Full-fledged List Analysis - Top Ten Things That Make You Angry

NuMetalManiak I'll say one thing that makes me angry. Title case.

1. Being Blamed for Something You Didn't Do: Worst comes to worst, you get arrested for a crime you did not commit. Happened to someone I knew.
2. People Who Take Credit for Your Work: And YOU get caught cheating.
3. Liars and Lies: And when they get away with it.
4. Slow Loading Screens: Sonic 06 in a nutshell.
5. Bad Drivers: Too many to list.
6. Donald Trump as the 45th President: Oh boo hoo Nosy People, live with it for another two years and hopefully you can vote for someone else.
7. Nosy People: This can just about describe everything on here when pertaining to certain people. Privacy, please.
8. People That Talk During Movies: Thanks, dad, right when the silent part of The Last Jedi occurred he opened his mouth.
9. Screaming Children: Only ever see them in churches.
10. People Talking to You While Your Trying to Work: Put a Do Not Disturb sign. If they don't follow it, that's disturbing.
11. People Who Are Morons: Can describe most of the other items here.
12. People Who Steal Your Jokes: Again, worst scenario: having the others laugh at a joke stolen from you, saying it was yours, and they think YOU'RE the joke stealer.
13. Your Boss: Your employer or supervisor, more likely. "Hey, do all of these in this short amount of time or I'm not paying you".
14. Having Siblings: Well I don't.
15. Abusive Parents: Their beliefs don't match yours, they try to assimilate their old fart culture into yours, but when they assimilate themselves into new culture, they do everything wrong. Then you get the blame. And the abuse.
16. Hackers: Quite possibly the nastiest item on this list, although rare.
17. People Looking Over Your Phone While Texting: No one knows about privacy anymore?
18. Campers: Cowards.
19. Getting a Ticket: I would say it depends on the state, but usually they are in the hundreds of dollars anyways so really yeah. But then again, it's your fault for driving wrong.
20. People Borrowing Your Stuff and Returning It Broken: Or not returning it at all.
21. Finding Out That You've Been Cheated On: Now now, women, don't immediately come up with crazy theories. Same for men, actually.
22. People Who Think They're Right and You're Wrong: What eventually happens in debates in a nutshell.
23. Stubborn People: Well, this is basically the above item.
24. People Who Get Angered Easily: Angerception.
25. Animal Abusers: What is wrong with these people.
26. Rude Customers: Some simple mistakes can easily be fixed. On the other hand, if what the customer gave is rather complex, then half the blame might as well be on them for thinking of something that most people wouldn't know about.
27. Justin Bieber: Have you gotten over your rage for dumb TheTopTens items yet?
28. People Who Can't Stop Talking for 10 Seconds: Would these people drop dead if they DON'T utter a word?
29. Egomaniacs: a.k.a. I'm right and you're wrong because I talk louder.
30. Terror Attacks: I'm angry at this one for two reasons. One, they are doing it for a cause, but the way they do it is completely evil. The second is how the media flat out focuses on bigger attacks while smaller ones that could have an impact on rural communities like mine could actually be set aside.
31. Your Internet Crashes When You're Almost Done with a Project: I'm watching you, router.
32. Stereotypes: YES, especially stereotypes against the US.
33. Sexism: Also yes but it applies to all genders and conformities.
34. Friends Who Aren't There for You When You Need Them: Answer me.
35. Waking Up at 3:00 A.M Because You Realize You Forgot to Study for Your Next Test: That makes you more panicked than angry.
37. When Someone Says You're Not Old Enough: No, you're so old, you wouldn't realize that people my age would do things that you would dream of doing at their age.
38. Social Events: Will usually dissolve into weird things that somehow will trigger others.
39. Video Game Lag: Thanks for making your mod so resource intensive with all this detail that even my modern-day jousting machine has trouble simply moving.
40. Being Told You're Angry Over and Over Again: What kind of psychological effect is this.
41. Dogs: No, but I do hate big dogs. Opinion.
42. People Who Don't Take Responsibility and Blame Other People for Their Problems/Actions: Already the #1 item.
43. School Teachers: Only the bad ones.
44. Teen Titans Go!: Then stop watching it and stop paying so much attention to it.
45. Stupid People: And stupid items on this list.
46. People Who Drive Slower Than 10 mph Over the Speed Limit: No, no, NO. You must have a huge ego, a fancy car, and no sense of safety to think this. If anything, the opposite of this item makes me extremely angry. You have no sense of law.
47. Love Hate Relationships: Because you steer more towards hate rather than love, is it?
48. Matthew Davis: Why? Why does one not-so-famous actor make you angry?
49. Peggy Hill: And now why? Why does one not-so-famous cartoon character make you angry? Why are you angry over things that almost everyone else in the entire world wouldn't get angry over? These questions I would like to be answered.
50. Racism: Only if it is truly offensive and used wrong.
51. Parents: When they're abusive, correct?
52. Sexy Teenagers: Just...WHAT?
53. People Who Hate On Cartoons: Because they grew up in an age with black-and-white TV programs, and apparently watched crappy horror movies considered "classics" when they were young.
54. Way Too Serious People: How about those who are serious and sarcastic at the same time?
55. Knowing that You're Right, but the Others Don't Believe You: Cognitive dissonance is the term you are looking for.
56. People Not Taking Turns: A.k.a. selfish people.
57. Yo Mama Jokes: There's a whole list of Yo Mama jokes you can ignore if you like.
58. People Saying You're Dumb Because You Have a Different Religion: Why does religion have to spark such huge fights?
59. People Who Give You a Lot of Guff: What's guff?
60. People Who Say You're Dumb Because You're an American: Basically every European ever. There, I stereotyped all of you.
61. Sanjay and Craig: If you get angry over a cartoon you perceive as terrible, you might want to rethink your life choices.
62. Bronies: Don't hear from them nowadays.
63. Google Doodles: How short is your attention span?
64. Attention Hogs: There we go, that's a legit item.
65. Scrappy Doo: Fun fact, an entire TV trope was based on this character, whom everyone hates. But again, getting angry because a character exists is really dumb.
66. Being Used: What every supervisor ends up doing to you.
67. The Loud House haters: Getting angry over haters means you're triggered.
68. Kim Kardashian: You can just turn the TV off if you see her face on it.
69. TheTopTens: WOW, SUCH META, please go fall off a cliff since if you get angry here, you might as well do that.
70. Liv and Maddie: How about a certain Disney fan who won't shut up about this show?
71. Every Witch Way: Can we please stop getting mad over shows? That is just a dumb thing to get mad at.
72. Child Pornography: I legitimately want to know how these people manage to have these things.
73. Trolls: Nice item.
74. Kids Screaming While You're Trying to Make a Phone Call: And the one on the line being "who is that?" and you feel embarassed.
75. Kids Annoying You While You're Trying to Drive: Can actually be dangerous too.
76. Dora: Seriously? Stop.
77. Anime Actually Being Popular: What about terrible anime being popular, oh wait, still TV shows, just turn it off and don't pay any more attention.
78. Deadbeat Dads: Think they can do anything.
79. People Who Say You're Dumb Because You Have Different Beliefs: Basically #58 but with beliefs instead of religion.
80. Obnoxious Siblings: Well thank god I don't have siblings.
81. Killjoys: How to ruin the fun in one easy step!
82. Frozen Fangirls: I'm gonna assume they decided not to care about it anymore in 2018.
83. Ice Cream: Are you now just putting up random items because you simply don't like looking at them.
84. Traffic Jam: Yepyep
85. Breadwinners: You're setting a really dumb example Kaboom.
86. People Who Can't Follow Directions: Especially when given directions.
87. Pseudo-Intellectuals: These people only get their arguments because they read a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia, then program a bot to argue for them.
88. People Generalizing Everything: A.k.a. the ones who stereotype.
89. Bullies: But how did the bullies become angry, hm?
90. Benthelooney: So apparently, I read an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about this guy, and he's basically just like Chris Chan.
91. Harvey Beaks Haters: You're just triggered, and who even knows about this show anyways.
92. The Kardashians: Then don't pay attention to them.
93. Homophobia: Completely unacceptable.
94. RANDOM ALL CAPS: GEE I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WORSE, THIS Or Those People Who Type In Title Case.
95. Mean Teachers: Well that answers #43 then.
96. Anti-Bronies: Fans vs. haters, the fourteenth coming.
97. Kimbra: Show of hands, anyone outside of New Zealand know her or why people hate her?
98. Nostradamus: His predictions are usually debunked but should not be something to get angry about.
99. Spiders: So you're not freaked out by them but instead angry at them?
100. Light Yagami: Stop hating on random characters most people wouldn't know about.
101. Sasuke: No one listens to me.
102. Eric Cartman: No one listens to me.
103. Shelly Marsh: No one listens to me.
104. Jeffery Fecalman (Family Guy): Now that's a name, but no one listens to me
105. Danzo Shimura: You know what? I'm angry at this list now.
106. Girly Girls: Only the trans women count.
107. ISIS: Okay, fair enough.

What makes me real angry with this list is how many of the items are on fictional things no one really cares much about. Or things in entertainment. Don't watch it and don't pay attention to it. There are a few good items still on this list of course, but the further you dive, the less likely you'll fine decent items.


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LThere are tons of things makes me angry...but not gonna list them as it'll make me angry lol

But yeah- I like to ignore some of the factors that infuriates me...not gonna kill my body cells or peace of mind for ambient stupidity ( if it's avoidable) - Ananya