Top 10 Big Brother Coasters

This list is dedicated to most noticeable coasters in Big Brother (US/Canada). These players typically have no concept of the game and tend to latch themselves onto power player(s) and/or alliances not knowing they could be used as a vote or help power players to win the grand prize. These players also don't win many competitions, perform poorly in comps, not effective in strategy and/or play emotionally. On the brighter side, they tend to have a good hold on playing the social experiment of Big Brother and can coast through because they are non-threatening and likeable and some houseguests share game related information with them that they may or may not share with others houseguests.
The Top Ten
1 Jordan Lloyd

The queen of the coaster strategy! She's the only houseguest to win as a coaster in North America during BB11. Jordan had a good social game, attached herself onto Jeff (who was her showmance), and she was non-threating enough where no one voted her out. Jordan won comps at the right time but she was never a strategic goddess by any means. She did similar in BB13 and placed 4th.

2 Victoria Rafaeli

In BB16, almost everyone let Derrick cruise to the half million bucks! But one of his most loyal sheep was Victoria. She was clueless, easily manipulated, and felt special as long as Derrick kept her safe. Still to this day on social media if fans suspect a houseguest coasting they will be called "Victoria" as an insult for not playing the game or not playing the game well. She was rewarded with 3rd place.

3 Kathy Hillis

Poor Kathy! She's probably the worst collaborator in the history of BB. She could never win a comp and made excuses why she couldn't. Her only shining moment in the game was beating Rachel the week Rachel got evicted. She also was an emotional player and finding out in jury house Matt lied about his wife's fake cancer story almost got him a spanking. She placed 8th due to Matt using his diamond power of veto in season 12.

4 Raven Walton

Raven lied often about herself and was straight up delusional about game strategies. She managed to ride Paul's coattails went to jury 6th in BB19.

5 Jenn Arroyo

Jenn City was a bonafide coaster, but made me laugh in BB14! She always talked a big game in her DRs but when she performed in comps she was a complete embarrassment. She managed to have a good enough social game to take 5th.

6 Samantha Bledsoe

While she had a nice social game and had relatively sweet nature, Sam totally lacked game and refused to play in BB20. Like Jordan, she latched herself onto Tyler (because he reminded her of her brother and went above and beyond to protect his game even going against her own feminist principles). She definitely couldn't completely figure out the temperature in the house as there were 2 alliances but voted mostly with Level 6. Once The Hive members got evicted, she became an instant target for the remaining Level 3 alliance and took 5th.

7 Adam Poch

He took 3rd place in BB13 by employing both the floater and coaster strategies. He befriended America's sweethearts Jeff and Jordan, was used as a vote for the vets early, and a very good social. The vets and newbies midway in the season couldn't stand his game because he never wanted to make big moves and was comfortable.

8 Kevin Schlehuber

Another one of Paul's sheep. He had a relatively good social game but didn't play enough especially after telling Paul he took 25K early in the game. Most of the time he laid in his bed and made occasion wisecracks. He didn't win any comps but his likeability kept him around til 4th in BB19 and still well liked among fans.

9 Maddy Poplett

Coasted throughout to earn herself 5th place in BB6-Canada. She voted with the majority house, didn't stir the pot, attached herself onto Paras (the eventual winner) and could be whether annoying with how emotional she be in the game.

10 Matthew Clines

Matt was a huge disappointment of BB19! He started out as a preseason favorite but ended up being a total coaster along with his showmance Raven that brought down his game even further!

The Contenders
11 Meg Maley
12 Lydia Tavera

How could I forget Lydia!
She did absolutely nothing in her season but obsess over Jessie Godderz and be one of the biggest crybabies of the season. When she was evicted it was the best thing that happened to Kevin's game.

13 William Kenny

Like his fellow alliance member Maddy, he wasn't good at comps at all. He played emotional at times because he missed his son and took his frustrations out on some in the house. He rode Paras and Hamza coattails as they picked up where he lacked competitively. He also took his mind off the game to entertain a potential showmance with Veronica. He took 6th place in BB-Can6.

14 Dina Lohan
15 Jun Song
16 Kryssie Ridolfi
17 Nikki Grahame
18 Karen Singbeil
19 Talla Rajaei
20 Joe Arvin
21 Kaela Grant
22 James Huling

Not BB17 James Huling, but BB18 James Huling was a bonafide coaster! His focus was mostly on his showmance Natalie instead of gameplaying that summer. He waited til late to want to gameplay which lead to Paul cutting him at in F3.

23 Anthony Douglas
24 Kyra Shenker
25 Derek Frazier
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