Top 10 Best Japanese Rock Ballads

These melodious marvels have an extraordinary capacity to transcend boundaries and resonate with music lovers worldwide. Whether it's the passionate strains of the guitar, the soul-piercing lyrics, or the unique blend of Western and Eastern musical influences, there's a certain allure that makes Japanese rock ballads stand out in the global music scene.

So, what makes the best Japanese rock ballads? Well, the same elements that make any ballad great - beautiful melodies, emotionally charged lyrics, and performances that touch the soul. Combine these with the distinctive, often innovative approach of Japanese rock artists, and you have a recipe for truly memorable music.
The Top Ten
1 X Japan - Endless Rain

In this song, I like to listen to the intro (piano, bass). Besides that, I also like to listen to the guitar solos. In conclusion, this is the best ballad song that I've ever listened to.

A 20-year-old song that won't get old. A classic masterpiece. The audience kept singing for 10 minutes even after the band stopped playing it.

Very emotional song. This song brings me back to the past where I can remember all of my beautiful memories.

2 Dir en grey - Ain't Afraid to Die

I absolutely changed my thoughts about Dir en Grey when I heard this song. I fell in love with it. It's amazing. Piano, Kyo's voice, PV, guitars, bass, drums, all are amazing. So much emotion. Perfect! Thank you, Dir en Grey, for such a great song!

The choir with the kids in the background gives off an amazing atmosphere. Such a beautiful song.

Amazing meaning, powerful song and deep emotions... Totally love it!
Diru is the best band in the world!

3 L'Arc~en~Ciel - finale

First time hearing them in 2011 and I instantly fell in love with the band!

4 Taion - the GazettE
5 The GazettE - Pledge

This song is the most suitable song to be on top because the melody can make many of the listeners touched even without reading the lyrics. Ruki's beautiful voice has reached me to the extent that I won't live without his existence.

Definitely the best rock ballad in my opinion. Listened to it hundreds of times now, still brings tears to my eyes.

I fell in love with the song when I first listened to it! And like Cassis, this song will always make me feel at ease!

6 One Ok Rock - Be the Light

This song is amazing and inspirational. The meaning of the song, the melody, even the music video is just perfect.

I can listen to this song all day long, and never be fed up with it. This song saved my life, seriously. Love it!

This is the best song ever, giving us hope in our lives!

7 L'arc~en~ciel - My Heart Draws a Dream

This is an amazing song. And Hyde-sama's voice is great in it!

8 X Japan - Tears

Why is Tears at number 24? You know this is the best ballad song that I've ever listened to. The violin, the guitar, and the piano are very, very good. Please vote for this song. It could be in the top 5.

This is the first Japanese ballad song that I've heard and it totally changed my idea about Japan's music. In my opinion, this song is still the best ballad song in the world.

Simply the best, legendary ballad song that is written and composed beautifully by the legendary Yoshiki. The feeling of the song is really something.

9 Janne Da Arc - Gekkouka

I love this song. This was one of my first Japanese bands... This and Malice Mizer... It's a perfect song!

10 X Japan - Forever Love

This is a touchingly heartfelt song from X Japan. This song was also sung by Toshi at Hide's funeral which makes people cry when hearing this song. It could be in the top 10 best Japanese ballads.

The Contenders
11 Luna Sea - I For You

Both music and lyrics are touching, sweet and sad at the same time. And the love described in this song might be real.

12 B'z - Love Phantom
13 L'arc~en~ciel - The Fourth Avenue Cafe
14 D'erlanger - Sad Song
15 D'erlanger - Moon and the Melodies
16 L'Arc~en~Ciel - White Feathers
17 L'Arc~en~Ciel - Pieces

Pieces is one of the best L'Arc ballad songs, along with Hitomi no Jyuunin & Forbidden Lover.

18 L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jojoushi

The lyrics, and basically every note played by the band as well as the orchestra are perfectly combined, well thought out, and the final sound is just beautiful, intermingling, so.. Beautiful. Try listening to the instrumental-only version! The oboe just kills me every time, and the song has been in my playlist for 9 years. Remembering someone dear to you could be this heart-wrenching but it's not a lament, it's a celebration of that beloved person and of love itself. Listen to the instrumental version or with the vocal, both are just great. The best from L'Arc-en-Ciel.

19 The GazettE - Guren
20 Girugamesh - Kowareteiku Sekai

I love this song. Satoshi is the best Japanese singer ever!

21 Sympathia - Versailles
22 X Japan - Art of Life
23 Orange Range - Hana

Best ever! My most favorite Japanese song! An awesome and magnificent orchestra in the background. Totally ineffable, great, touching, heart-warming and definitely flawless song! Emotions are included and nonetheless, warm my ear!

Totally beautiful song that blew Japan away for quite a time!

24 Gackt - Last Song
25 Creature Creature - Kaze No Tou
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