Top Ten Worst Songs of 2021

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1 Fake Woke - Tom Macdonald

All songs are bad, Tom MacDonald & everyone else. The politics are cringe, not that it matters, but even though I am considered "conservative" although I am a moderate libertarian, I cannot stand the cringe of his songs plus he is Canadian pretending to be American, pretends to be the real "woke" & a centrist, complains that he is oppressed because he's white the same way he says blacks complain about being oppressed, can't rap or produce & is just garbage & makes conservatives look bad

The only ones who listen to this guy are 60-100 year old boomers who don't listen to rap and would call the cops on their neighbours for listening to it.

The sad thing is there's people out there that actually think his music changes the world, the guy is a hypocrite of his own words, he literally makes a living off of your gullible minds. He ain't no different to those average tik tok stars

Up and New Truck were bad songs, but this song... takes it to a next level. Should be Top 3 at least maybe number 1. I'm surprised it got to Number 1 on the chart. Give Up credit for at least having a decent beat and being catchy. And New Truck actually isn't that bad to me either (At least, not as bad as other songs this year.) There's no good things about this song at all. I haven't heard any of this guys music, but this is not a good impression. Like I mentioned, should be higher.

2 Up - Cardi B

Why are y'all telling people what to vote for!?, doesn't that defeat the purpose of this site? I find it ironic that peoples opinions bother you and you come to a site where you know people are going to share their own personal opinions, if people find this song trash then go vote for something that YOU think is trash rather than interfere with other peoples opinions, you can't make the world revolve around you, that's life. Reality obviously hasn't hit some of y'all on this site smh, like imagine how boring it would be if we all went through life gatekeeping all the time, it takes away the sincerity of the site and results. Lyrically I just find this song shallow and cheap and it's the same old tired flow, can she at least do a freestyle (with no help) and show she's worthy of being called an mc, she's yet to do one, because her being compared to the greats before her is just weird to me, because there's timeless and there's hot for a minute type music and she falls into the latter

It's literally the "lovechild" of Mean by $not (ft. Flo Milli) & What's Poppin by Jack Harlow mixed with the bed spring squeaks heard in Some Cut by Trillville. Yet she sounds more whiny & higher-pitched like a child in this. Plus the same ol' sex stories like you hear in many "songs" polluting the music industry lately. This shows us how bland & unoriginal yet bitter & foul music has become lately. At least Taylor Swift & Olivia Rodrigo are making good music even after the original artists & bands like Daft Punk recently left.

Please give us something versatile, it's the same old gimmicky shock value, cheap lyrics if you took away the beat you'd realise how terrible of a rapper she is.

While WAP sounds like Cardi tried to put in as much cussing in it and I like it sounds like she tried putting as much fun production in it, this sounds like she didn't know what to put inside it and just left it empty. It's not on WAP level of bad but it's very boring. I almost forgot it existed. Production sucks too. 1/5

3 Zaza - 6ix9ine

Can we get this song above "Up" by Cardi B? "Up" is actually pretty decent compared to this mindless pile of crap by Snitch9ine.

The fact that this guy still has fans just shows how stupid people are.

Why did 6ix9ine have to return with this atrocity?!

Why 6ix9ine still continues making noises?

4 Hey Boy - Sia

Sia has fallen from grace, absolutely horribly. Not only is her new movie "Music" absolutely a trainwreck of a disgraceful movie along with Sia happening to be an abiest and forcing Maddie Ziegler to perform the role of the main protagonist in the film who happens to be on the autism spectrum, making the movie offensive to those who are autistic, but this song is just bad. Sia's voice is incredibly annoying and the lyrics are just childish. I wish Sia went back to making good music, rather than continuing to be someone who she didn't want to be in the past. Plus she is kind of becoming another Tones and I in my eyes.

Sia never sounded so annoying on this song. Overall, it sounds like something Tones and I would've made. I've been losing faith in Sia for a while now but this could be the death knell to her credibility.

Sia's music has hit the point of no return. This song is horrible matching the horrible ableist nature of that movie.

Sia sounds like Tones and I. What happen to her? This is the prove that Sia start to go downhill.

5 Loco - Anitta

Get this song above "Up" now! While the latter does the job right, "Loco" is just a failed attempt by this Brazilian singer to jump into the Latin bandwagon.

Like it's just so sad to see such a childish girl trying to get men's attention like ew; I'm so concerned for her and why this song is needed like it's just why ? If don't get why she so stupid and feels she needs to get men's attention by shaking her butt it's just so ridiculous like whyyy this song is also literally TRASH.

Yet another derivative Latin song with an overly repetitive chorus and butt shaking in the music video for the sole purpose of getting men turned on. It's so shameful to have to do this to make people watch a music video and it exacerbates men's sexism towards women.

This is literally just Up except it's Spanish. (Coming from someone who can understand Spanish)

6 Beautiful Mistakes - Maroon 5 & Megan Thee Stallion

I am getting so sick of Maroon 5. In fact, they are not even a proper band anymore. It's just Adam Levine talking, considering how he gains the most spotlight and attention out of all the other members in Maroon 5. Anyways, this song is terrible. It's boring, generic and I don't even know what it's supposed to be any more. Megan Thee Stallion does absolutely nothing to save the song from being bad either. Plus the music video is just Adam Levine and Megan Thee Stallion flying inside a car and I am like, "What even is this song supposed to be and what am I even watching or listening to anymore?"

This is the sound of a band on autopilot who forgot how to put out a real good song. Seriously, how can a song this apathetic still get the overplay treatment? At least "Girls Like You", "Memories" and "Nobody's Love" had catchy melodies, but this song's melody is just inexistant and yawn-inducing and Adam Levine's vocals are sickeningly buried in AutoTune. Plus blackharibobear co-produced this track, which clearly shows how bad it is.

Another bland and forgettable song by Melon 5. The whole thing sounds like a watered-down mix of "What Lovers Do" and "Mood" by 24kgolden. Not even Meghan Thee Stallion's appearance can save this song from being a total bore (and yet she tries). If Adam Levine thinks there aren't any more bands, I guess this song is the reason why.

Megan thee horse again just a worse as the other songs she sings she can't even sing properly, she made the song out of tune and horrible with that rap.

7 Country A$$ S*** - Morgan Wallen

I can't believe this racist idiot made the best selling album of 2021. This song basically embodies everything unlikable about country music, from nasally twangy vocals to brick-walled production to clichéd and repetitive lyrics. It's not as bad as FGL's latest album but it's still annoying.

Yet another generic country song. And besides, this guy's career is crashing on takeoff after he said the "n-word" in a recorded video. Also, he needs to shave his stupid mullet.

Oh no curse word in title must ban because inappropriate word

8 New Truck - Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line are just as country as two Southern-accented men driving a brand new pickup truck, having barbecues, drinking whiskey and hooking up with chicks wearing ripped jeans.

I haven't listened to this but I still think it sucks because: a) it's an FGL song, and b) the title boasts an obnoxious cliché in modern country music. Guess I haven't missed out and never will by not listening to it.

Trap and Country are the worst combination ever. It just like combining ketchup and ice cream.

Just look at the title, you know what to expect. But this is not Worst of The Year tier.

9 Substance (We Woke Up) - 03 Greedo & Wiz Khalifa

03 Greedo's vocals are so awful and Wiz Khalifa can't even save the song from being a total bore. In fact, this song is mortifying.

10 Am I the Only One - Aaron Lewis

How can I best describe this song? You know those 'country songs' you get in 'South Park', which are made to be parodies of the typical patriotic Murican'? Yeah, Aaron Lewis is basically a living incarnation of those parodies. In this song he's basically like "If you don' like Murica' you can jus GIT OUT!"

Another lame cling to patriotism by a douchey has-been singer. It's not as bad as "Fake Woke" but it's still baffling.

What's so bad about this song?

This is terrible

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11 Abcdefu - Gayle

I actually thought this was a 2022 song at first since I hear it a lot this year. But this song still annoys the hell out of me. It has one of the worst choruses I've ever heard, hopefully this song falls into obscurity soon

This sounds so much like Hot Girl Bummer it's funny. This song is so bad and I have no idea why this talentless hack is compared to olivia rodrigo in a good way or why it got so popular, plus the vocals sound like a watered down version of Blackharibobear and olivia rodrigo combined. Yea overall a terrible song

Sounds like a first grader wrote it, so childish, so bad!

Fake pop punk. Enough said.

12 Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran

I don't really hate Ed Sheeran even if he is following overused trends in modern pop music, but this song is just really bad and I am tired of how overplayed it is. At this point, Ed Sheeran has become so overrated and overexposed recently, going to the point where almost everybody is sick and tired of him. I think that Ed Sheeran has went terribly downhill by constantly focusing on rather boring and mediocre chart success music such as "Shape of You", "South of The Boarder", "I don't care", "Galway Girl", "Perfect", etc., "Shivers", "Bad Habits" and his other new music are doing absolutely nothing for me. Anyways, I think this song is just really boring and quite annoying, along with having a generic dance beat.

I regret learning about this song's existence, let alone the fact that BMTH collaborated with stupid Ed Sheeran on this crap.

This song doesn't seem to grow on me. It feels lackluster and the EDM beat just doesn't do it for me. It's better than SOY, but only to an extent

This song is generic and bland. Annoying at all. This is just another typical cheesy dance pop song that I heard in top 40. The vocals makes me annoyed.

13 Cutthroat - Imagine Dragons

Oh boy, this song is truly awful. It's trying too hard to sound like a rock song with nu metal elements, but it just sounds absolutely dreadful with the terrible screaming and vocals. This song sounds nothing like Imagine Dragons, plus I think this band needs to stop trying so hard to be a cool rock band, because really, this ain't it.

Holy hell, this song is atrociously messy! It sounds like a pop rock band trying to bring back nu metal to the mainstream but ultimately failing. Dan Reynolds' screaming is terrible and the outro is just creepy as hell. Imagine Dragons' songs usually come off as overproduced but this is a new level of overproduction.

This is legitimately unlistenable, and on top of that, the lyrics are almost complete garbage. I find it hard to believe that a band as high-profile as Imagine Dragons thought this was okay to put out.

Definitely their worst song yet. People thought Thunder was bad but this was way worse. I don't think Thunder is bad at all.

14 Don't Tell Me How to Live - Kid Rock

Oh dear God. You know, the people who think "Fake Woke" is the worst song of the year really do not realize that Tom MacDonald is probably one of the better "right leaning" artists you could pick to complain about. Do us all a favor and fight the real enemy. This song makes me understand why people cringe at Tom MacDonald songs. I consider myself libertarian, leaning to the right politically, so me calling this the worst song of the year is probably something you would not expect but...I mean, did you listen to this? I can't even decide what the cringiest part of this is, between the lyrics which are poorly written and express political views in such a laughable manner, the atrocious rapping of the talentless hack performing, and the try hard Chris Cornell impression done for the "hook", which is literally just a single line. I didn't realize music could actually make me cringe this much. 0/10.

Such a disgrace of a song. Kid Rock has always been a douche but this thing just sounds like Tom MacDonald doing his best Kid Rock impression at an SNL skit. 2021 has had plenty of trashy political songs and Kid Rock obviously had to be part of that bunch along with Aaron Lewis, another has-been from his generation.

Judging by who made it, the title and the cover, this will automatically suck.

15 1+1 - Sia

I could put all of Sia's soundtrack to Music. The whole album is full of rehashed and repetitive melodies, repetitive and childish lyrics, outdated beats, and Sia's vocals sounding more ear grating than ever. To be honest, it makes me feel like I'm listening to Tones and I coupled with Meghan Trainor's pretentiousness. Her music was already declining in 2016 but now it's hit a point of no return. It hurts to say that but Sia probably never should've become famous.

Anything Sia does that is connected with the film "Music" will instantly be one of the worst of the year for me. This song is condescending, pretentious crap which equals the condescending crap that is the film "Music"

16 I'd Rather Die - Tramp Stamps

What a sexist and offensive song! The lyrics are SO AWFUL and the line "I'd Rather Die than hook up with another straight white guy" has to be one of the worst song lyrics I have ever heard!

I guess I'm a little surprised that this damn song wasn't on the list. This song is the definition of Poser "Punk" or "Pop-Punk". The vocalist is terrible, and the autotune is awful. Also, don't even get me started on the lyrics. "I'd Rather Die than hook up with another straight white guy" What! Also, the lyrics are very sexual (in a stupid way), and misandristic.

Also for some reason I can't take this super personally/seriously because the lyrics are so pathetic (even though the lyrics are prejudice against some people).

This song is awful, the lyrics are horrible, misandrist and sexual (and not in a decent way either) It's a shame because the production is half decent especially in the chorus but the lyrics ruin the song for me.

Why is this so low? It's extremely artificial and misandristic. The lyrics are phoned in, and the instrumentals are half-hearted at best.

17 Worse Than Hitler - Victor Swim the Senate

This "song" is a horrible diss track on God.

18 Twerkulator - City Girls

I never really judge a song by its name but in this case I already knew it was gonna be bad based off of the title. This song is strictly about, you guessed it, TWERKING! Why is stuff like this popular?

I know that one shouldn't judge something just by the title most of the time, but this song sounds bad, just by looking at the cover and the title.

This is worse than Up by Cardi B. How are you not going to be energetic and sounds tired in a dance song, and having a lot of energy is your only good trait.

Another typical twerking anthem. I wish these kind of song will die for the good to improve rap music.

19 Twinnem - Coi Leray

Another disaster "song" that washes people's minds & became popular on TikTok. 1 of the lamest by a talentless female "artist" this year.

To be fair it's one of her better songs...But I can't deny it's an embarassing song.

20 American Gap Rap - Sarah Brand

Another disaster song after Red Dress. Much much worser than before. The vocals sounds like a soaked in helium accompanied with autotune. Much worser than Red Dress.

Red Dress is already horrible, but this is A LOT WORSE! Sarah is using autotune here and that makes it a way worse and it sounds super squeaky. I guess autotune hates her too lol.

Sounds like a female version of Submarine Man.

21 Wellerman - Nathan Evans

This is quite cringe. Also not a sea shanty fan so I won't like this. I remember when this was a huge thing and I wanted to die of cringe.

The song was decently made, but I heard it so many times that I got annoyed.

22 Butter - BTS

Yall only say it's bad because BTS sung it, istg if someone had sung this yall would be all over it. Stop jumping on the hate train it's tiring at this point tbh

Based on their English songs, I'm assuming they haven't heard an English song since 2010.

Google ruined this song with their annoying ads on YouTube.

I can't stand this song. This song makes me drive crazy.

23 Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo

This song is annoying autotune garbage. It's even worse than back to school commercials. She has no talent, and she only justifies my opinion of not wanting stupid people (like her) to be famous. All of her songs can go back to the dumpster fire that they came from. Have we really not learned anything from 2010 when stupid JB was popular?

Too overplayed in my opinion. It's an okay song but any time I get into the car or go into any store, this song is constantly playing.

Annoying song. Tried to listen to it, couldn't. Not a big fan of her voice at some points it's awesome but at other points she sounds quite screechy. I guess that can be improved over time and this is her first album but still a terrible song that did NOT deserve all the hype it got.

Ugliest song about her complaining about a guy while talking about driving that's so ridiculous.

24 Sip It - Iggy Azalea & Tyga

Who wanted another Kream? Especially from 2 lifeless and forgettable hacks? Kream was already horrid enough to be in my Bottom 3 of 2018 but I am not lying when I say that this is even WORSE. The chorus is so much more horrid and they both sound so much worse. Who asked for the both of them to use autotune, they can't even sound good by themselves. Even as someone who despised Kream this a downgrade, It's basically Kream with autotune and even more deadbeat energy and a lot more unecessary repitition. Iggy Asscheeks and Tyga did not need to make more songs, especially not together. I know it's only April but this is already the worst song of the year. -1/5.

Just seeing these two already tells you that this song stinks. I don't what that noise is, but it sounds like a frog croaking in the background. Iggy Azalea needs to quit this fake bad girl persona and go back to making pop rap songs, because that's when she really thrived. She's better working with singers like Charli Xcx, Rita Ora, and Jennifer Hudson.

It's time for Iggy Azalea to give really is if this is the best she can come up with. I mean its really only memorable for two reasons 1. the line about sipping vagina like its styrofoam 2. Tyga declaring he is going to cannonball into this girl's vagina meaning he either takes a run up or does impossible things with his penis.

Well Iggy, I guess it's still 2018 to you, but your time is long gone, you can hang it up now. Also, why do you keep making songs with that predator?

25 Eye to Eye - Sia

The production is okay but Sia's vocals sound horrible. In fact, she's becoming as unbearable as Tones and I unfortunately.

Listen to this Sia monstrousity? I'd rather have the song with the similar name from The Goofy Movie?

Disney should sue them!

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