Top Ten Ways To Describe Your Fake Friends

The Top Ten
1 Stupid

Dat picture though.

2 Annoying
3 Disgusting

Yep, that picture is disgusting

4 Evil
5 Happy

They are happy to tear you apart

6 Ugly

Not just in face but their insides are ugly, especially personality

7 Bossy
8 Careless

So true. I have fake friends who say things that break my heart without even caring about how hurt I’d be.

9 Selfish
10 Horrible
The Contenders
11 Karens
12 Unfaithful
13 Fake
14 Heartless
15 Morons
16 Offensive
17 Imaginary

If your friends are fake, they are not real, so they do not exist. Thus "imaginary".

18 Asses
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