Top 10 Best Things About Samurai Jack

I'll admit I didn't really watch this show growing up because it was a little too violent and unusual for me at the time, and at first I wasn't gonna watch it because I thought it wasn't gonna age well like how a lot of kids' shows I grew up with haven't. But now I've started to get into it and I gotta say it's one of the best shows I've ever seen (animated or not). And I have 10 reasons as to why it's such a flawless piece of animated art.
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1 Great Writing

A lot of the episodes were written very well. Each one had its own simple story that can be more easy to follow (and it even had some creative plots as well).

2 Great Action Scenes

Some of the best action I've ever seen in any animation. Jack's fight with Aku's giant robot beetles was graphic and epic!

I flipping love the action scenes.

3 Good Character Design

The art style is just beautiful and the designs themselves are very intricate (and I'm not gonna lie when I say Demongo has the best design in the show).

4 Almost No Bad Episodes

It was strange that there was no decline in the episodes as the show went on, which makes it even more better!

Which is pretty rare for a cartoon show.

5 It's Very Creative

It has all sorts of different creatures and bizzare looking characters. It also has some creative stories as well. Jack fighting his own dark side (Mad Jack) and entering a haunted house.

6 Great Animation

I like how the art style has no lines. It honestly makes it look even more beautiful.

7 It Doesn't Fit Any Bad Cartoon Stereotypes

Almost all cartoons are stereotyped as being too goofy and child friendly but Samurai Jack doesn't fit those stereotypes at all. It's something that has a lot of effort put into it, which can be appreciated very much.

8 It Mixes Different Genres

It kinda reminds me of The Dark Tower where that series mixes sci-fi, fantasy, horror and western, this show mixes a lot of different genres such as action, sci-fi, fantasy, chanbara, cyberpunk, sword and sorcery, comedy and drama.

9 It's Dark
10 It Breaks Stereotypes of Western Animation Being Dumb Cartoons for Kids

A lot of western animations are stereotyped as dumb animated comedies only meant to cater to kids and can't be taken seriously at all, but Samurai Jack breaks those stereotypes with its dramatic turns, epic action scenes and adult content (and when I say adult I don't mean it having a lot of blood and sexual stuff though there is some in Season 5, I mean adult characters and ideas that adults can relate to).

The Contenders
11 You Can Take It Seriously

Which is why I like the show. But then again, I favor serious stuff over funny things nowadays.

I can actually see the appeal of Samurai Jack unlike say My Little Pony or Steven Universe where it's just for younger kids (that and Samurai Jack isn't nearly as overrated and I don't hear about it everywhere I go).

12 Awesome Theme Song
13 It Doesn't Depend on Nostalgia to Stay Relevant

Ok I agree on almost everything except this one fact. If you saw season 5, episode 6, there were at least 4 scenes that showcased Jack's recent journeys.

14 It's Aged Really Well
15 The Voice Acting

You got to love the all-star cast this one-of-a-kind Cartoon network original program has in store. From the guy named Marvin in Pulp Fiction, aka veteran voice actor Phil LaMarr, portraying Samurai Jack himself whose actions speak more to his character than his words to other well-known voice actors in the animation industry like John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, and more to name, to call Samurai Jack's cast an all-star cast would be an understatement. And of course, let's not forget about the legendary Mako Iwamatsu, the voice of the Shogun of Sorrow, the Deliverer of Darkness, and the Shape-Shifting Master known none other than Aku!

Mako, one of the best actors of all time! RIP

16 The Characters
17 Scaramouche is Amazing

He's just amazing. Easily my favorite character from the great Tom Kenny. He may have been killed off around the end, his musical style and genitalia jokes will always have a soft place in my heart. A hilarious characters from a phenomenal final season.

18 It's Very Eclectic

The epilogue.
I appreciate this list for once and for all. That's what I call Flawless Art.

19 Perfect Amount of Violence
20 Season 5 Played on Adult Swim

I only put this on here because in my opinion, something as phenomenal as Samurai Jack should've been played on a more grownup channel. I'm just saying that not everyone is gonna take it seriously if it played on a kids' channel.

21 It Appeals to Multiple Audiences

Had I been a parent while this show was airing, I would've so not minded watching it with my children, and even more without them

22 It doesn't treat us like kids
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