Worst Things About Virtual Reality on Ps4

Vr is awesome but, there are still some things who are not that good
The Top Ten
1 It's not wireless
2 Sometimes the screen moves (and you need to look up or down to play or reset the screen position)
3 It costs a lot of money
4 If you move too much it will tell you out of play area
5 Sometimes when you get off your vr headset you realise that you are looking at a wall instead of your tv
6 You need to have a lot of space where your ps4 is (vr headset, camera, the kind of box you need to plug the headset in)
7 If someone enters the room you can't see him
8 If your cat/dog comes in the room you need to watch out to not step on him
9 Someone can throw something at you and you will not be prepared
10 12 year-olds or younger are not supposed to use it

This does not affect me but, there are not a lot of bad things about virtual reality, so I guess it could be one of the worst things

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