Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games

The PlayStation 4 is a fantastic, powerful console, with brilliant features and BRILLIANT games. There are some incredible games for Xbox and PlayStation, and this list is designed for finding the very best games for the highly anticipated successor to Sony's PlayStation 3... The PlayStation 4.
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1 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Better than The Last of Us. YEAH. Those words don't go together in a sentence. I LOVE this game with a passion. The Last of Us is very detailed but linear and the cinematic every 2 seconds will get annoying, while GTAV has a lot to do, but very little of it is very thought out and feels like a chore. ACIV has so much well thought out content. Templar Hunts, Board Games, Bars, Assassin's Contracts, Naval Combat, Shanties, Varieties of Weapons, Upgrade Your Ship, you can't beat this game. This and Fire Emblem: Awakening are my 2 favorite games of the year.

After the fiasco of its predecessor, this game brought the series back from that dark road many video game series are walking lately *cough* Call of Duty, Battlefield *cough*. It also managed to make a sea battles entertaining for once and not just boring side missions.

The best assassins creed I have played. It's story was not as good as ezio's but it has awesome graphics and better controls. It includes naval combat like I have experienced never before. It includes four pistols and many other things that I experienced only in this game

This game is amazing, it's so fun to play, the graphics are amazing, the characters ability's are spectacular. This game is sure to send chills down your spine by how amazing this game is. I think this game definitely deserves its spot at #1.

2 Battlefield 4

I used to hate this game. When it was released it was an unplayable piece of junk. However, after the netcode patch, the game is amazing. I have played this game for 210 hours and I'm only at level 98. The single player is trash though, I really don't get why they included it, and even make you play it to get certain weapons in multiplayer. Your character leads a squad, but doesn't say a single word in the entire game. That's the only area that Call of Duty advanced warfare beats it.

A worthy successor to Battlefield 3, with much needed improvement on the single player side. The multiplayer is wonderful as always, and has depth to last for hundreds of hours! (Why are there games here that are not released... ? You haven't played the game, so how can you judge how good of a game it is? )

It may not be a finished game, but it definitely surpasses my expectations that I had with the battlefield/ Call of Duty war. I definitely thought battlefield would be better than Call of Duty (which it always is) but not to this magnitude. As battlefield gets better, Call of Duty will always continue to get worse

Battlefeild 4 is a game like no other. Insane combat, realistic features, and vehicles. This game has changed combat games for the good. This game has some of the biggest maps. And some really good features like the tiny bit of head bob, the graphics, and also the realistic shooting and health system.

3 Watch Dogs

It looks cool and Call of Duty ghosts came out already and sucks the graphics are horrible. All my friends don't play this game because they hate multiplayer, the graphics, and the storyline for campaign. Assassins creed is alright but came out for last-gen already.

Playing a game in a real life environment adds a level of immersion that can't be beat, the sharp looking Graphics Brings Chicago to life.
You can hack anything!
The graphics are amazing and it got cool missions.
You can play online and hack other people in real life.

Most of the time when this game was going to be released it delayed which means they spent time with it trying to make the best hacking game ever.

Got kind of boring. Grand Theft Auto open world with technology edge. Not very inventive.

4 Grand Theft Auto V

This game is one of the best games so far in my opinion. It has so much things to do in it. Fly, drive, parachute, kill people, play golf and tennis, drive submarines and boats, and drive blimps. There is much more than that though. Anybody who hasnt played should.

Why is this game at 40? It should be number one! You can basically do everything you can on Call of Duty except more! Really deserves more credit people.

What the hell is this about. It is the best game in the world ever made I think this list has gone crazy it is far far better than assassin's creed. Ha ha ha it should be ranked 1

This game should not only be in the top 10. It should be in the top 3! Click the vote button! It is an amazing game! You can do anything in it.

5 inFAMOUS: Second Son

I guess it all comes down to preference but out of all the games in this list, this is probably the game which I had more fun with. First PS4 exclusive (after Knack and Killzone) to show next gen graphics and clever use of the PS4 controller functionalities. Also, good story telling. The powers were fun.

Great game, this is a game that introduced me to so much more than just Nintendo and Sega. Even though I still love those most, I am very happy I play more adult type games. I have a lot of memories with this that I wish I could go back to.

This game has good graphics and awesome gameplay. Plus it's pretty different from ordinary games. It desserves a better place and should be listed on top. Just compare the games above with this one. Look at their arguments! :
"A great game. M416 is Op! "
"Such a good game! All I have to say is: Assassin's Creed is back baby! "
I mean, is that an argument?

I know it's not out yet but damn, the graphics truly show what next gen is capable of, and from what every preview I've watched said, this game is very VERY fluid. Infamous will always be one of my favorite series

6 Call of Duty: Ghosts

I have a dream, that all of God's children will get along and love Call of Duty, that a game would not be judged by the title of their game, but by the content of their game-play, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last!

This game is way better than battlefield and these series are really better than the other games series. This should be one of bests.

Best war game ever... ! I simply love the graphics, idea, missions and especially the dog.. ! Definitely is better than battlefield 4. !

This game is addicting! There is just so much to do in this game! And the storyline is just epic! It's a must have!

7 FIFA 14

Ghosts was a flop. Black flag I think was the best assassins creed sofar, but like any AC, once the story is over, its pretty boring and well the multiplayer in my humble opinion isn't as good as most games out there. Battlefield is a beast game, I play it all the time but I think FIFA is better because so many football fans out there

FIFA 14 is so much of an improvement over FIFA 13, everything about it is so much better, the graphics, the gameplay, tactics etc.

There's never a dull moment when playing. As soon as you score your first goal, it gets very addictive.

I have been playing FIFA games since 2009 & haven't missed a single game till 2014. I am addicted to it.

8 The Last of Us Remastered

Clearly this list was made around the launch of ps4 and is voted on by casuals. This is number 1 by far. Also why are you using this site as a source for best games?

I possess this game, and it is JUST insane! I love it really very much and is a must play game for all the gamers out there.

Very good graphics. Violence is graphic though.
I wish there was a first person feature in the Remastered version, however it wasn't announced.

Such an amazing game which characters/actors that make it even better. Excellent heart pounding moments too.

9 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

There can't be a better end to Nathan Drake. Plus this is my personal favourite game in the Uncharted series. Probably because it centres on a biological brother relationship, which I can instantly connect with for obvious reasons. The set pieces are amazing, it has among the best graphics in the console and it deserves all the praise it gets. How this isn't in the top 3 bothers make a lot.

By far in my opinion. Uncharted 4 a theif's end was the best conclusion I have ever scene for a gaming series in my opinion! Not to mention the fantastic gameplay and the gripping story!

I could write a book about how great this series is, but, really, I don't think I could fully describe it. Uncharted 4 is my favorite uncharted game yet, and the number 1 reason to own a PS4.

Yep not even released yet but it is uncharted one of the best trilogies ever made by the creators of the last of us may is way more?

Simply amazing game and has been boted the best game, of all time, not just ps4 on a couple occasions by credible sources not just fanboy's with a Wifi connection.

10 God of War (2018)

The only reason the games in the top 3 (Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs) are so high is because this list was made in 2013, and before the console was released at that (The PS4 was released in November 2013, this list was made in May of the same year, a month before the PS4's appearance was even announced). If this list was made around 2017-18, they wouldn't even be in the top 25.

Anyway, this is arguably the game that deserves first place. Everything about the game is fantastic; characters, story, gameplay, score, graphics, whatever you name it. It's near perfection, plus they reinvented Kratos to an extent that even newcomer fans can like him quickly.

Should be one of the top 5 for sure.

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? Riders Republic
? Saints Row (2022)
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11 Killzone: Shadow Fall

What? Assassin's creed and Call of Duty on top? Something is really wrong with our generation. Seriously.

This game is amazing, every killzone is amazing.. Call of Duty is the same boring game..

This game is so good. it has a great graphic and very good playing mode. The guns the people the soldiers are very real everything in this game is reall keep it up killzone

Great game, with great graphics! A very good game by Killzone, love it!

12 NBA 2K14

Probably the most graphically appealing game, and it played well. I got the same experience on the other games as I would get on the PS3. 2k14 was a lot better on the PS4.

Go lebron james I am going to get the play station 4 in a month I can not what! The heat will win the title again.

18? Top 10 at least! Damn, the graphics! Great gameplay, game modes (except there's no association), Best 8th gen sports game

Love this game... but maybe it should be called lebron 14, seriously too much james loving

13 Bloodborne

I don't really got the opinions here, like what, Bloodborne is the best exclusivity for PS4 right now.

It's a good game I mean good mysterious story and lore cool weapons hard but fun whats not to like

14 Destiny

The single greatest looking game for the past two years, if bungie can bring the strength its known for, not even being under Activision can screw this up! Cannot wait to play this beautiful looking game.

Destiny is the first real next gen game. It brings you beyond your wildest expectations and shatters your perceptions of just how amazingly far we have come in gaming

It's from the same creators as Halo, which means PlayStation fans will get to experience the magic of Bungie.

Looks plays and stuns gamers in all ways of amazement!

15 Need for Speed: Rivals

Out of all the games I have for PS4. this is the one I just keep coming back to. Amazing graphics fun gameplay nice cars, what else could you want?

It could have Mario fighting Amy Rose as they are hammer-using rivals in the game.

The best need for speed game ever, what else do I have to say?

Awesome, on my list (very exclusive) of UPTIMATE GAMES. Cars are good, tuning is great, amazing world, awesome races, great pursuits and physics is so cool. I love the way you can choose two stories (like in my favirite game SA2B). Also awesome features. Only that you must be on internet, MAN, EA, make Rivals 2 with the ability to play offline

16 Horizon Zero Dawn

Great game why is it so low on the list?

17 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game is the "crown Jewel of the RPG genre" I have no clue why this game is anything less than 1st place, I guess people hate one of the greatest games I've ever played in my entire life. 10/10 perfect game!

Better than the last of us, better than Grand Theft Auto, better than skyrim etc. Best RPG ever made I can't believe it's no 20 it should be number 1

This will be the top game of 2014, regardless of what this list says.

No gamer ever witnessed such spectacular game ever.

18 Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy is all about story! For me, Final Fantasy X was my first Final Fantasy, and I will forever love it for its "Free the world from Sin" symbolism and beautiful world of Spira. When you come to Final Fantasy, you're not looking for a deep romance or an action-packed thriller. You're looking for a game that will touch the spirit and soul.

I have been a fan of Final fantasy since like maybe 6, the graphics always surprises me because its like far better than any movie when it comes to graphics and the story is so heartfelt. The story is by far better than any action pack game I've ever played!

From what I've seen, FFXV has way more potential than most games I've heard of. So for god's sake, you people better start buying this when it comes out instead of the newest mediocre Call of Duty game.

Oh man FF has always been my favorites games. This game will knock out the other games. Man I'm looking forward this game. And KH3 "which isn't listed"

19 Madden NFL 25

I personally enjoyed this game, but I prefer Madden 13 and 15.

It's so epic and You can't get enough I mean connected franchise, PLay now, and altumite team! #Go PATRIOTS!

Exactly like madden 13, this game sucked. Why is it at 14!?

20 The Last of Us Part II
21 Tomb Raider

Highly underrated game. I'm a Call of Duty fanboy and I loved this game

22 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I've always loved the Metal Gear Solid series. The games are the most critically acclaimed games on the different consoles, the characters have great development, even the smaller ones seem relevant to the plot, and the gameplay never disappoints. I'm just hoping Metal Gear Solid 5 is just as epic as it looks, and its not another Metal Gear Solid 2 (I hate to remember how convoluted it was until Metal Gear Solid 4).

Even though the series is shadowed by Call of Duty and other mediocre popular games, this game will be and always will the series, be badass. This game will be awesome, and nobody should overlook the masterpiece known as Metal Gear Solid.

I CAN NOT WAIT. I'm playing Mgs 4 and it one of my favorite games and with the graphics sound and better technology of the ps4 this game will kick ass

This deserves to be higher on the list! At least higher than Call of Duty

23 Marvel's Spider-Man

I actually think Yuri Lowenthal's take on Peter Parker was better than Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland (yes, I said it, deal with it). For once, we start off with a Spider-Man who is already experienced and capable of dealing with threats. I love how faithful the game is to the source material, with a lot of references and capturing the humour and spirit of Spider-Man so effectively while also providing a great story, a flexible and accessible gameplay and lots to do around New York.

This is the my favorite ps4 game, great graphics and good ways to beat up enemies, and lots of strategy with the bosses, and this, this is only 91th place, somebody rise it up 90 more spots.

This deserves #1

Probably the best open world superhero game since Arkham City

24 Red Dead Redemption 2

My god best ever

Best game ever

25 Persona 5

Why is this #164? Only game that made me want to turn my ps4 on every day

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