Top 10 Musician Feuds that Have Lasted Too Long

For this list - the longer the feud, the better. No strict definition of what is "too long" but I would suggest to think of at least 10 years of hostility - intense exchange of "compliments" or avoiding each other.

The Top Ten

1 Liam Gallagher vs Noel Gallagher

Seems the bros hate is for life. - Metal_Treasure

2 Prince vs Michael Jackson

Wow that is taking it way too far was the feud ever settled or did they take it to the grave?

Quincy Jones even alleged that Prince tried to run Michael over in his limo in 1983 after Michael upstaged him at a gig. - Metal_Treasure

I like Prince much better, as he was a much better musician, but are we seriously going to take it farther than that, especiallt when they are both six feet under? - MattAffterburner

3 Ray Davies vs Dave Davies

The bros from the Kinks have been hating each other since their childhood and perhaps this will never end.
Dave said, "I think Ray has only been happy for three years of his life … the three before I was born."
On Dave's 50th birthday Ray jumped on the table and stamped on the cake. A mature person at 53 did this?! - Metal_Treasure

4 Dave Mustaine vs Metallica

It started in 1983... In 2010 all Metallica members kissed Dave onstage during the legendary BIG-4 concert in Sofia. But Dave still didn't look happy... As the saying goes "Dave Mustaine hated Metallica before it was cool". And even after it was cool... - Metal_Treasure

Lars is a tool at the best of times, but Dave just needs to get over the fact that he's in the #2 thrash metal band. It's hardly a bad thing, Dave. - truckturner

Dave said this in 97? "20 years of bulls*** between me and Metallica is over." No one accepted it because that's no fun. - MattAffterburner

5 Sergei Prokofiev vs Igor Stravinsky

These classical composers (both Russians) had a life-long musical feud - Metal_Treasure

6 Paul Simon vs Art Garfunkel

Yes, the guys from the duo Simon & Garfunkel hate each other. - Metal_Treasure

7 Axl Rose vs Slash

It started circa 1993. But in 2016, after 23 years, Axl Rose and Slash reunited for a tour. - Metal_Treasure

But they're bandmates, why? - Misfire

8 Keith Richards vs Elton John

Must confess to not knowing about this one until now. - truckturner

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. - Metal_Treasure

9 Nas vs Jay Z

It started in 1996 and ended in 2005 with Jay guesting on a Nas track (that's about 10 years). - Metal_Treasure

10 Eddie Van Halen vs David Lee Roth

It started long ago, still going on but they somehow managed to collaborate in the band - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Joey Ramone vs Johnny Ramone
12 Chad Kroeger vs Corey Taylor

It’s because Corey Taylor hates Nickelback. - Userguy44

13 David Gilmour vs Roger Waters
14 Vince Neil vs Mötley Crüe
15 Axl Rose vs Vince Neil

I'm still waiting for the fight

16 Faith No More vs Red Hot Chili Peppers
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