Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

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61 lol

It's not annoying but you see it all the time

62 Dawg
63 Ayy Lmao
64 Like

So, like, I was, like, taking a, like test, and then, like, that guy said, like you are like, so smart. he is like, so has a crush on, like me! Someone in my class had actually said this exact sentence. I'm not lying - lovefrombadlands

It's like... SO annoying!

Oh God, it's horrible! - PeeledBanana

65 Literally

I hate the fact this word is losing its meaning thanks to people using it for things that aren't literal. For example if someone got a bad grade on their essay, saying 'my teacher literally took a dump on my essay' is essentially saying their teacher pulled their pants down and pooped right on it. Just take 'literally' out and that statement would be fine. - Entranced98

66 Bruh
67 Yuck
68 Eww
69 Man

esp when used to a girl "You're going down man! " - ronluna

70 Moron
72 Hilarious
73 hmmmmmm
74 Feels
75 Meh
76 Playa
77 Dude
78 This
79 Banter
80 21

dead memes - PeeledBanana

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