Most Overrated Michael Jackson Songs

He had a lot of good songs, but which ones do you think were given more credit than they deserve?

The Top Ten

1 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

I enjoyed this song. It's the weakest point on the album but its still good.

T.S.I.A(This song is amzing

2 You are Not Alone

Load of rubbish

God knows how it sold 10million

Then again mj was always overrated A
I think a

3 Thriller

It has an amazing video but the song didn't deserve so much credit. - TheAxlErmin

Best MJ song! Gosh darn it! - BeatleBoss

4 Billie Jean

I don't know how it is Number one on 'Best Michael Jackson Songs' because it is not REALLY REALLY AMAZING its just good. I am fine with it being in the top 30 or so, but number 1 no way. Overrated

5 Bad
6 Dirty Diana

MJ could sing of course but in Dirty Diana he screamed like crazy. Yes, he tried to sing something new, not just pop/dance but in rock style he looked poor - Magnolia

My fave MJ song

7 Ben
8 Stranger in Moscow

This is one of the most underrated mj songs I love it. great beat and does not deserve to be here

9 Who is It
10 Jam

The Contenders

11 You Rock My World

WaIt A sEcOnD tHiS wAs On 'Top Ten Overrated Michael Jackson Songs"...

12 Scream
13 Superfly Sister
14 Liberian Girl
15 Remember the Time

It sucks

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