Best Obscura Songs

Obscura is a technical death metal band from Munich, Germany that incorporates death metal with elements of progressive rock and fusion music.. With lyrical themes like :- Dark Abysses, Sensitive Associations.

The Top Ten

1 Septuagint
2 Universe Momentum
3 Diluvium

New Album Kills! - InsanityJoe

One of their best songs. Jaw-dropping virtuosity. - Metal_Treasure

4 Incarnated

Their best songs no argument - InsanityJoe

5 Weltseele
6 Akroasis

Technical Genius - InsanityJoe

A masterpiece. Hands down. - Metal_Treasure

7 Vortex Omnivium
8 Ethereal Skies

The most technical song on the 2018 album. That virtuosity of playing is unforgettable. - Metal_Treasure

9 Anticosmic Overlord
10 Celestial Spheres

The Contenders

11 Ocean Gateways
12 Velocity
13 Orbital Elements

Very enjoyable acoustic guitar playing - InsanityJoe

14 Choir of Spirits
15 Ode to the Sun

Brutal and melodic at the same time. How they do it so successfully? - Metal_Treasure

16 The Seventh Aeon

There is a riff that sounds like Alison Hell. My favorite song from Diluvium. - InsanityJoe

17 Euclidean Elements
18 Clandestine Stars

One of my favorites from 2018. The riffs, the bass solo and the guitar solo are awesome - Metal_Treasure

19 Mortification of the Vulgar Sun
20 An Epilogue to Infinity
21 Alone

A Human era Death tribute song. - InsanityJoe

22 Open the Gates
23 Prismal Dawn
24 Infinite Rotation
25 Perpetual Infinity
26 Ten Sepiroth
27 Fractal Dimension
28 Fear Fear
29 Emergent Evolution
30 Convergence
31 Ekpyrosis
32 The Conjuration
33 Humankind
34 Nothing
35 Unhinged
36 None Shall Be Spared
37 Hymn to a Nocturnal Visitor
38 A Last Farewell (Bonus Track)

Instrumental with extended basslines - Metal_Treasure

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Top Remixes

1. Septuagint
2. Diluvium
3. Akroasis
1. Septuagint
2. Vortex Omnivium
3. Universe Momentum
1. Incarnated
2. The Seventh Aeon
3. Akroasis


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