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1 Jackie Evancho + Cheyenne Jackson

Also included on the concert DVD. It should be an iTunes/ download! It's great - their harmony is just perfect.

The duet is "Say Something".

By all means, see the YouTube video. This is THE perfect duet. Out two days, almost 13,000 views. - Trancas

Oh my definitely! Their voices harmonizes so perfectly, the ability she has to not over power in duets is awesome because she has a powerful voice but it's perfect!

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2 Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney V 1 Comment
3 Barbra Streisand + Jackie Evancho

This duet "Somewhere" is on Jackies "Dream With Me" album

The duet is "Somewhere".

4 Andrea Bocelli + Jackie Evancho
5 K.S. Chithra + Yesudas

Yesudas he is the god of music.

Mazhai varuthu Mazhai varuthu Kudai Kondu vaa.. My favorite Tamil song by Yesudas and Chithra

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6 Peter Hollens + Jackie Evancho

Their "Hallelujah" duet is posted on YouTube

A work of art, based solely on overlaid voices (Peter's and Jackie's) with no instrumental backup. - BobG

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7 Jackie Evancho + José Carreras
8 Jackie Evancho + Sumi Jo

Jackie and classical diva Sumi Jo sang "Con Te Partiro" before a huge outdoor crowd in St. Petersburg, Russia. Jackie was only 12 years old but more than held her own with the very gracious Sumi Jo. A powerful perfomance! - BobG

9 Tony Bennett + Jackie Evancho

"When You Wish Upon A Star", from Tony's Duets II special edition, and Ironstone Amphitheater and Verizon Amphitheater concerts. Very special.

10 Freddie Mercury + Michael Jackson

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11 Freddie Mercury + David Bowie

You haven't truly listened to "Under Pressure" until you hear the isolated vocal track. - PetSounds

12 Hariharan + Shreya Ghoshal
13 Hariharan + Sadhana Sargam
14 Hariharan + K.S. Chithra
15 Alicia Keys + Beyonce V 1 Comment
16 Susan Boyle + Jackie Evancho
17 Freddie Mercury + Jon Bon Jovi
18 Sonu Nigam + Shreya Ghoshal
19 Kumar Sanu + Kavita Krishnamurthy

When I hear there song, I forgot who I am

20 Chester Bennington + Billie Joe Armstrong

The mix of Linkin Park and Green Day - ac1348

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1. Andrea Bocelli + Jackie Evancho
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