Worst Lyrics from "Memeulous a Lame" by JackG

As we continue to try to get this higher on the "Worst Songs of All Time" list (where it currently sits at 38th), we are going to need to get a few things to try CONVINCING other people to help us rising it, so that being said, I will be making a list of the top 10 worst lyrics from it. This... was not fun. It was pretty hard to make this and I had to cut some pretty awful lyrics, so if a lyric made this list, that is saying something. Definitely add more if you think I missed any (I obviously did but I only could enter 10 for the primary list).
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1 "I wish they would enter the Holocaust"

Damn, JackG. Are you really going THAT far? Into wanting Memeulous to get thrown into a 12-year-long event that killed like 17 million people? Not to mention, THE HOLOCAUST ENDED IN 1945 and this song was made in 2018... so you are decades late.

2 "Genocide, genocide again"

Why? Does he want another huge world war to break out? And what does it have to do with dissing Memeulous in the first damn place?

3 "Pull up in a chiropractor, I'm hotter than a tractor"

So... you all know about the "hotter than a tractor" thing. Totally illogical and pointless of a comparison, tractors ain't even supposed to be attractive so this is not saying anything at all.
Yeah, secondly, does he even know what a chiropractor is? Because according to Spine-health.com: "A chiropractor is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine."

He needs to get a dictionary and learn what "chiropractor" means before using that word in a sentence.

4 "Forty times six equals two"

Um... does this guy even have a single brain cell? Did he even go to kindergarten? I don't think this needs to be explained honestly.

This makes me wonder if he passed 4th grade. Does he not know basic math?!

5 "Champagne comin' out my motherf****** d***"

Does this guy understand that champagne is literally wine? And apparently he pisses it? Of course you had to throw in the motherf***** part.

All of these lyrics are nonsensical tbh. I didn't really get the actual point of that horrible "song".
Also, I wonder that why did he wish some people the Holocaust. Holocaust was an actual terrible event.

This "song" is also about sex. "Wow"

6 "My d*** harder than a motherf****** Rick Rossy"
7 "You wish you was me, you wish you was me"

Such a narcissist that you say it twice? There is not any evidence this guy even has for this. He just seemingly says "hey Memeulous automatically wants to be some guy who is making garbage diss tracks".

This proves that he is a narcissist who doesn't know how to use proper grammar.

8 "I mean, it be clear at this point it be inevitable you wanna be me"

This lyric makes almost no sense and shows that he's a fat narcissistic idiot who almost certainly failed elementary school.

Pretty much what I just said. He says that it's guaranteed, and his grammar is not even right half the sentence.

9 "Rari, Rari, Lamborghini, I'm the (???)"

Nice product placement bro. And I'm the (?)? You're the what? Because according to Genius that is the literal line here. Same with the line of meeting the Kardashians (if you add that line which almost certainly will happen please do add it the way Genius shows it so this list doesn't feel unconnected).

10 "Stop on tryna Instagram DM me, cuz you want my number B"

Wow. Pathetic. You think this guy wants your phone number? Are you that stupid? As said before, ZERO. EVIDENCE. GIVEN. Not to mention, he uses literally "B" to rhyme the line which is absolutely pathetic.

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11 "I made a mill of a bill"
12 “I’m hotter than a raptor, I’m hotter than a [incomprehensible] and I said [incomprehensible]”
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