Top 10 Best Songs of 2021

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1 Leave The Door Open - Bruno Mars, Anderson.Paak & Silk Sonic

Damn, this song is so insanely good! It has great 70s vibes without sounding like a pastiche. Bruno's vocals are excellent, just like Anderson's. Just when I thought Bruno Mars would be declining, he comes back and blows me off the ceiling with a collaboration that turns out to be a match made in heaven. Welcome back, Bruno! I can't wait to see what the Silk Sonic album will be.

I'm not that much into soul, but this song is insanely glossy, lush, and well-crafted. Welcome back, Bruno, 10/10.

Bruno is back! I'm in love with this song. Hope to see more music like this in the new album.

2 Good 4 U - Olivia Rodrigo

This song is a sparkle like there are very few in music these days. Just when I expected Olivia Rodrigo to release another ballad, she arrives with a pop-punk smash and proves once and for all that she's a pop star in her own right despite still being a teenager. Her success is totally deserved, and this song shows that she's a singer who speaks to her generation.

Olivia Rodrigo surprised me again! She really kills it on this pop-punk song. It brings back 2000s Avril Lavigne and Paramore without imitating them note for note. I am really looking forward to Olivia's debut album. I hope it will be as good as the singles she has released.

"I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped. Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl." There are a lot of things I like about this song, but that line alone puts it over the top for me. Just the right balance between being mean and patronizing yet not quite going overboard.

3 Easy on Me - Adele

The REAL BEST song of the year. Her return after 6 years was an unbelievable feat, and her voice shows us she still endures and has it. It even has a great melody, and we remember it as well. Its atmosphere is classic Adele quality. It even broke Spotify's record for the most streamed song in 24 hours and is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Take that, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, and BTS! Even Drivers License, Stay, and Butter couldn't stand a chance. This is the song of the year. PUT THIS TO #1!

Satisfying return for Adele. Her vocals still sound great. Can't wait to see what she will bring up next.

Wonderful return. I'm very surprised that this isn't higher. One of her best songs!

4 Montero (Call Me by Your Name) - Lil Nas X

I don't listen to Lil Nas X at all other than this song, and I love it. I have really enjoyed seeing more LGBTQ people creating art, and even more, seeing it become mainstream. Not to mention, the song goes hard.

This song has grown on me since its release. It's so catchy and lustful, and is a welcome change from trap-pop or drill.

Lil Nas X needs some therapy, but excluding my opinion about him, this is a good song!

5 Smokin Out The Window - Bruno Mars, Anderson.Paak & Silk Sonic

This album would be 10/10, I swear.

6 Anyone - Justin Bieber

I want to hate this song. Really bad. Anything coming out of Justin Bieber is enough to turn me off. But I begrudgingly gave this song a try and I will admit I was pleasantly surprised. It's better than ANYTHING on his latest album.

His vocal performance on this track is amazing, especially at the chorus, despite the production being a little bloated in my opinion. Just when I thought JB was becoming a gimmick, he comes out with this song and proves me wrong. I hope this will be his new direction.

I un-ironically like this. This is genuinely a good song from a once-hated music artist. It's a very good improvement after his less than good 2020 run.

Might be my favorite song from him, even though I don't like him. I give it a 9/10.

7 Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo

It just came out on January 8th and it outdid every other song in quality and everything else. It's the great song of 2021 and truly the greatest in decades. Better than all the garbage playing and it's among the most heartbreaking songs ever made. This is up to Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton and My Immortal by Evanescence given how sad it really is, and that doesn't do justice for people who cry over sad songs.

Yet, it's upbeat, powerful, inspiring, and emotional all at the same time. It became the first song of 2021 to ever hit number 1 on iTunes and the pop charts as well as anything. Take a hint, guys. This is REAL music and not filled with drugs, sexual content, or racism. A whole lot of effort was put into it and it's like the first time in a decade a new artist released a great and powerful song in the mainstream, though her other and first song was made specifically for Disney Channel.

Still can't believe an actress from a Disney Channel show like Bizzardvark would come up with a song that would take every other artist of today's generation down. Plus, it even debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the most streamed song worldwide in the first weeks of 2021. It's a true masterpiece that may never be surpassed in 2021 or the rest of the decade. She and her song are the next big things in music today. Song of the decade by the new artist of the decade on the rise.

8 No Son of Mine - Foo Fighters

First thing I thought when I read the title and heard the first chord is that it would be a cover of a Genesis song, but you would be totally wrong to think so because this song SLAPS... HARD! It's great to hear FF again. I hope the album will be just as good, if not better.

Oh thank God, this is so much better than "Shame Shame". This is a return to form for the Foo Fighters.

This is easily the best single they've released so far for their new album.

9 Take My Breath - The Weeknd

Another smash by The Weeknd. I really love the synth-disco vibes and his vocals on this one. I'm looking forward to more.

10 Techno Syndrome 2021 - Benjamin Wallfisch

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? Doing Life with Me - Eric Church
? Final Girl - Chvrches
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11 My Universe - Coldplay X BTS

Shocked this isn't higher, considering what a bop it was.

I think it's really good! Blows my mind.

12 Astronaut in the Ocean - Masked Wolf
13 Fallen Angel - AmaLee
14 Sabotage - Bebe Rexha
15 Waiting on a War - Foo Fighters

This shows that the Foo Fighters are still capable of making excellent songs. Lovely alternative ballad.

16 Cold Heart - Elton John, Dua Lipa
17 Brutal - Olivia Rodrigo

I can just sing along to it.

18 Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Lana Del Rey

This song is amazing! 10/10.

19 Pictures - AACACIA

Soulful and tight. Wonderful vocals. This is the best song of 2021 so far, in my opinion.

20 WUSYANAME - Tyler, the Creator

Great sample and great utilization of the sample. The song itself is great.

21 Bad Dream - Cannons
22 Butter - BTS
23 Only Love Can Save Me Now - The Pretty Reckless
24 L8r Boi - Ashnikko

Pretty funny remake of "Sk8r Boi" by Avril Lavigne. If you like creative sampling or covers, you should give it a listen!

25 Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish

I didn't think Billie Eilish had it in her for a song like this, a song all soft and quiet in the first half to go absolutely alternative rock in the second half. I love how unpredictable she is with her music.

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