Top Ten Songs That Most Perfectly Describe the Year 2021

Okay, this is not my most original idea for a list, but it seems to be trending to do things in 2021 early on, so we have the social issues of the January 6th "riot," North Korea putting America as their #1 enemy and the transition of powers. LET ME BE CLEAR: I don't want either man glorified or disgraced. Former President Donald J Trump became the President, and so did Joe Biden. Both deserve our respect (and one is not getting it from most of us.) If you have a song you want to add that you think is within reason for either man, run it by me first. Like last year, if there are other social issues, feel free to point them out.
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1 Screaming Goats - Cotton & Gin

(Did you read the description? If not, please do so.) I'm sorry but last year, Screaming Goats was way too low. NOKO is putting America as their #1 enemy, I am terrified of what the rest of this year will bring. We're barely two months in and I am scared.

This was actually my top song on Spotify. It's fitting, but how does it qualify as a song?

This song is funny. Even though it's just screaming goats.

2 Whole Town's Talkin' - Survivor

(It annoys me how cheery this album cover is, and yet the occasion it represents is anything but cheery.) This is a more creative way to represent the January 6th riot. Trump supporters smell foul play and former President Donald Trump didn't ask us to attack the Capitol Building. I was not part of it, but we smell bad blood.

3 Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

This one may seem kind of random, but here I go again, complaining about the year by using the music industry. I hate to admit it, but Alana was right about the people complaining about 2020 complaining about 2021, too.

4 Cold As Ice - Foreigner

This little Winter Wonderland we're all getting...It's getting better, but for the past three days, I hate to admit it 'cause I'm a guy who has been in subzero weather, but I was freezing my butt off on the 14th, 15th, and 16th. This has sucked.

5 Us and Them - Pink Floyd

Us and Them is kind of how I feel about the whole issue with North Korea threatening to build more nukes and making the United States their biggest enemy. I have a good idea of how we could have prevented this, but it's best I keep that to myself. Anyway, I'm kind of fearful of this.

6 Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

I know this was recycled from my "Songs that Perfectly Describe the Year 2020" list, but when you combine the meaning, that it's okay to grieve the loss of a loved one, with SamanthaRosie's list Top 10 Most Shocking Deaths of 2021, I am sorry, but while this is not the most creative submission, by my standards, it's too fitting to exclude.

7 Burning Heart - Survivor

This one may be a bit confusing. Sorry if this seems like I'm backpedaling on what I say in the description, but while I'm just a bystander, and frankly a politically exhausted one, I am looking at the political climate of the United States, and it seems "two worlds collide/rival nations" describes our nation pretty well.

8 Beautiful Drug - Bon Jovi

This song ain't beautiful. It's better than average for the album, but I think we can all agree that it's a big relief to have a vaccine for coronavirus. The guy who was the harbinger of this event does not get his due credit, and probably will not get it any time soon, but hey, at least we got the vaccine, right?

9 American Idiot - Green Day

American Idiot is a political song for those who didn't know that

10 My Way - Frank Sinatra

Technically this one is a Trump song. I am not getting partisan at all. The lyrics are fitting for his departure. So much so that it was the song that he played on his last ride on Air Force One. I can't say I'd be surprised if I were to find out My Way is Former President Trump's favorite song. This is also pretty close to being a placeholder.

Just letting you know there is a list of music artists Donald Trump has claimed to like and Frank Sinatra is pretty high on it so yeah it wouldn't be that surprising.

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11 Bad - Michael Jackson

We know exactly who this song is about.

12 Let It Be - The Beatles

I could leave this as "self-explanatory" if I wanted to, but just to clarify its inclusion, whether you supported President Biden or Former President Trump does not matter. President Biden won. This is directed to both parties. If you supported Biden and hate Former President Trump, let go of the hate. He's in your rearview mirror. If you supported Trump, accept the results, as there is nothing you can do about the results and the inauguration of President Biden. I feel everyone needs to just...let it be.

13 Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth
14 Riot - Three Days Grace
15 We are the Champions - Queen
16 Hey God - Bon Jovi

Hey God, why did you have to take Rush Limbaugh?

17 Winner Takes It All - Sammy Hagar
18 Wind of Change - Scorpions
19 Rotten to the Core - Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart & Sofia Carson
20 How to Save a Life - The Fray
21 Tell the Vision - Kanye West
22 Sweet Victory - David Glen Eisley & Bob Kulick
23 Worthless - David Newman & Van Dyke Parks
24 Goodbye May Seem Forever - Jeanette Nolan
25 Once Upon a Time in New York City - Huey Lewis
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