Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Songs

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1 M.I.L.F

You're darned right it's #1 on the list.
Best song in the game, not gonna lie. I love the animations, how they literally STAND on an ACTIVE RUNNING LIMO WHILE RAPPING. (This adds to the entire week). The only thing that freaks me out is the dancing demons in the background. I get nightmares from those. Very creative beat, I rate it 6/5 stars.

Beat Drop. Need I say more?

This song is intense especially the part where the whole screen shakes

I looooove this song it's the best song of all time! You, yeah YOU right there should go to your Spotify and get it to you "liked songs" list right now!

2 Blammed

It sounds like the voice is getting higher has the votes get higher!

I ain't get blammed

3 South

I was doing this earlier and I think I'm gonna have it stuck in my head for a while now. It's so good.

I hate this song so much. It's super overplayed on tiktok and spookeez is much better.

Deserves more votes in my opinion!

No let's go north

4 Ugh

So Catchy. Just like every other song in this game.

It always gets stuck in my head.

It just sticks to my brain.

Has a great melody

5 Pico

"I'm winning number one, some fancy on my mind, they're dancing at the bop, you copy all night long". Pretty catchy and memorable song.

The gameplay of this song is pretty easy, and you could almost feel the noise of every note you play.

Great song. But I saw a comment saying the childish laughs were by the person who voiced Pico.

Pico got a gun. He looks like he's ready to shoot you.

6 Dad Battle

This was the first Friday Night Funkin song I ever listened to on YouTube.

Really fast there, Daddy Dearest!

The percussion is very good.

7 Satin Panties

This song has a somewhat aura of vibe to it. Could be the percussion.

This gives me the vibe of a catchy 80s pop song.

Such a weird name

8 Philly

This is good on B-Side!

9 High
10 Spookeez
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11 Casanova

This song was added to the Mid-Fight Masses mod along with the character Selever, who could be the child of Sarvente and Ruv.

12 Roses

The song is very catchy, playable, and I like the 8-bit feeling to it. I'm also loving the distortion in Senpai's voice which fits in with the next song's asthetic. My only problem is that the end seems a bit jumbled with the controls.

My favorite. It's got a good funky rhythm

Catchy as heck

13 Lo Fight

Lo-Fight is a genuinely much catchier and better song than Ballistic and Overhead. It's lyrics match up, and I like the twist of having boyfriend go first instead.

Lo Fight has like, a chill vibe. I don't know how to even describe it, its one of my favorites in the whole Whitty mod!

Very chill song I like

14 Zadovila
15 Release

It fits what happened before perfectly. Plus, "Tight bars, little man."

16 Left Unchecked
17 Guns

If you listen to all of the 3 week 7 songs back to back to back, it seems like ugh is to slow and doesn't have a good beat, and stress has to many random notes, and in some places it just seemed like it felt rushed. But guns, now guns has a good beat, it didn't feel rushed at all, and it was good all around.

It is a great song the guitar beats fire you up at the beginning. Then it gradually gets harder and it's just so fun to play. It's sounds so good and a close second place roses.

That distorted guitar riff, in the beginning, is so cool, and it kind of adds to the aggressive theme of Week 7.

This song is fun to play and in my opinion I think its harder then stress, I also like the guitar intro.

18 Stress

"Heh, pretty good"

19 Winter Horrorland

The song itself is ominously catchy, but the only complaint is how Monster (or Lemon Demon) doesn't play the notes he sings (he plays less), and how Boyfriend is almost out of tune.

My favorite character

20 Fresh
21 Gospel
22 Lemon Demon

If this is the one in Week 2, there are definitely a decent amount of off-puts here. For example, just like in Winter Horrorland, Monster doesn't play the corresponding notes and Boyfriend is off-key. I also don't take a liking to how the music changes tempo and style, going from a catchy tune to a ominous slowness in seconds. Other than that, the song is great with it's lyrics and delivery.

23 Senpai
24 Eggnog
25 Whitty

Lo-Fight is just awesome!

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