Top Ten Types of People You Must Have In a Zombie Apocalypse Team

What positions to have on your team in case zombies decide to attack and take over.

The Top Ten

1 A Team Leader

I'd be alone if my family wasn't there. You people crazy. I no bother with anyone and I survive alone.

2 The Brains

So we can use them as bait. Looks like I'll need to use Positronwildhawk to feed the undead. - ethanmeinster

They COULD be good bait, but I'd rather use a bunch of stoners as bait. - Turkeyasylum

They make the plans. - errrr

3 A Medic

A cut could get infected, - USGC

4 A Brawler
5 A Weapons Expert
6 A Speed Fighter
7 A Team Mascot
8 A Get-Away Driver
9 The Guy Who Dies First

Usually the brains... me... :(

10 A Tech Expert

The Contenders

11 The Distractor
12 The Scout
13 Athletic Guy
14 A Strongman

The type that appear on World's Strongest Man. A 400lb plus brute who can lift up a car on his own.

15 The Co-Leader
16 The Co-Leader
17 Swat Members

Because they have shields, bats and guns and they are powerful.

18 A Blacksmith

Because it will make your weapons powerful and strong as hell.

19 A Gang

Because it will kill a zombie with its bike or its car.

20 A Boxer

Its can punch zombie so blooding HARD as a strong man and it can break off a zombie head off. - yoza-yoza

21 Marksman
22 Military Officer
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