RustyNails Rock/Metal Album Reviews #8- Band/Artist: New Medicine, Album: Race You To The Bottom

Band/artist - New Medicine
Album - Race You To The Bottom
Genres- Post Grunge / Punk Rock/ Hard Rock
Jake Scherer- Lead Vocals / Guitar
Dan Garland- Lead Guitar
Matt Brady - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ryan Guanzon- Drums

Track listing

1. Laid
2. Rich Kids
3. Little Sister
4. End of the World
5. Baby's Gone
6. Resolve To Fight
7. Never Heard
8. American Wasted
9. Its A War
10. Race You To The Bottom
11. Sun Goes Down

This is the review of New Medicine's Debut Album. It was released in 2010. These guys sound like a mix of Post grunge and hard rock mixed up with punk rock. Jakes vocals are very punk sounding. Enjoy a band you have never heard of, you'll like them.

Track Dissection

1. Laid- genres- Hard Rock / Punk
A hard hitting anthem song. Hard Distortion guitar Riffs in the verses. Along with Jakes swagger punk vocals. A nice low bass guitar backing up Jakes vocals. Amazing anthem type chorus with classic" HEY"s in it. A bridge with major sound changes in guitar. This song is an fist pumper for sure. A recommend song.

2. Rich Kids- genres- punk/ hard rock / post grunge / rap rock
Starts out with some" Lalala...lala"s and goes into a hip hop type of rocker. Very punk driving song. And also very rebellion type, with lines like" we got all that we need, packed it up in the van, gave the finger to the man!" a deep low bass riffs in the verses. Great backing vocals. The bridge is a slow build up for an explosion of the final chorus going faster. The songs message, especially in the chorus is I don't need to be rich to be happy and suplied.

3. Little Sister - Post Grunge / punk/ rock
The songs lyrics are pretty sad, but you can tell Jake thinks about his late sister every day. Solid drumming and bass lines . The light guitar licks are a mix up with the bass lines ( in a good way). Often the best balladry in an album is the first one, its true in this one. Pretty good guitar solo with a somewhat okay rhythm guitar in the background. Great chorus with plenty of backing vocals .

4. End of The World - genres- Hard Rock / punk/ post grunge
A pretty jump up and down song. Its a party song. Pretty chilled out vocals by Jake in the verses. Both guitar players (Jake and Dan) do really well doing their separate jobs, real great guitar work. Anthemic chorus with rhythmic Drum patterns. A good light metallic bridge.

5. Baby's Gone - Post Grunge / Punk
Its a punk song that sounds somewhat country or blues sounding. Good backing vocals. A very underrated song on the album. Its a love song. The bass guitar shines in this one, with chilling rhythm and low long lines. Hip hop type bridge with bluesy type guitar solo.

6. Resolve To Fight - genres- Hard rock / punk/ post grunge
Kind of a fight song. With nice hip hop guitar and bass riffage. Hard pounding drumming. Its pretty catchy rhythm section throughout makes you want to move. Good solo and rhythmic drumming in the bridge. " THE STRONG RESOLVE TO FIGHT!"

7. Never Heard - Genres - Post Grunge / Punk
it sounds like a happy took you would expect on a pop radio. Great drumming and hitting of the symbol on the drums throughout. Another semi love song. Rhymes in the chorus. The bridge has some good bass lines and another typical guitar solo. Good vocals through the verses by Jake.

8. American Wasted- Genres- Hard Rock / Punk / Rap Rock
A pure masterpiece. Very aggressive distortion guitar and bass. Hip hop delivery in the song is amazing. It sounds like a typical college day, all American style. Great backing vocals. Incredible guitar solo with rhythmic guitar / bass riffs in it. I recommend this song. It will get goose bumps rolling down the spine.

9. Its A War- genres- Post grunge / hard rock / punk
Very alt rock sounding. Jakes vocals are pretty Punk sounding. The verses are filled with light picking of the guitar. Followed by some semi hard riffs. The chorus is very sing along type, with great backing vocals. Its lyrics are pretty much how a teen sees the world. With lines like " 4 year prison called a High school - life some defistating s***!" and the chorus lines. " Its A War, its a war, and you better get used to it. Its a war, its a war,, and that's just the way it is."
a very catchy song.

10. Race You To The Bottom - genres- Punk/ hard rock / rap rock
If you've heard of the beastie boys, this song sounds like a B- side to them. Hard hip hop guitar riffs and vocals. Great backing vocals. Great lead guitar work. Amazing - and I mean AMAZING chorus, very catchy and anthemic. Incredible guitar solo. Great rhythm guitar by Jake in it. Probably my favorite song on the album.

11. Sun Goes Down - Genres- Post Grunge / punk
Probably the most peaceful and beautiful song on the album. Great lyrical message. Alt rocky. Incredible chorus. Its kind of country ish. The heaviest part is the bridge, low bass and drumming. Kick ass solo, very metallic. The song starts and ends with the same line- " The Sun Goes Down, na I keep falling apart, I keep falling apart. Its a pretty melody and mellow. It will bring tears to ya eyes, it did with me.

Track Scoring (1-5)
1- / sucky
2- Could be better / ok
3. Average / cool/ pretty good / one I don't mind hearing
4. Damn Great Song
5. Favorite / pure awesomeness / turn up and rock

1. Laid - score- 5
2. Rich Kids- score - 5
3. Little Sister - score - 4
4. End of the World - score - 3
5. Baby's Gone - score - 3
6. Resolve To Fight - score-3
7. Never Heard - score - 3
8. American Wasted - score -4
9. Its A War - score - 4
10. Race You To The Bottom - score-5
11. Sun Goes Down - score -5

Album Score
( same as track scoring 1-5)
4.3 is my score ( 86%)

if you want a Punk rock band with some hard rock edge, New Medicine Is The Band for you. From hard and punk rock ( Laid, End of the World, Resolve To Fight, American Wasted, ) to rap rock ( Rich Kids, Race You To The Bottom) and ballads ( little sister, Babys Gone, Never Heard, Its A War Sun Goes Down). The band knows what Rock n roll is. If you like punk rock bands like Offspring and Green Day, and hard rock riffs, get this album.

If you want another New Medicine album, look for their second album" Breaking The Model".

RustyNail Out