girugamesh deserves in much higher placement for who they R. I know many fan stop follow them because they are disappointed of girugamesh new music style, but please do reconsider like how I did. Their music isn't just metal but always develops in unexpectedly great sound. The fact that each member getting older but they keep renewing their music like it was freshly made. They aren't outstanding like how they used to be in those old glory days(2005-2009) but still unique as ever. They are never perfect like the other bands that were voted that to be on top but nonstop working hard, also putting effort and soul into what they do, made them loveable and highly appreciated by us. Moreover, they hold unremarkably impressive lives both in Japan and all over the world. Not only that, their ...more

Girugamesh is such an uderrated band. Their music is unique and there isn't one single band that has the same sound as they do. With such original intrumentals and heart warming lyrics, with the energy they give you during their songs and the impact they have on people's life, Girugamesh should definitely be listed as the number one band. It is really hard to put in words how amazing they are, I just love this band to death!

They are the first band which made such impact on me! They are just fantastic! Girugamesh music is so powerful as well as they during their concerts. I wish I could be on one some day*. * I also admire them because of the fact they work on their music themselves - Satoshi (vocalist) writes lyrics, Ryo (drummer) write most of melodies in which Nii and Shuu help him. You just should listen to they!

Girugamesh was the most amazing j-rock band that I've ever heard. The very fist in fact. The vocalizes, guitarist, bassist, and drummer all have it down which coordinate perfectly together which just sounds amazing. If it wasn't for Girugamesh, I would have never given j-rock a chance. Now it's my favorite music in the world. Girugamesh will always be the greatest!

17 hide w/ Spread Beaver

Hide (since he did not capitalize his name) was and always will be the best rocker for me. He was caring and amazing and his voice was just awesome. Hide, though gone now, will never, ever be forgotten because he is the best there is. He even had a museum built for him. Hide will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my music player.

Hide's solo projects were amazing, given that it wasn't like the work he did with X Japan but it had to be the most successful out of all the other members solo projects. His guitar playing is truly unique and even today people still remember him as a Legend

Hide rocked! It's a shame he passed, talented musicians always seem to die young... I like hide because I've never heard guitar the way he played it and he was such a unique individual with his vocal style as well as his appearance. Pink Spider~

Just hear he (hide) play music an you all can know. Remember always hide
No anyone can play guitar like that

18 Alice Nine

From Shou's vocals to Tora, Saga, Hiroto, and Nao's instrumentals, Alice Nine is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. They've got the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard, and their compositions are both deeply moving and amazing to listen to. This band really makes a big deal out of their music, and the fact that each member contributes to the overall song composition is a key factor when it comes to this band. I think they deserve a way higher rank because judging by their music, their lyrics, and their passion, they're definitely the greatest visual kei band I've ever come across.

Alice Nine are one of the visual Kei that change my eyes of jrock songs. They have lot of great lyrics which is the main reason why I've become A9 fan. Besides the meaningful and beautiful lyrics, this band also I can said the one of the visual Kei band that have a good looking members. Yes, all of them are so good looking. Try listen to all their song, you will love it. Trust me.

Althought the looks are not the most important (it does help), through the years the band has grown. Musically they became very strong (Gemini is really epical). They now turned into another direction that shows their growth in so many ways. Each of their songs is very detailed in rhythms (bass & drums), solo's and rythmguitar licks. And even Shou's voice is becoming beter like a fine wine, over the years...

Is a band where it is demonstrated that they want as a family. Besides having a great closeness with their fans. Shou expresses a great feeling to sing. When Hiroto and Tora play their guitars can make you feel his great sync. Saga makes all the magic with his bass. And Nao to play drums, it makes you go very deep in the heart. Alice Nine are awesome!

19 SuG

They are the happiest and cutest jrock band I have ever seen. Different from others jrock bands which always have darker image, they always have bright and colorful image. They always have happy songs with positive meaning, like 'Toy Soldier', which we will feel happy when we listen to it. Others than happy songs, they also compose some songs like 'misora', you will touch by this song when you listen to it. They always work hard and they care for their fans. They are the best jrock band I have ever seen and listen.

The music SuG creates has always been a wonderful medicine to me. It's helped me get through hard times, and I always wear a smile on my face when listening to certain songs. Their positive attitude and cheerful look seem much more attractive than the darker bands.

SuG the best kei band rockerz ever! Even if their song maybe same as the other I always choose them as one of my greatest band that I most like! I want my band can be just like them... Like Takeru... Want to sing with him someday.. No.. 3 years ahead.. I hope my dream will come true..

SuG is the most unique band I have ever heard. They are the most important thing to me. They've literally saved my life. I've never been so impacted by a band before. They deserve everything good in the whole world.

20 Luna Sea

They do deserve more credit for this band was what Elvis Presley was to the Rock genre. The great pioneer and forefather of Visual Kei and Japanese rock as a whole. Yet, this list is kinds faulted in the sense that it says best. Not "most influential" nor "most popular" or even "most influential now", which are much more easily agreed upon. Also, I enjoy listening to other artists more, such as Versailles and the GazettE.

That was test to see how triggered the fans can get. But seriously, these fans... I haven't seen such pretentiousness in a J rock fanbase before. I don't know why, either. Most grown adults who like classic bands like Led Zepplin and Aerosmith don't on the people who like other bands who draw inspiration... Oh, wait a second. Adults.

If Luna Sea is not in the top ten in this list... this list is stupid. I love X Japan but come on there style never evolve (Dhalia: 1997 album containing singles from 1993 and the sound of this album nothing out of the ordinary)(Still would put them around the 3rd position), The Gazette: Its awesome that this guys have crossover to the US but that is about it. Nightmare, SID and SKIN are you serious... come on fanboy you can do better then this. Janne Da Arc: awesome guitarist but I haven't heard something worth putting in top ten. Never heard of UVEworld. Laruku first stuff was out of this world but their latest album have been half ass work (I still would put them in top ten). Dir en grey and Asian Kung Fu I agree in the spot they are. As for Luna Sea I would rate them number one and let the music do the talking (forget what they look like and diva attitudes, jut listen to the music)

What? No. 27? You must be kidding me. Have people simply never heard of this amazing J-rock legend or are most people that vote just some random anime fanboys and fangirls that only listen to anime theme songs?

Luna Sea is a very influential band, their music is unique and they are all very talented indeed (if you watch their live DVDs you will know what I mean). They always sound perfect live with amazing technique that often surpasses their CDs. You never hear Ryuichi sound bad live (as opposed to Hyde from L'arc en ciel), and Sugizo's guitar technique is world class! Not to mention Shinya's drumming technique which blends well with the songs, with a strong sense of rhythm yet difficult drum beats, as well as Inoran's unique arpeggios.

I strongly recommend this band for those of you who have never heard of their music, especially now that they are finally reunited to produce more music! I really look forward to their upcoming original album in 13 years which I hope ...more

You're kidding right? Luna Sea was one of the pioneers of Japanese rock! How are they so far behind? While those bands are still really good, Luna Sea needs a higher position. Seriously, they're classics. That's like saying Beethoven's music isn't as good as Yiruma's. Get Luna Sea to top ten at least please! The bands above it are really new and didn't have as much of an impact on the industry as Luna Sea and in terms of best, a lasting influence should be included in that right? Stop being ridiculous and vote Luna Sea!

21 Flow

FLOW is a one of a kind band and each song has quirkiness to it with amazing lyrics that connect to me to understand them, there are many different songs by them and you are sure to find a song by them you can relate to. They have done many memorable anime openings as well. (such as: code geass first opening 'COLORS', Naruto Shippuden Opening 6 'Sign', Naruto opening 4 'GO! ', and Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: kami to kami 'HERO Kibou no uta.') Definitely close to #1 in my books no doubt about it.

They aren't my favorite Japanese rock band, but they deserve to be known for more than just their anime songs. That's how I discovered them, but I dug deeper and bought half of their studio albums, and that was only because the other half weren't conveniently available to Americans. The point is, music is music, and FLOW does music well.

I fell in love with their music the first time I heard it. They're so cool! They produce classical rock that is really fun to listen to and sing (I can sing a few of their songs, including GO! And Remember. ) Singing their songs can help pass time easily. They're a great Japanese rock band, and very popular too. You gotta love 'em!

The music produced by FLOW "flows" deep into your soul. The deep lyrics resound within you that you would never be bored of them. Some of their songs were used as theme songs for popular animes like "Colors" and "World End" for CODE GEASS: LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION and "Answer" for TANTEI GAKUEN Q.

22 Mucc

This position is inappropriate to think a band like MUCC. MUCC is not just a band, but a project that has stood since they were kids. Miya, the leader has a great knowledge of music, a sad past but it does force, and always creates touching melodies, Tatsurou is the singer that makes me move and understand how much life is important, their lyrics are the proof. The energy of Satoshi, the" loyalty" of Yukke, their appearance so funny and original at the same time makes them a unique band in their genre, not classifiable as a visual kei genre. They like no other.. MUCC are not mere appearance, cool outfits and fanservice. MUCC are music.

Don't surprise to me they are underrated, it takes me a long time to recognize Mucc as the awesome band that they are. I use to love larc, gazette, giru, etc. but with the time they bored me because they became monotone and low creative. Mucc has a mixture of the amazing voice of Tatsuro in first place and the music made by the talented musicians who are Miya, Yukke and Satochi really are very creative musicians and they are so cute and nice. Mucc is low rated because they don't use outlandish costumes so common in j-music groups that appeal to people, but they do not need it!

Mucc should at least be within #5, I fell in love with the singer Tatsurou, his vocals are amazing! He has such a unique voice! Miya is definitely one of the best songwriters I know of, he writes such deep and powerful lyrics. A good example is 'Zetsubou', great way to start off a song by saying 'Minna shindeshimatta' (Everyone died)

Never-ending list of genres these guys can handle, and they've always got more to offer; from riverside songs like Yasashi Uta to hardcore metal; they have such a rich style - their bassist is and drummer are amazing, both backing up Tatsurou, a vocalist that reaches the soul and calls for memories.

23 Beat Crusaders

Mad catchy songs! Every song has a different feel and very creative. Songs like Ghost, Let's Escape Tonight are awesome and can't be found anywhere else!

Beat crusaders is total ownage compared to the others. 'Hit in America' and 'Tonight' super sweet songs. Just can't beat the crusaders.

Why isn't this in the top 10! This dusnt make any sense

Really I don't get it...

Legends. Wish they got back together.

24 FLiP

In Niche Syndrome the band is already pretty good. Their music is quite different than your mainstream popular J-Rock band, kinda feel more like Alt. Rock and other than Wonderland their other songs doesn't feel so 'anime'. And I also recommend their album Love Toxicity. Not that Niche Syndrome was bad but they seriously got a whole lot better in their latest album!
Anyway If you like an all-female band with dark-themed, less anime-ish kind of J-Rock I guarantee you'll easily put them in the top of your playlist.

Kinda wish they change their name though, the name 'FLiP' isn't exactly easy to Google for...

FLiP's all the way down here? After Kazana and Kaa to Naigo? Plus putting all their PV's on the LE for their second album? Plus the B-sides from their two singles prior to it?

These girls are FAR more talented than 51st place. Yuko's guitar solos ALONE with Sachiko's vocals and how Yuumi can pull off the cute and cool thing are why I'm a fan. Their first full album sealed the deal and even in their indie days they were good. I was hooked the first time I heard them, and it pains me to see them all the way down here.

This band is outstanding! Girls! Kick out Scandal!

Good music, I like it a lot.

25 D'erspairs Ray

Umm they're just perfect for me & have always been. Their music guides me to a heavenly place & brings out positive emotions locked deep inside. Just like every individual person has said before me, Karyu, ZERO, Tsukasa, & Hizumi, all of them, have made our lives so much better. They've given us tools to help us push through life's obstacles: their hearts in the form of music. I thank God everyday that I was granted the opportunity to discover them... Like no joke, I really do. & their comeback is always in my prayers.

Glad I came across this. Got to share just a glimpse (could say more, but I gotta go to bed yo) of how special they are to their fans. & them winning this doesn't matter much to me, because a MANIA is a happy MANIA regardless of how popular D'espairsRay is.

Forever the greatest band ever.. I miss them so terribly much, but I honestly really can't wait for the day of their comeback! I hope I'm not gonna die from happiness, that'd be really sad, ne? Their music gives me hope, strength, cheers me up and takes my anger away.. I've met the greatest people thanks to this band and they've saved my life so many times.. That a simple 'thank you' will never be good enough. Their music deserves to be appreciated more, plus they sound unbelievably AMAZING live. Hearing Hizumi's voice makes you tremble and shiver, makes you want to go insane and forget about everything.. Seeing Karyu fulfilling his dream as he plays the guitar, going all insane on the stage makes me feel alive.. Watching Zero with his pervy amazing smile, asking from audience for more noise makes me want to jump out of my skin and just give them my all.. Scream my heart out.. And hearing and watching Tsukasa playing drums makes my hear beat so fast I think it's going to tear itself ...more

They are the greatest Japanese rock band I've ever heard. From their very early songs to their newest, they show an extraordinary array of talent. Although I myself prefer their older songs, their new ones are just as good. They produce songs that make you just want to bang your head and/or dance around.. Their songs are just so good. Their songs will give you goosebumps and make you cry tears of awesomeness and sometimes sadness (read the translation to 'Yami ni Furu Kiskei') or perhaps even laugh due to the perverseness demonstrated in their lyrics (see the bridge near the end of 'In Vain'). Their songs can also take you to another world. I recommend everyone listen to their albums Coll:Set, Mirror & BORN (EP? ) - you won't be sorry!

Sadly, they have disbanded due to problems with Hizumi's throat but I will wait for their return.

Hizumi's voice beats any of these other band's feminine sissy voices. He can hit the high notes, but at the same time, not sound like a total chick as some Japanese vocalists do. He also adds growling and screaming. The rest of the band plays the songs so melodically and so beautifully, yet unique in their own way that I really feel that they are the best rock band ever. Their songs are well put together, not just straight-up noise or nails-on-chalkboard singing.

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