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1 Jackie Evancho + Cheyenne Jackson

This one is very nice.

Once again.. nobody outside of "The Top Tens" has ever heard of Jackie Evancho. Whoever it is keeps spam promoting her on this website needs to stop. - Here4thetens

Also included on the concert DVD. It should be an iTunes/ download! It's great - their harmony is just perfect.

The duet is "Say Something".

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2 Barbra Streisand + Jackie Evancho

This duet "Somewhere" is on Jackies "Dream With Me" album

The duet is "Somewhere".

3 Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney

Best collaboration
in music history

4 Andrea Bocelli + Jackie Evancho
5 K.S. Chithra + Yesudas

Yesudas he is the god of music.

Mazhai varuthu Mazhai varuthu Kudai Kondu vaa.. My favorite Tamil song by Yesudas and Chithra

Best Indian singer = Yesudas = Chitra

Best singers Yesudas and Chitra

6 Peter Hollens + Jackie Evancho

Their "Hallelujah" duet is posted on YouTube

A work of art, based solely on overlaid voices (Peter's and Jackie's) with no instrumental backup. - BobG

Over 1.1 million views in 9 days

An exquisite blend of voices. - BobG

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7 Jackie Evancho + Sumi Jo

Jackie and classical diva Sumi Jo sang "Con Te Partiro" before a huge outdoor crowd in St. Petersburg, Russia. Jackie was only 12 years old but more than held her own with the very gracious Sumi Jo. A powerful perfomance! - BobG

8 Jackie Evancho + José Carreras
9 Tony Bennett + Jackie Evancho

"When You Wish Upon A Star", from Tony's Duets II special edition, and Ironstone Amphitheater and Verizon Amphitheater concerts. Very special.

10 Freddie Mercury + Michael Jackson

2 legends.

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11 Freddie Mercury + David Bowie

You haven't truly listened to "Under Pressure" until you hear the isolated vocal track. - PetSounds

12 Hariharan + Shreya Ghoshal
13 Hariharan + Sadhana Sargam
14 Hariharan + K.S. Chithra
15 Susan Boyle + Jackie Evancho
16 Freddie Mercury + Jon Bon Jovi
17 Sonu Nigam + Shreya Ghoshal

Anyhting shreya is awesome :D

18 Alicia Keys + Beyonce

Yes, I love them both💕

19 Kumar Sanu + Kavita Krishnamurthy

When I hear there song, I forgot who I am

20 Robbie Williams + Nicole Kidman

These two were pure heaven together

21 Chester Bennington + Billie Joe Armstrong

The mix of Linkin Park and Green Day - ac1348

That would probably degenerate into a shouting match :-D

22 Udit Narayan + Alka Yagnik
23 Hariharan & Sujatha
24 Lady Gaga + Rihanna

Oh yes, I want in the near future to see them together in what some songs. Believe it will BOMB! I love them both!

25 Freddie Mercury + Elton John
26 Hariharan & Alka Yagnik
27 Freddie Mercury + John Cooper
28 Freddie Mercury + John Lennon
29 Freddie Mercury + Brent Smith
30 Freddie Mercury + Slash
31 Usher + Flo Rida
32 Shannon Noll + Chad Kroeger
33 Bernard Fanning + Daniel Johns

The mix of Powderfinger and Silverchair - ac1348

34 Josh Groban + Jackie Evancho

It will happen sooner or later.

This one is still TBD

35 Robbie Williams + Kylie Minogue
36 James Hetfield + Andrew Stockdale

The mix of Metallica and Wolfmother - ac1348

37 Jared Leto + Chester Bennington

The mix of 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park - ac1348

38 K.S. Chithra + SPB
39 Stan Walker + Guy Sebastian
40 Freddy Mercury + Jimi Hendrix

No, people. Freddie. Not what you have. And I don't know where, but I read that Freddie can make his voice sound just like Jimi's.

41 Robbie Williams + Lily Allen
42 Jackie Evancho + Jacob Evancho

"I See The Light" from her second PBS concert special "Music Of The Movies".

43 Rob Thomas + Rihanna
44 Marvin Gaye + Tammi Terrell
45 Kumar Sanu + Anuradha Paudwal
46 Kumar Sanu + Shreya Ghoshal
47 Bon Scott + Brian Johnson
48 Robbie Williams + Olly Murs
49 Rhydian + Sarah Brightman

this site has an addiction to those two! - thetopten

50 Elton John + Kiki Dee
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