Top 10 Worst Mistakes that Nickelodeon Has Ever Made

Nickelodeon might be a huge children's TV network but it is not perfect at all. I still love it.
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1 Rejecting Adventure Time

It still boggles my mind thinking that Adventure Time in some alternate universe could have been a Nicktoon. It's already pretty crazy looking at the Nicktoons logo in the bottom-left corner of the show's pilot. But in all seriousness, this was the worst decision that the network ever made. Passing up on Adventure Time and letting their chief rival Cartoon Network greenlight it legitimately set the studio back five years. Adventure Time was such an immediate success that brought Cartoon Network back to relevance after the infamous CN Real and export era in the late 2000s. Meanwhile, Nick had to come up with their own terrible programming and floundered as a result. Had Nickelodeon actually seen the potential in Pen Ward's short, the company would definitely be in a better position than they currently are today, even if they have been recovering in recent years. At no point in T.V. history can I name a more dramatic shift in network status than when Nickelodeon rejected one of the ...more

I wonder who was dumb enough to reject perhaps the most successful cartoon of the last 10 years and leave space for all the other abominations!
On the other side though, I'm glad it ended up on Cartoon Network, because I'm sure Nickelodeon would cancel it before they got the chance to make more episodes!

They rejected adventure time just for fanboy and chum chum, one of the worst cartoons of all time. Now adventure time is in CN, but it ended, sadly.

Nickelodeon would ruin adventure time though with Pizza and Butt Shaking without any arc. (I know adventure time does this, but it's actually funny because it is ironic)

2 Putting a huge emphasis on trashy sitcoms

Rejecting Adventure Time was a big mistake, but it wouldn't have had a big effect say that Nickelodeon actually tried to get other good animated content, but instead they just went to trashy sitcoms. By far the worst acting I've ever seen, painfully unfunny comedy, and just terrible shows altogether. I'm glad shows like The Loud house and SpongeBob still do take the number one and two spots on the ratings though.

Schneider's Bakery became a synonym of disposable entertainment. Other than Drake & Josh, and MAYBE, just maybe, iCarly as well; the rest were/are formulaic sitcoms that rely mainly on the incessant use of laugh tracks even for the stupidest jokes. Good thing Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon decided to part ways.

Honestly, if it doesn't start with an S (SpongeBob/sitcoms) or it about a house with a bunch of kids, it's an automatic loss for Nick.

Nowadays it feels like there's more trash sitcoms then actual animations. It seems lazy to me.

3 Over saturating franchises

I think that Nickelodeon should've been ok with Hillenburg leaving the show and canceling it, and a revival would premiere in 2015 when the show started getting good again, instead of keeping Spongebob on the year for 10 years (10, YEARS! ) of extremely low ratings!

At first the Loud House was really good. In the later seasons, it just got complicated. When the sisters got crushes and Ronny Ann moved. It just got dumber from there.

Check your T.V. guide on Nick and Tell me how many times The Loud House comes on, I'm not hating on the show I love it, but jeez I need some variety.

It mostly started with Spongebob and now there doing the same with Loud House.

4 Airing SpongeBob SquarePants non-stop

I liked how back in the early 2000s, SpongeBob wasn't Nickelodeon's only life support for cartoons because they literally had other great cartoons just like SpongeBob. Nowadays since Nick came out with bad cartoons like FanBoy & Chum Chum, Breadwinners, Sanjay & Craig, Bunsen Is A Beast, and came out with bad sitcoms like Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, Game Shakers, The New All That, etc. they just rely on SpongeBob now to hold Nick back together which is why that's all that ever airs on Nick. Especially these days whenever I check what's on Nick UK, SpongeBob just airs from 10AM to 8PM which is beginning to get slightly boring. On top of that, they just started to air episodes of The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral.

Literally TODAY, I looked at one of Nick's sister channels, Nick2, and I finally realized that Spongebob is literally the only thing airing on the channel. They could have aired some of their most classic cartoons like Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern life and Rugrats so our new audience can enjoy them (especially since Teennick's NickRewind only Aires at night) but no. I've finally realized that the only thing that has ever aired on the channel, is Spongebob. I wished I was a kid in the 90s

After all, it's the #1 reason Nickelodeon's still making money, and if it's cancelled, they'll go broke and outta business.
It went downhill after the 1st movie because the original writers, including Stephen Hillenburg, retired, though during the 2nd movie, Stephen returned and the show got better, but since he was diagnosed with ALS recently and died of it in November 27, 2018, so this show is headed to its end and Nickelodeon's out of business.

The problem with them only airing Spongebob is then a lot of other canceled shows that a lot of people would like to see are literally never aired, making it really hard to be able to watch them. They should replace Spongebob every so often with reruns because I would like to be able to rewatch even a few episodes of good shows such as 100 Things to Do Before High School without having to buy them from Amazon streaming every single time

5 Lack of Nick DVDs

They used to be juggernauts with those releases (remember The First 100 Episodes of SpongeBob?) now the DVD's have very little love put in at all, I mean, compare the Season 1 SpongeBob DVD's menus with Season 10's DVD menus.

It is a pain that they are releasing DVD-R which is basically official bootleg

6 Closing Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando

It was so cool to have a Nickelodeon experience in the eastern part of the US. People living on the east didn't have to fly all the way to California to see shows being taped. It was such a very immersive experience. Getting to tour the facilities and look down on production happening in the sound stages below (back then Nick shows were worth watching and a lot of creativity were put into them). Then at the end, GAME LAB! Get to watch some lucky kid get slimed . Being able to actually watch your favorite Nick shows like Double Dare, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Clarissa Explains it All,etc. actually being taped (maybe even being part of the studio audience) is a really cool experience in and of itself. But then a little over 20 years ago, When Herb Scannell took the reins, the quality of the network's output began to gradually decline, with the focus being more on animation and the live action output transitioning to closed set sitcoms, thus moving production to California. ...more

Ok that post I did on who cares. It would've been cool to go on holiday to America and go to Orlando with the Nickelodeon Studios before it closed in 2005.

Universal was under a huge rebrand at the time, and they wanted The Blue Man Group, so they closed it, now that the Blue Man Group has moved out of Universal, it should come back.

This is not a great idea. The Game Shows for kids that were filmed there were great!

7 Cancelling good shows too soon

Invader Zim, Catscratch, Taina, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Danny Phantom, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The Penguins of Madagascar, House of Anubis, The Legend of Korra, Harvey Beaks, WITS Academy, 100 Things to Do Before High School.

They're cancelling their good shows too soon even at the most unnecessary times, which shows us they're replacing them with garbage shows like Henry Danger, Game Shakers, Knight Squad, The Adventures of Kid Danger, which shows us they and Viacom are greedy these days, and not to forget they once hired Cyma Zarghami as president, which just ruined the whole network and it's love.

Nickelodeon has been losing viewers since the sudden cancellations of good shows.

The Loud House was the 1st good Nickelodeon show in years, but the original creator got fired, so now it' going downhill, so all that's left is SpongeBob SquarePants, which has gone bad after the 1st movie but better after the ...more

Dan Schneider had VERY good shows. But the last good show he ever had (aka that awesome show Victorious), didn't even have a proper closure. Like, I get that he was saying, "I think 4 seasons of Victorious is enough for a sitcom". Instead he had to leave room for all his crappy new shows, Sam & Cat (which sucks), Henry Danger (which sucks), Game Shakers (which he thought people would seriously enjoy just because "oh no, Kel Mitchel is on that show"), and the new All That is unwatchable.

Avatar the last airbender one of the greatest animated series ever produced get to have a ending so why can't any other good shows have one too instead of just downright cancelling them.

Nickelodeon canceled 100 Things To Do Before High School, The Penguins Of Madagascar, BTR, Icarly, Victorious..., and replaced them with Henry Danger, Game Shakers, Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn and The Thundermans, possibly the worst shows ever. Nickelodeon is declining.

8 Airing Nick Studio 10

This is their absolute worst sitcom ever. No wonder why it was cancelled in the exact same year it premiered.

This ha to be the worst programming block of all time, interrupting their own shows with random things, but they will cut back to what your watching, but the portion they played over, so you missed part of what your watching universally Nick Studio 10 was hated and lasted about a week disappeared and was brought back without interruptions and gone again the sad part about this is that they were trying to start a stir up a rivalry with Cartoon Network's Incredible Crew.

Unecessary interuptions in every single show. When I first saw this, I pissed myself.

9 Canceling Invader Zim too early

This was... Kind of a mistake. I say kind of because Invader Zim did not get good ratings when it first aired. It was too expensive to keep on the network, even when they tried to give it a small test revival on Nicktoons in around 2010. Granted, this show would go on to gain a massive following and be one of Nick's most beloved shows, bar none. Honestly I'd say that if not for Rugrats it'd be top two at this point, right behind SpongeBob. But, again, you have to keep in mind when this show came out and why it was cancelled. Invader Zim was ahead of its time. Too ahead of its time. I'm sure the show would thrive if it were aired now, considering the success of the comics and the upcoming movie, but 2002-2006 were not an apt time for it to be released.

It had potential, but it wasn't surprising after the release of Dark Harvest. Which happens to be my least favorite episode of this otherwise amazing series.

I do agree with some of the reasons with Nickelodeon's reasons, that let's face it, Zim is perhaps the king of being a dark kid's show, but that was really about it aside from money issues. This cartoon was awesome, and I love that Jhonen put in the Bloody GIR Easter Egg (for more of you veteran fans, which I'm assuming most of us are) to poke fun at Nickelodeon's asinine way of thinking. I did like the movie, as it kept the comedy and style to heart, but the show is better.

Nick honestly doesn't like expensive "serious" shows, this is WHY they cancelled it, I mean, SpongeBob took a quarter of the budget and gave them thrice the ratings.

10 Giving Disney the rights to Doug

Despite the show doing well Nickelodeon decided to cancel it after just 4 season, but what they big mistake they made was selling the rights to the show to Disney, Disney made huge changes to the show including most voice actors, and ran the show for 3 seasons on ABC's Saturday mornings, fans hated the Disney version of the show, and blamed Nickelodeon for ruining it.

To be honest Doug wasn't really that good to begin with I actually liked Disney's version of Doug despite the changes they made.

So? Disney Channel was one of the most expensive channels. Hey Arnold was better.

How many fans are they are for Doug? Was it really a big loss to them?

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? Canceling Noah Knows Best
? Rejecting The Proud Family
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11 Mistreating Korra

Sure, Nickelodeon mistreated Korra (the first bie-sexual character on Nickelodeon). But us humans weren't too nice to Korra either! I mean, COME ON GUYS! Sure, TLOK isn't better than Avatar but at least give it a chance. Invader Zim wasn't that great when it first came out, remember? And then, suddenly, Invader Zim became one of Nickelodeon's best (not saying I don't like Invader Zim). Anyway, Centuarworld and Steven Universe are, like, the worst shows I've ever seen. And somehow they both got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and TLOK got 89%. So, yeah.

The Spin-off the Avatar: the Last Airbender a great but flawed show, was mistreated by the network, it broadcasted on Saturday mornings(when people are asleep), but soon Nickelodeon decided to move it around the schedule, spread the episodes to weeks apart, and Korra was underfunded so they they had to use a cheaper animation studio to save money, Nickelodeon made Korra a chore to keep up with, and that's probably why people don't think it lived up or didn't like it compared to Avatar: the last Airbender. It could have been Amazing.

I really liked the Korra's series, and it should had received a lot more recognition! I think it's a relly underrated show, unfortunately

Korra in the pic looks like she took care of Nickelodeon.

12 Changing the logo

The logo change wasn't really that much of a problem. The problem was that they got rid of the splat for good, and replaced it with a generic text logo!
The splat logo represents what Nickelodeon once was; a channel that used to be king among others, a place where children could have fun! The text logo is just sterile and boring, especially for a cartoon channel!

TBH, the splat logo actually had some originality and creativity, cause it made it look like it was a place where kids could have fun. But the new logo just makes everything look boring and on top of that; BAD SHOWS.

How come nickelodeon changed the good 1990s and 2000s logos? The old nick logos has so much creativity and nick replaced it with this logo that lacks creativity.

@henry_danger_is_great, I respect your opinion, although the older logo had a more appeal to kids and it's more creative with it's personalities. The new logo pretty much just takes the whole meaning out of Nick

13 Airing too much Jojo Siwa

So as if Nickelodeon wasn't already trash enough, they had to put HER on the channel thus making it even more cringe than it already was.
First of all, she's always screaming when she talks, like what is her deal? Is she on drugs or something?
Secondly, she's so childish which makes me dislike her even more. Her car literally has rainbows, unicorns, bows, the nickelodeon logo, sparkles, honest to God right now, she's so childish! And to be honest, if I were Justin Bieber I would've insulted it too.

UGH! I want to scream whenever this girl comes on! I wish she would stop being so LOUD! Girl, use your normal voice! We can hear you just fine! And that glitter! Sheesh, you're 15! She once admitted that she dresses like a 12-year-old. I was offended because twelve-year-olds are way more mature than she'll ever be! They don't dress like THAT! I wish I could rip my ears out whenever I wanted to. I'd probably do that whenever JoJo comes on T.V. again.

Nickelodeon: We need money, STAT.
Jojo Siwa: I can help.
Nickelodeon: Who are you?
Jojo Siwa: Jojo Siwa. I'm the terrible singing wannabe that no one likes.
Nickelodeon: You're hired.

Why is this girl so cringy and annoying. WHY? She's literally 17, but she acts like she's a 4 year old. Just look at her car! It has a glittery background, bows, unicorns, her literal face on it, stars and the Nickelodeon logo on it. What's wrong with her? It looks like something a girl would drive at age 6. I know 6-year olds can't drive cars, but it's true. She needs to stop acting so cringy and immature. This is why Abby Lee Miller said that she acts like a 5-year old. Because it's true.

14 Canceling good shows and keep the bad ones

They even cancelled the Casagrandes, which was a decent spin off. It was a spin off of the Loud House, which was a decent show. At least that got renewed for a 5th season but the Casagrandes got cancelled after 3 seasons.

Me: It's sad they canceled Rugrats. Oh, well. At least we still have Avatar.
Nickelodeon: We're canceling Avatar.
Me: Oh, never mind. Good thing we still have Invader Zim.
Nickelodeon: We're canceling that too.
Me: Oh... Good thing there's Danny Phantom
Nickelodeon: Canceled.
Me: OH COME ON! Good thing there's still Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, and The Loud House.
Nickelodeon: Chloe and Sparky are now part of FOP, Stephan Hillenburg is dead so time to make terrible sitcoms, and we fired Chris Savio so TLH will be bad.
Me: I give up.

Invader Zim, Catscratch, Taina, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Danny Phantom, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The Penguins of Madagascar, House of Anubis, The Legend of Korra, Harvey Beaks, WITS Academy, 100 Things to Do Before High School.

They're cancelling their good shows too soon even at the most unnecessary times, which shows us they're replacing them with garbage shows like Henry Danger, Game Shakers, Knight Squad, The Adventures of Kid Danger, which shows us they and Viacom are greedy these days, and not to forget they once hired Cyma Zarghami as president, which just ruined the whole network and it's love.

Nickelodeon has been losing viewers since the sudden cancellations of good shows.

The Loud House was the 1st good Nickelodeon show in years, but the original creator got fired, so now it' going downhill, so all that's left is SpongeBob SquarePants, which has gone bad after the 1st movie but better after the ...more

Angus movie?
You mean Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging or the real title of the book is Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging.
I heard that was never even released in the cinemas in America.
They are funny books and best sellers.
The first book came out in 1999.
Elements of the sequel It's ok, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers where in the film.
They only did the first book.

15 Trying to be hip and cool with the kids

I normally don't like using the word "cringe", but I cringe whenever I see Nickelodeon trying to be hip with the kids in the worst ways possible.

Some of the many things I tremble nick for is using memes tang died year s age and putting it in there shows and memes that are still alive but on life support they milk the in their shoes. Fortnite dances really, dabbing in 2018, and don't get me started with there "Hip" we'll be right back montages, they are disgusting and there cringe sitcoms oh lord help me

Nickelodeon was great back in the 90s/2000s, until Nickelodeon decides to make cringy shows with kids trying to relate to memes. Nick nowadays tries too hard to be hip and cool, but they fail because they just make it even more cringe by trying. This is why Nickelodeon started to suck in the 2010s.

Honestly most of these mistakes have equal fault in my mind, but this one makes me cringe the most, so let's go with this one so I can start commenting on the others.

16 Adding Chloe to The Fairly Oddparents

She's such an uninteresting Mary Sue- one of the trademarks of Mary Sues is a flaw that's for the sake of thinking you didn't create a Mary Sue and the flaw doesn't actually affect them, which is her perfectionism. She doesn't even need fairies, her life is perfect.

She's the reason the show got cancelled. I hope she burns in hell.

This reminds me of when they added Ladona and Bud Compson to Arthur. I'm SO glad they were gone after that.

Chloe and Sparky is awesome you need to watch the episodes before you make opinions like this

17 Disrespecting Stephen Hillenburg

Once upon a time the evil company named Nickelodeon wanted more money. So with Stephen Hillenburg out of the way (R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg) They decided to keep Spongebob going (Stephen Hillenburg cancelled it) and make it bad... But they needed more money so they made the BAD Kamp Koral and the TERRIBLE Patrick Star Show (spinoffs that Stephen Hillenburg didn't want).

Nickelodeon is going to do a reboot of SpongeBob, even though Stephen STRICTLY FORBADE it. But they waited until Stephen died just to get working on it because with Stephen dead, he can't stop them from doing it! This is a seriously scumbag move! I'm not gonna bother watching Kamp Koral!

Yeah, they aren't letting his legacy have a good reputation. Bring back Rocko reruns, dammit!

Nickelodeon has zero respect for Stephen's death whatsoever.

18 Moving the Fairly OddParents to Nicktoons

When Fairly OddParents was an the main channel it was getting a consist amount of viewers nothing to major, but when Nickelodeon moved it to Nicktoons, that was basically giving it a Early death, because when it happened the shows ratings plummeted, it was a bad business choice because even though modern Fairly Oddparents sucks it would still get more views with it being on the Main channel than on Nicktoons.

They moved it to Nicktoons and the last episode aired on July 26, 2017, and now that the creator Butch Hartman's retired from Nickelodeon, the show's cancelled.

They should really bring this back! It was a really good show! But when a certain person came in season ten, KILL ME! Also I think sparky should've stayed!

Eh, FOP has been going very much downhill since 2008 or so (though Season 6 was okay). It's more of a mercy kill at this point.

19 Airing Fanboy and Chum Chum

Honestly, if Nick did get the rights to Adventure Time, they would've treated the show like crap and it would've ended earlier. I am actually glad it was given to CN instead of Nick.

Fanboy and chum chum shows no effort in any work. You can tell nobody cared about this show so they just slapped a bunch of cgi on no story or plot and aired it. This and school of rock are so extremely poor quality. For both shows I give a 2/10.

After rejecting Adventure Time, they greenlit this abomination of a show.
The characters were drunk and this taught kids to be drunk.
Thank goodness it ended, but it shouldn' have been made in the 1st place.

Let it sink in that Nickelodeon rejected Adventure Time for this crappy show.

20 Canceling Ren & Stimpy

The adult version of this show totally ruined it. Ren and Stimpy were just fine roomies. They didn't need to be lovers. It was so tasteless and gross. Not real big of old show either, but that adult version that didn't air on Nick alongside calling the actual series's DVD release "The (Almost) Complete Series" because of that is bad.

Ren & Stimpy should've been on Nick @ Nite. It's not really for for kids.

So it was one of the worst cartoons anyway.

Ren and Stimpy rocks.

21 Firing most of the team from SpongeBob SquarePants after the movie.

It doesn't matter anymore now that the original creator Stephen Hillenburg's dead. He had ALS and we remember the show sucked without him after the 1st movie, and we've learned without the original creator, it should end.
Well goodbye SpongeBob.

They didn't get fired, they left because the show was going to end there.

You mean the great creative writers left and the shows quality kept fallin. (R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg)

It was 2005 it started getting bad.

22 Rejecting The Modifyers

They reject this yet they let complete utter garbage shows like Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Fanboy and Chum Chum, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Back at The Barnyard, Tak and The Power of Juju and Harvey Beaks onto their channel!

The Modifyers never became a series and we never got to find out what happened after Rat and Baron Vein found Agent Xero's ring! What's worse is that now there's an absolutely cringe-worthy hentai parody that not only never fixed the cliff-hanger but also became even more popular than the pilot itself!

There's still a chance The Modifyers could get picked up by Disney! Hopefully...

This was still a good pilot! Agent Xero is my favorite character!

I hope they send it to CN or Disney istead, most likely the latter. Disney is the one who deserves all that girl power, not reject-trigger-happy Nick!

23 Interrupting shows with random garbage

Nick Studio 10 interrupted shows on Nickelodeon with garbage, and those shows include SpongeBob SquarePants, the Fairly OddParents, and others, and they interrupted scenes from them with random garbage.

WHY would kids want that? In fact they don't, and Nick Studio 10 deliberately did that and annoyed Nick fans.

Not to mention the fart in a jar song was atrocious and that the show encouraged animal abuse and was vulgar and messy.

All fingers point to Nick Studio 10.

Obvious reference to Nick Studio 10.

I always hated this.

24 Creating Breadwinners

UGH. This was nickelodeon's worst yet. It's a stupid show. I've never seen it but I know I hate it.

They imported this show straight off of YouTube! Bad Idea!

Agreed! This show stunk!

Disgusting as hell.

25 Saying Timmy Turner is 10 when he looks 8
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