Top 10 Easiest House Pets to Take Care Of

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1 Fish

Betta fish are really good pets. They could live for a couple of days without food, but they'll be really hungry. You just have to clean their tanks about once a week. You also have to check the water temperature for the fish. Different kinds of fish need different care.

I have three betta fish. I keep them in different tanks because they might attack each other, so I have some experience. I also had ten goldfish before, but they all died because some ate a lot and died, and others got no food and died from that.

You should have from 1-3 fish in one tank because it gets harder to take care of them. I also had a guinea pig, but they were a little harder to take care of. So, I think you should get a fish as your first pet. Then, when you grow more responsible, get a hamster, then a dog or a cat. Bye.

2 Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

I have a Chinese dwarf hamster named Latte, who I got almost two years ago. They are the sweetest hamsters ever! They are very easy to take care of. You simply have to make sure they have a 360" cage, a water bottle, a wheel (not wired), hideouts, a hamster ball, food (Ox Bow is a great brand), bedding (do not use pine), a hamster bath, tons of chews, treats, and other accessories. That may seem like a lot, but it is inexpensive. My total came to about $90, but it was worth it! My hamster is so loving, unlike the Syrian hamsters who bite constantly. Latte has never bitten me and loves everything and everyone. I love her being so content!

3 Dog The dog or domestic dog (Canis familiaris or Canis lupus familiaris) is a domesticated descendant of the wolf, and is characterized by an upturning tail. The dog is derived from an ancient, extinct wolf, and the modern wolf is the dog's nearest living relative. The dog was the first species to be domesticated,... read more

Dogs are my favorite pets. I have a husky. Although they are very cute and fluffy, they can be mischievous and naughty. They are extremely intelligent and hilarious. If you want one, I strongly recommend you stay at home a lot. If you don't, they may escape and run off. They get distracted by noises and sometimes run into roads. Unfortunately, most huskies die from running into the road and getting hit. So, if you want one of these amazing dogs, give them a lot of attention and don't leave them outside when you're away!

4 Cat The cat (Felis catus) is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal.
It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the family. A cat can either be a house cat, a farm cat or a feral cat; the latter... read more

Cats should be No. 1. If you want a pet that's easy to care for but with whom you can still share unlimited affection, go for cats. My cat practically looks after himself. He takes care of his own grooming, hygiene, and exercise needs. All I have to do is feed him twice a day. People think cats are aloof and distant, but that's because they show love in very subtle ways, which it is your job to learn.

While the cat doesn't need your love and attention to thrive, if a cat has bonded with you, it's because it really wants to. The more you love your cat, the more they bond with you. At the same time, if you just want a casual housemate or a mouse hunter, cats are fine with that too. Neglect your cat, and he will probably just find somewhere else to live.

When you put in the effort, the bond is an incredibly tight one. Once you are bonded, YOU and only you are the one they really trust and care about. Cats are happy doing their own thing and are rarely needy.

There is lots of stuff you can do with your cat. I take my cat for walks to the park late at night when it's quiet. The good thing, though, is if I don't feel like doing it, he doesn't need to be walked. He can just as well go out on his own. Cats are the perfect balance between cuddly affection and mature independence.

5 Lizard Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 7,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica, as well as most oceanic island chains. The group is paraphyletic as it excludes the snakes and Amphisbaenia; some lizards are more closely related to these two excluded groups... read more

One person said that they do not smell. I disagree, especially for bearded dragons. They don't produce body odor, but their feces are real, and if you don't do at least a weekly full cage deep cleaning, they will begin to stink. Also, bathe the lizard in water to get feces residue off. Otherwise, they are super easy.

I had a couple for a while, but my first one died, and he was so loving! He was only six months old and was oversized because of eating too many crickets, which led to paralysis and eventually caused his death. He ate twelve crickets a day, which was way too much! My new ones eat twelve each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That is a good amount.

6 Frog Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura.

Frogs, specifically African Dwarf frogs, are amazing and adorable. I had two for at least six years. One lasted eight. They are very easy to take care of, they don't smell, and you don't have to be home all the time to watch them. Mine knew who I was and would follow my finger around if I traced it on the glass.

All of my friends always wanted to see them because they are so unique. I highly recommend getting one if you want a pet you can take care of on your own.

I own African Dwarf frogs, and trust me, they are so easy to take care of. They are so much fun to watch and aren't as smelly as hamsters or dogs or cats! Ten times less work! Plus, you clean the tank once every three months! Just like fish but less cleaning!

And I love them so much!

7 Turtle Turtles are an order of reptiles known as Testudines, characterized by a shell developed mainly from their ribs. Modern turtles are divided into two major groups, the side-necked turtles and hidden neck turtles, which differ in the way the head retracts. There are 360 living and recently extinct species... read more

I have really wanted a small pet for a while, and a turtle would be nice. The only thing is, I already have a dog, and we usually are away.

All you need is a big space for it to live in and a huge rock. They are smart, and they recognize you as their owner.

Turtles are cute, fun, and can be difficult to take care of, but it is worth it for such an adorable pet.

8 Bird

It depends on the type of bird. If it's a large parrot, like a macaw, they can live for about 50 years. Macaws and other large parrots scream very loudly, which is not good for young children, especially when they bite.

If it is your first time getting a bird, I suggest you get a smaller bird, like a budgerigar or a cockatiel, which live about 10-20 years and are relatively quiet even if they scream. (Mine don't scream. They squawk, but it's not that loud.) They are easier than a cat or dog because you only have to clean their cage once a week or every two weeks, unlike a litter box which is cleaned every 3-5 days. (One thing I am not doing is bringing down the other animals in favor of birds, okay?)

Anyway, dogs bark, which could annoy neighbors, especially if you live in a townhouse, but a parakeet is something your neighbors will never notice since budgies are really quiet.

9 Hermit Crab

My dad was thinking really hard about a pet for me to have. I am fourteen, and my family travels quite often to visit family. We already have goldfish, so he needed to think harder. I LOVE animals, but due to our lifestyle, he had a tough decision to make. Either keep me begging and whining or find me a suitable pet.

He chose hermit crabs. They're easy, affordable, and perfect for a mature child to take care of. They are low maintenance and don't smell if you properly care for them. You need to be careful with them. They are fragile creatures and easily frightened. If you want one, be careful of the environment and weather. Do NOT spray toxic substances or expose them to it, or they WILL DIE. Otherwise, I highly recommend them. They require less work than a fish tank too, in cleaning terms.

10 Worm

Mealworms are great. Get a plastic storage bin, shoebox size. Drill holes around the top lip of the container. Add a container of rolled oats. Keep it dry! Dump in your mealworms, add a carrot and a toilet paper tube. And voilĂ ! Mealworm farm. You can watch them pupate, morph into beetles, and then about a week later, watch teeny tiny mealworms grow.

I'll say it again though, keep it dry! And keep it in a dark, well-ventilated area.

When I was in 6th grade last year, I kept mealworms for my school's science fair. I actually won first place because they are so easy to take care of! Just put them in a jar with holes and give them food (banana peels are great), and ta-da! You have your mealworm farm.

I'm not sure about pet earthworms, though. I don't think they would live very long.

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11 Guinea Pig The guinea pig, also called the cavy or domestic guinea pig, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

Guinea pigs should be way higher on the list. I got them in second grade, and one has recently passed, so we got another one. We clean their cage twice a week and provide them with fresh water and food every day. Guinea pigs need to be treated as part of the family, but you can also leave them for quite a bit. They will be fine by themselves if you provide them with food, water, toys, and enough space. They are way easier to take care of than a dog, which I can say with confidence since I own both guinea pigs and a dog.

12 Snail Snail is a common name that is applied most often to land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs.

Snails are amazing! They are super cute (in my opinion) and can be held as well. I had two pet garden snails, and they were so much fun! Unfortunately, they died of mites.

If you get snails, make sure to clean the container at least once a month and ensure it is secure. You can feed them pretty much anything. Just make sure to give them calcium as well. It's also fun to race them, make treats for them, and watch them slime around!

They are quite fast and love climbing, especially on your hands. I don't care what anyone says about snails. They are super cool! They live a long time in captivity if you care for them well and are quite rewarding. Just make sure to check for eggs, as they are hermaphrodites, and get multiple because they get lonely and like playing with each other!

13 Hedgehog A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae, in the eulipotyphlan family Erinaceidae.

My sister's friend has a hedgehog, and they lived happily ever after! They lived such a happily ever after that I was thinking about adopting one myself! So, I did some research. Hedgehogs are fairly easy to wash. The problem is they are nocturnal, meaning, for those of you who don't know, they mostly do things at night. You will most likely only play with them for a short amount of time during the daylight hours.

Other than that, have fun!

I've been doing research for years now, and they're shy at first but eventually warm up to you. You can put them in a dark, enclosed space for the first couple of weeks with a piece of clothing you wear a lot. They will get used to your smell from the clothing. You DO have to feed them live mealworms, but it's not too bad.

However, hedgehogs cost a TON of money, which is (mostly) why most people don't have hedgehogs.

14 Rabbit Rabbits, also known as bunnies or bunny rabbits, are small mammals in the family Leporidae (which also contains the hares) of the order Lagomorpha (which also contains the pikas). Oryctolagus cuniculus includes the European rabbit species and its descendants, the world's 305 breeds of domestic rabbit... read more

I have two rabbits, and the thing with rabbits is they need a very specific setup and routine. Once you have that squared away, they are extremely easy to take care of. The only other challenge can be their personality. I have two sweet little guys who come when I call them, use the litter box, do various tricks, and love to play and cuddle with me.

The hardest part of rabbit ownership, in my experience, is bonding two rabbits. It is hell on earth. However, if you have a solo rabbit or a pair that are already bonded, the rest is easy.

15 Snake Snakes are elongated, limbless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales. Many species of snakes have skulls with several more joints than their lizard ancestors, enabling them to swallow prey... read more

Snakes are probably one of the easiest pets you can own. It really depends on the species of snake for heating, housing, etc., but they are very fun and exciting. They are very interesting to watch and handle if socialized. Their cages require so little cleaning, probably the least work of any pet I've owned. Most species do require live or frozen mice, so if you're uncomfortable with that, then maybe try a different pet. But if you choose the right species and handle them often, they will bond with you and have super cute personalities! I would recommend corn snakes. They are very docile with very little upkeep.

16 Toad

Wonderful pet! I have kept Southeastern American toads all my life, starting as a child. My toddler found a toadlet at my stepfather's house, and we took it home. Just mimic the environment they normally live in: soil, water, rocks, weeds, plants, and a hide in a 10-gallon tank, no smaller. I spritz the enclosure once a week with water. We keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

It eats one mealworm larvae and one housefly a day, right from our hands. In two months, it has tripled in size. Great fun and a sweet little teaching tool for my toddler. We talk about its features: big beautiful golden eyes, soft tummy, and bumpy back. Tiny toes and fragile nature. My son is learning to be gentle. This will come in handy with any future additions to our family! Feeding it is easy and free.

17 Tortoise

Big species of tortoise, like sulcatas, are very hardy when they turn into adults, but they are not easy to care for unless you have a big grassy garden and it is hot all year long. If you meet those requirements, you can just leave the tortoise outside and let it graze all day. Give it a place to hide and occasional treats of flowers, prickly cactus, and lettuce, and they'll most likely outlive you.

I have always wanted a tortoise. They cost a lot. The only problem is, how do you care for them?

18 Ant Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera.

I love ants so much. Funny story: as a kid in 2nd and 3rd grade, I LOVED these tiny little bugs. One day, I got one of those pink pencil boxes your teacher may give you, went to the large field at my school, and collected grass, dirt, sticks, leaves, and, of course, ants. I took them home, kept them in my room, and gave them things like water in bottle caps, along with food.

As usual, they died, but it's been years and my love for ants has never died.

19 Ferret The ferret is the domesticated form of the European polecat, a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel, Mustela of the family Mustelidae.

I held a ferret in a pet store the other day, and it was so cute! It bit my hand a few times, but it did not hurt. Hamster bites hurt way more than ferret bites. You have to buy a big cage and take them out every day to play with them for two hours. You can also take them for walks. You can teach them tricks and even their names!

You also need to buy them toys, a litter box, hammocks, or tunnels with fur to let them rest and sleep. If you do not like the smell of them, pet stores (Sweet Pets is recommended) sell odor remover that you simply spray on the ferret. You also have to buy soap and give them baths. Ferrets are the most fun!

20 Rat Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. "True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.

My rats have always been my best friends. They're small but lovable, like a permanent pocket-sized puppy! Always get two, as they'll keep each other entertained while you work.

Rats aren't nocturnal or diurnal. Instead, they are pretty much available when you are! Weekly cleanings are a minor drawback, but they don't smell, and it's better than picking up dog poo with your hands daily. Exercise is simple. Rather than long, muddy walks in the rain, simply release them into a rat-safe room.

Rats can learn dozens of tricks and are always up for a bit of grooming. They are actually cleaner than dogs due to their low exposure to germs outside.

21 Mouse A mouse is a small rodent characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, a body-length scaly tail and a high breeding rate. The best known mouse species is the common house mouse. It is also a popular pet.

Mice, if cared for properly, are okay pets. They will still pee and poo on you, no matter how "tame." The enclosure needs to be cleaned twice a week, or they smell. Anyone that tells you otherwise has just gotten used to the stink. I worked at a pet store and cleaned the enclosure daily. They will eat their own young and can chew plastic cage sides to escape. The best route is a 10-gallon glass tank with a wire lid that cannot be reached. Use pine shaving bedding (NEVER cedar), a free-hanging water bottle, a paper towel tube, a plastic wheel, and a small metal bowl for food, and they'll be content.

22 Pig A pig is any of the animals in the genus Sus, within the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates. Pigs include the domestic pig and its ancestor, the common Eurasian wild boar, along with other species; related creatures outside the genus include the peccary, the babirusa, and the warthog.

I want a pig more than anything in the world!

23 Sea Monkey

Sea monkeys can live for two years and sustain a family of sea monkeys for more than a decade. Their bowl, tank, or jar never has to be cleaned. In fact, they seem to prefer messy water. They do need salt water, but they can survive much more than most creatures. Sea monkeys can eat special food that comes with a kit, or alternatives like yeast, sliced salami, and phytoplankton. Did you know their eggs can survive two years out of water? In other words, sea monkeys are perfect beginner pets.

I have gotten Sea Monkeys for Christmas for two years, and they're SO EASY to take care of! All you have to do is feed them. It's so much fun to watch how fast they grow!

24 Sugar Glider The sugar glider is a small, omnivorous, arboreal, and nocturnal gliding possum belonging to the marsupial infraclass.

This is my opinion, but I personally feel like sugar gliders aren't very good pets to keep, and I don't think they should be house pets. I certainly have done my research because I wanted one. However, I realized during my research that these beautiful creatures should not be pets. But, if you feel absolutely sure that you will provide all their necessities, care, etc., and give them lots of room and love, then I guess you could get one. Just so you know, these animals are also wild. They're not like a fish, a dog, or a cat. If you read this and still are very positive that you will get one, that's good for you, and good luck to you and your little buddy.

25 Butterfly Butterflies are part of the class of insects in the order Lepidoptera, along with the moths. Adult butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight.

I've raised a few of them. They require a lot of delicate maintenance, but the transformation is amazing.

Beautiful and amazingly easy to take care of.

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