Top 10 Most Overhated Simple Plan Songs

Simple Plan has to be one of the most overhated bands of all time next to Nickelback and Linkin Park in all honesty. This is what I consider to be their most overhated songs.

The Top Ten

1 I'd Do Anything

A bit cheesy but not bad.

2 Welcome to My Life

Heard worse from Good Charlotte in all honesty.

3 I'm Just a Kid

Not really that terrible.

4 Perfect

Not really that whiny to me.

5 Crazy

This one is self explantory to be honest.

6 Untitled

The meme behind this song has gotten old and it's generally not atrocious.

7 Perfectly Perfect

Cheesy but cheesiness isn't really that bad of a sin.

8 Addicted

Not the worst thing I've ever heard to be honest.

9 When I'm Gone

Again heard worse and generally isn't that bad.

10 Save You

It's generally a decent song.

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