Top 10 Most Overhated Metallica Albums

Metallica is a great band but it seems every album after ...And Justice for All is hated for some reason

The Top Ten

1 St. Anger

I honestly like this album sure it has flaws but its not the worst thing ever like some claim I can name many albums that are worse than this one is - christangrant

2 Metallica (Black Album)

Hated only because its considered the "Sell Out" album when this album was still a Thrashy Heavy Metal album (Its both Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal) and plus this album was awesome - christangrant

3 Lulu

Yes it is a bad album that's true but its NOT the worst metal album ever because this has two descent tracks on it Iced Honey and Jr Dad the true worst metal album would be were all the tracks are awful - christangrant

Iced Honey and Jr Dad are terrible in my opinion. - ProPanda

4 Reload

Way more hated than load - awesomedp900

Same as load - christangrant

5 Load

Hated only because its different - christangrant

6 S&M

Hated because people think classical and metal don't go toghether when they don't realize that Classical inspired metal music - christangrant

7 Death Magentic

Its hated because of its production - christangrant

8 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

The only problem I had with this album was that sometimes the drums are too loud and I can barely hear the other instruments.

9 Beyond Magnetic
10 Garage Inc.

Why people? Why? - awesomedp900

The Contenders

11 Master Of Puppets

Well I might a well add all of their other albums - christangrant

12 Kill 'Em All
13 ...And Justice For All
14 Ride The Lightning

No one should hate this - christangrant

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