Best Pearl Jam Songs from Riot Act

The Top Ten

1 I Am Mine
2 Love Boat Captain
3 You Are

Has one of the greatest riffs Pearl Jam has ever done. Awesome song. - Pony

4 Save You
5 Thumbing My Way
6 Can't Keep
7 All or None
8 Bu$hleaguer
9 1/2 Full

One of the best songs by Pearl Jam. It's certainly the best on Riot Act.

10 Cropduster

The Contenders

11 Green Disease
12 Ghost
13 Help Help

This is a great song and does not deserve to be on the bottom. The multiple vocal parts create a sort of eerie effect and the guitar in the chorus creates a huge amount of tension. This is the most underrated Pearl Jam song. - Insignificance

I completely agree, this song is super underrated. It's dark, eerie, Cathy, what's not to like? - mtndewlord

14 Get Right
15 Arc
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