Top 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs

Lady Gaga is an awesome artist! This is a list ranking her best songs.
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1 Bad Romance

Musically Bad Romance is Gaga at her best. Conceptually original, anchored in counter-culture themes and focusing around the destructive nature of desire Gaga explores the Freudian drives towards sex and death. This song does not have a message, Gaga is not preaching, she is exploring the darkness of the human psyche, a theme that is all too often overlooked in modern pop. Although she is often criticised as derivative and something of an attention seeking controversialist, you have to admit, she does it with more style, substance and aplomb than any before her.

Bad Romance is Lady Gaga's magnum opus. She completely shredded through the standards of pop radio at the time, and broke new ground when it comes to experimenting on top 40 radio. The battle call of "rah rah hah hah hah", the soaring 80's synth-pop chorus, and the shocking referencing to Classic Hitchcock movies in the verses make this one of the most daring pop singles of all time. The only criticism is that it is a rehash of "Pokerface". I can't understand this; however, the song pushed so many envelopes and opened up the masses to experimental sounding records that it certainly gets a pass.

Best GaGa song, hands down! If you hear it once it doesn't leave u! First time I saw the video, I couldn't stop replaying it, I knew this would easily become one of her biggest hits right after hearing it the first time. Then after seeing the video, it was only confirmed even more! Nothing else sounds like this, that's why it is so great. And really best music video of all time!

Fantastic song my favourite one. Perhaps even my favourite song ever I would suggest that you listen to it. I have even been known to sing this song at random moments at parties etc as I love it so much! I highly recommend that you listen to it now. As I have said it is usually the first and only song I request at parties! It really gets you in a good mood!

2 Poker Face

I m 24 years old male. And I'm just to say that Lady Gaga did an amazing history in pop music with this song. Year 2008 when I first heard this,I was highschool back then and everyone is crazy over this song. Then she released fame monster and born this way which are her best albums. After that I lost interest to her music w/artpop album and now with her joanne album.but I love million reasons a little bit out of her latest album. Shes older now that's why she changed her style of music but I keep those memories from her fame era to born this way era which are her best over the top songs,live performances.

For me this is as near to perfect as pop can get. Catchy but never too catchy. That chorus is quite short, so you never get irritated by it.
Bad Romance, even though it is darker, gets on my nerves after a while. It just sounds a little too OTT, whereas poker face holds the balance for me.

It's been 4 years since the release. 4 years later, it's still my absolute favourite song of all time. The production quality, manipulation through 'ear candy' and robotic hooks put together with very simple, yet complex and story-telling lyrics made this song the killer hit that it is and still remains to this day!

I have very good memories of this song, I haven't heard a better song, from the moment I heard Poker Face. My all time favorite song, and I'm sure its her most successful and popular song also, I mean this was the song when everyone knew its Lady Gaga.

3 Paparazzi

This song never gets old! I love it. This is probably the best song of hers and I hope she continues writing songs. They are amazing. She is a gifted person and she needs to continue using her gift! I hope I continue to here her songs for a long time.

And lets not forget the lore behind this song guys, she starts at her top in the beginning with The Fame, Fame Monster and Born This Way, but as her boyfriend pushes her off the balcony, that's the affect that ARTPOP had on her success, but then she slowly rises back to the top wight the jazz album Cheek to Cheek.

Such a well written song. The modulation in the verses to the chorus is inspired, the lyrics in the second verse are intelligent and thoughtful, and the production is relevant and not at all intrusive. Not only is it one of Gaga's best pop songs, but also one of the best pop songs of the millennia so far.

Paparazzi is not only the best song of Gaga, but also the best pop song ever by a female artist, and I just completely loose myself and my identity while listening the song! Her vocal abilities have no height and the chorus of this song makes me mad!

4 The Edge of Glory

Honestly Lady Gaga's music has been going downhill for a long time. Poker Face and Just Dance were great and Bad Romance was pretty good but every song after that has been lacking that quality she initially showed. The Edge of Glory is the exception. She made a great song that is way better than any of her new stuff that I don't understand why it is so popular. Born This Way is clearly a copy of a Madonna song and Marry the Night just confuses me as to why it's so popular. This song is the best because it beats out any of her new stuff and is able to compare with her first few songs

This is the definition of pop. I consider this song a masterpiece, inspired by the 80's pop and honoring it. With a very well sung chorus and an amazing instrumental part that just makes want to dance and feel the music. The vibe it has gives the impression of a song of great quality. And that is what the epic nostalgic melody tries to do. It involves you into a world half real, half fantasy. The world of Gaga. And the best part is that it respects the essence of Born This Way.

This song from Lady Gaga has the vibe of an old Miley Cyrus dance song & a powerful flashback about the past + messages about hope & glory. It has a perfect pattern for such a song & was inspired by her grandfather who passed away beforehand. It teaches us glory even in the midst of the worst times & is amongst her greatest songs of all time yet far better than any of today's songs of her's.

This is one of the only songs I like from lady gaga. I usually feel that she is just trying to hard to be different, and that the things she does in her music videos and her fashion style become more famous than the music itself because they are more interesting. This is a great song, and she doesn't get in her own way with it.

5 Born This Way

To be honest I absolutely love ever song that gaga has ever released. She is amazing and knows exactly how to write a song like no other and still make it a song that all her little monsters love! This song was a milestone for her as it allowed her to almost speak directly to all of the people who feel put down for whatever reason no matter what your sexual orientation. It was the first single from her solid album of the same name and this whole album really spoke to a lot of people including me. It was defiantly a set forward in her career. It is a song that makes everyone feel special because we were born this way!

Just plain awesome... Way better than Bad Romance... Pretty much no comparison when it comes to this song... You should all read this and think, "wow, this person is right" and then you think about this song... Then you decide to share the joy with poor black African kids who don't know who the hell she is... Then you'll be world famous for helping the poor, black African kids, so then you'll decide to let underprivileged, Caucasian, Asians kids listen to this song and you will do amazing things because of this great song... Then you'll sell your ipod that has this song on it for a million dollars, repeat the process, and become an unstoppable tycoon corporation CEO, destroy the world with your pollution from your black-market tobacco/alcohol/heroin/meth/ other dangerous drugs and die from lung cancer caused by second hand smoke, then donate all your money to drug dealers across the nation, and be hated for generations to come... Overall, I like this song.

I love this. this has such a great meaning and it's music is great. Best Lady Gaga song ever. This is a very inspirational song and this shows that good never makes mistakes and showing that every single person is different in their own ways. This is the best song so far. Go Lady Gaga! Make more songs like this

I think this is the best song ever because I can relate to this song. Even though I have always been teased, I think this song is very empowering, and it gave me the courage to stand up to bullies. In other words, I floored them! It just encoraged me to stay positive and think, I don't have a problem. I'm fine how I am.

6 Just Dance

This song is completely fit for a dancing freak... The way the song beats reaches the ears the more its addictive to the core.. The song completely rocks!

Just Dance is really catchy, and one of Gaga's simplest songs, making it that much more fun to dance and sing along to. Definitely club worthy.

A great get-up-and-dance song! Shows her raw talent early on in her career. Who could sit to this song? Hats off GAGA.

This song is really catchy and it gets stuck in your head. The intro is classic. It's even better than poker face in my humble opinion.

7 Telephone

One of the best, and most interesting songs of her's! One of my favorites! She really rocked this song, and then the Beyonce part ties it all together! And the end is a bonus! Great job Lady Gaga, I could listen to this song all day!

This song and its music video are so creative. Who else but gaga would think about making a video about getting out of jail and then making a poisonous sandwich to kill the people in a restaurant.. Only Gaga!

This song is so good! Beyonce is also a great part of this song as well as Lady Gaga!

This song is such a good one to dance to, Lady GaGa sings very well and Beyonce only develops it further. It's fast paced, and one of her best for me.

8 Judas

Honestly this song is almost prolific. It's about overcoming mean people ( according to an interview I saw with gaga) and it's also in pace with the times. It talks about how society is changing it also talks about her love and desire which are so prominent it's almost blasphemy to say you can not hear her lust flow out of her voice. The tone is absolutely incredible. Seriously this song should be near or at least #1! This is coming from a Buddhist who cares not for Judas so please I love this song make it higher!

I don't know whats so good about this song, but whenever you hear it, it just makes you want to dance or tap your feet or something.. I think its that background music, the beat, the weird lyrics, and everything really... I like that part before she talk-sings because you can really hear the music and the beat is so strong its like I'm being kicked in the stomach again and again

This song is so underrated! Its perfect! It has an insance and hysterical feel to it but actually has the best message, about being betrayed. I think we tend to like certain songs more because of how much we can relate to it, and this takes the cake. Apart from that, it has a very catchy tune too and a great video. Should be 5th AT LEAST.

I love this song even thought I am Christian, there is no offense in this verses, and for people that think I'm wrong, you should look behind the lyrics an understand the true meaning. And I must also add that the rhythm the video and the choreography are awesome!

9 Alejandro

Lady Gaga manages to create a feel completely different than her other hits with Alejandro. The song is greatly rhythmic and brilliantly catchy and Lady Gaga surprisingly manages to pull of the Spanish accent

It may give you the wrong impression by sounding boring in the beginning but it becomes hell catchy when the music starts. Keeps you entranced till the very end! Love it and I can easily put it in my list of top 2 Lady Gaga's songs!

Love the song.. Can't stop listening to it since the first time I listened to it. Very catchy and addictive and awesome video!

Gaga reveals that she can be sexy and catchy with her mid-tempo songs as well. The lyrics are unique, the melody is irresistible, and this song is sure to be on the top of your summer playlist!

10 Applause

The incredible amount of artistic aspects in this song and video is stunning. So much symbolism used in the video and in the lyrics. When Lady Gaga exclaims "I live for the Applause" she is trying to convey her appreciation for her fans, how they keep her motivated. Her work is very original in essence, unlike all the other mainstream artists out there (ahem, Miley, Bieber, Nicki) and Miss Stefani Germanotta actually writes her own songs. This song is an indication of Lady Gaga's superiority to most other 'artists', and of her true capabilities. It is catchy, danceable, fresh, and doesn't become tedious after a few plays. Lady Gaga is an incredible, with intelligence, talent, and skill. I hope she obtains even more success!

This the her best song ever and she has dedicated this song to her fans! This song is just amazing like her so vote vote and vote! Its just PERFECT and very catchy. Makes you feel like a rock star so you can dance, jump and enjoy!

This song was the first of ARTPOP, and though not my favorite from that album, it really set the scene for what was to come. I think it pairs well with Gypsy and Aura.

Vote now people. This is the best song ever. It's so catchy. It makes you wanna go crazy & dance. It's even better than bad romance in my opinion. It should be #1 on the list. You can never get bored of it!

The Contenders
11 You and I

Unfortunately, this one didn't do as well on the charts as many of her other ones, but somehow I like that. This is my one song. It makes me feel happy with where I am in my life and wherever my life will take me. I like that it doesn't follow the traditional pop song structure, yet it is still perfect. Lady Gaga won't be remembered for this song, but it's the one I'll remember.

I know that what makes gaga herself is her pretentiousness but this song is so sincere, real and honest that it's weirdly one of her best work.. I listen to her and I believe every word she says full of love hope pain passion. She's so much more convincing here than she is any of the songs on artpop (besides dope) LOVE IT!

This is by far my favorite Gaga song because in this one, she doesn't sound weird. We can actually relate to the lyrics and the tune is catchy while showing off her beautiful voice. If this song doesn't show off her great voice, I don't know what other song would.

What the-? I expected this to be number1 on the list when I came to this page. Unlike all her other songs, this one shows her true potential! He powerful voice is truly unique, and something many other singers would love to have!

12 LoveGame

"LoveGame" is Gaga being gaga for the sake of it. It may not be strong like "Poker Face" or legendary like "Bad Romance", but "LoveGame" stands out on its own and will always be famous for its use of the famous 2 words: disco stick.

Love Game is my most love song.
The lyrics of it and your
Voice is very cool. I just loved it...
When I listen the music, I can't say something about it because, it is the best and hit and popular song I never heard...

Lady Gaga totally killed it. Her vocals on this song plus the infectious beat make this a perfect party track, especially with the very entertaining subject matter.

No way! Why is all the way down here? Song is so really cool. "let's have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"! I love gaga very much. All of her songs are great. Ain't got one to choose

13 Marry the Night

Favourite Lady Gaga song. Completely love the meaning behind the lyrics. She aced the intro to the song on the music video. Just wish the actual musical intro on the music video (while Gaga was climbing into the car) was how the album version began too. The music video is so fitting. I love the fashion and choreography, especially the massive hats!

Marry the Night is what keeps us up at night. It's what makes us what to go for our dreams, while still holding on the darkness (the night) of our lives, because without marrying those parts of us, we cannot live up to our full potential. This is why I think it's the best Gaga song of all.

Pity that the billboard turned this song... Well that Europe is not! I am glad that I live in Ukraine and I will be happy to see ratings "Marry The Night" in the national charts of Europe and let the organization billboard "chews nails"!

This is one of my favorite song of her the beat.. Specially the choreograhpy awesome, I recommend the song on 0ne of the top 5 of her.. But I don't know why it could not make it to number 1, maybe because it was release at Christmas time..

14 Speechless

I love this song. I love watching her live versions of this song because she has such a beautiful voice and great vocal control. I love the emotion in this song and every part of it. We are missing a couple songs on this list. I love her song from her new movie, "A Star is Born", "Is that Alright? ". I want to use it at my wedding. Also her Cover of "Your Song" by Elton John. Love both of them. Mother Monster is a genius.

I find this an amazing song. It has the old school class, but at the same time it's got the new school pazzazz and you'll still love it the way you always will. I'll never get tired of it.

How is this not higher? The way she performed it for the Queen was amazing. Along with You and I and Brown Eyes, it shows off her vocals.

There is such a strong connection to her fans in this song and everyone can relate to it in some way! My all time favorite of hers!

15 Dance in the Dark

How the hell isn't this in the Top 10, it's my favourite. The opening beats give me goosebumps, and the chorus is danceable and yet absolutely haunting at the same time. And Gaga's songwriting really shines through in this tragic tale of domestic abuse.

This song is my favorite by Lady Gaga. It's very catchy and exciting, and has a message that just fills my heart with happiness. It's good to know that someone cares about abuse, and she put it in a beautiful song.

The meaning behind this song gets me every time, plus its beat, rhythm, and the celebrity references make this song amazing. I honestly don't understand why people don't give this song credit.

Ok. I know nobody loves this because this is not a single (God damn! ). But this song is a mix of born this way soul + Gaga's talent + iconic everything +All the power of long pop music history and pieces of all masterpieces

16 Do What U Want

Awesome gaga song by far which came in to my hot list. This song is just hot... The best gift which a woman can ever give to her man is to say that "you can do what you want with my body". This song expresses it and has a catchy and nice tune. The collaboration with R. Kelly is just speechless, that it made this song great. His part rocks and this whole song is a masterpiece of everything."You're the Marilyn and I'm the president and I really like to hear you sing"what else does it need to be one of the top 10 or at least 15. It is too heart touching and I remember about my boyfriend while hearing this song. It is one of the best and please vote vote vote for it.

This is Gaga's most underrated song ever! Shame on the world for not making this a hit worldwide. It's the best song on ARTPOP and Top 5 on Gaga's catalogue. The way she mixed R&B, Pop and Dance, the lyrics, her vocals... GENIUS!

This is just her BEST song ever, the tune, the vocals, everything is PERFECT in this song, also the collaboration with R. Kelly is so amazing, but I personally prefer the one with Christina Aguilera.. AMAZING Gaga just amazing this is your best song, I don't even know how to describe it, it's just PERFECT, that song fulls my ears of musical ice-cream and chocolate

This is no doubt my favorite song by lady gaga. It has that beat that is very addictive. But most of her songs are addictive this one catching me the most.

17 Scheisse

The chorus is SO catchy, and love her message. This was a very bold song and I wish it was more known. Why is this not on to?! "I wish I could be strong without a somebody there, I wish I could dance without a single fare! " This song CAN and IS someone who needs no other to help it be in an album. What it would have been a great single.

Unique with a throbbing dance beat. Beautiful. If this isn't a single off of Born this Way, I will be SEVERELY disappointed. Personally, it's my favorite single off of the entire album.

Finally! I've been waiting for just such music from Lady Gaga. I really liked the music and how easily Gaga sings this song, so the result is great! Bravo!

"I don't speak German but I can if you like. " Gaga speaks German gibberish in this song, and its also a very catchy. This one definitely deserves a spot in the top ten.

18 Monster

My favorite gaga song. And I don't quite know why- it just has an eerie tone about it. This song is electric, dark, and quite musical. While not nearly as famous as bad romance, it still stands strong as an excellent piece of gaga work.

This song is one of the absolute best songs I've ever heard. The electronic tone is so cool sounding it's almost creepy. GAGA ROCKS!

Love this song! really thought this song should've been a single. Too bad it had explicit content.

This is such a great song! I used to play this on repeat in my bedroom!

19 Gypsy

The lyrics make me feel that I'm exploring the world too bad there's no Philippines but it can be related in the lyrics: "Someday in jakarta" because both neighboring countries protested but she didn't gave up and made a concert in manila but still no concerts of lady gaga in jakarta. I think it means someday she will be accepted not only in jakarta but the world.

Amazing! The lyrics, the tune, everything is perfect in this song, it deserves to have a higher place in the list, one of her best by far, "I'm a man without a home, but I think with you I could spend my life, And you'll be my little gypsy princess, Pack your bags and we can chase the sunset, Bust the rear view and fire up the jets cause it's you and me"

Not only her best song in ARTPOP, the best song EVER in the whole WORLD! Love it, it has to be #1. the most underrated song in the world. Vote now everyone!

Oh come on. Gypsy needs to be higher than TWENTY THIRD! This is the only gaga song I can actually play on repeat and not get tired of

20 So Happy I Could Die

The song is beautiful! I thought It should've been released as a single! It's my favourite song ever and has the most plays on my itunes library. Its cathy but meaningful! GAGA FOREVER!

This was the top song on my itunes playlist till my computer broke. But heading back to the top again. If you have not heard this song please do and come back and vote for it. Should be Top 10 at least no1 in my case

I've been debating my favourite Gaga song for ages but at the moment it has to be 'So Happy I Could Die'. This song is so amazing in so many ways I just wish it was in the top 10!

Limitless beauty... Just amazing. Deserves to be in the top 10. At least a million times better than Poker Face, LoveGame, Just Dance and the overrated Born This Way.

21 Hair

This Song DESERVE TO BE AT #1 it is a really meaningful song, and the piano it is just incredible and perfect. If you hear Gaga singing this song live, you'll fall in love with it because she sings it from her heart and I hear it like if Lady Gaga in person is singing me this song just for me. MY FAVORITE SONG

I am really inspired with "Born This Way", "Marry The Night", "Dance In The Dark" and even in "Edge Of Glory", but this song deserves a lot more attention. Kinda sad Mother Monster didn't provide a video for this one.

Hair deserves spot 1! I'm going to GaGa's concert on monday and I am really hoping she'll do this one. It is my favorite song and probably showcases her voice the best aside from You and I.

Just wonderful. Simply amazing. Magical at the piano... The reason I fell in love with it, then because of hearing it acoustically, the studio version becomes a favorite.

22 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

This song is the best lady gaga has done please wright another song what is exactly the tune as this but just different words! I love this song because it is so beautiful and slow and slow songs are just me type of thing.

Lady Gaga is the BEST singer in the entire world!

The beat is one of the best I've heard, not to mention the instrumental is pretty relaxing, also the lyrics really fit the mood and meaning of the song.

This song is perfect to use when you have to break up with a boyfriend that your friends don't like! (Happens to me all the time) It's also short and catchy!

So catchy. every time I listen to this song I get up and sing along

23 Million Reasons

Get this to number 1! It's beautiful, meaningful, stripped down, and emotional. I'm getting tired of seeing Bad Romance on top. I still love the song but I think it's time we move on to a new direction and walk the way Gaga supported us in.

Such a beautiful, iconic hit that proved her vocal and songwriting abilities and expanded her audience to a wider demographic. This should at least be in the top 10.

This is my favorite song in the whole entire world, I do find it to be her most underrated song. It's so beautiful in the vocals, instrumentals and the lyrics. It's perfect

Why the hell it is not at no. 1? By far the best gaga song.. A song that moves me a lot..

24 Perfect Illusion

Gaga provides a very strong vocals in this one. It's amazing, powerful and catchy, but it's too short...

The start of a new dawn for Lady Gaga... New sound, new aura, new person. It's
"perfect" in its own right.

This is such a great song! One of the best from Joanne.

She put her soul into singing this.

25 Bloody Mary

This song is very inspirational, and I love it tremendously. It has good fluency, and is easy to listen to without having to pause, to try to figure out what the lyrics mean. It has a catchy beat, one of the best I've heard in my life.

For me this song is the perfect marriage of Gaga's idiosyncratic style and her pop sensibility. The Gregorian chant and blippy synths bring the strange and then that chorus kicks in for a visceral punch that makes you want to move.

This song is truly Born This Way's crown Jewel. And even though I wanted it to be a single I knew it would do well because of it religious content but no matter this is by forth fave song by Lady Gaga. Filling gypsy, bad romance. And #DWUW IN FORST PLACE

This is her best! It's my favorite one of hers, it's so dark and sinister, and it really brings out her voice!

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