Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Worst Fandom Wars

NuMetalManiak Wherever there be discussion on fandoms, I'm likely to grasp every aspect of it. So many wars on TheTopTens over such trivial things. The worst fandoms so far have been the Mario and Disney fandoms, if you looked at some of my other analyses, but what about the other ones?

1. Star Wars Vs. Star Trek: A classic one. I like both equally, although really I only watch the movies, and don't pay attention to the TV shows. And to the person that said Stranger Things is better, honestly their fanbase is getting worse than these two.
2. The Simpsons Vs. Family Guy: I guess this would have been a fandom war at some point, but who really cares. Besides, they did a nice crossover episode, which culminated into an epic fight between Peter and Homer.
3. Call Of Duty Vs. Battlefield: How about Call of Duty vs. every other modern FPS? Seems about right given the COD fanbase.
4. Metallica Vs. Megadeth: Metallica wins automatically since I don't like most thrash metal.
5. Marvel Vs. DC: Way worse than I realize. Marvel basks in most successes due to most of their films being awesome, while DC fans are always butthurt about their bad movie ratings. A lot of similar characters too. I mean, Deadpool is Marvel and Deathstroke AND Deadshot are both DC. In all honesty, some nerds on BOTH SIDES need to grow up and quite infighting.
6. The Walking Dead Vs. Game of Thrones: Both of these shows suck. Both have an annoying fanbase that never stops hyping them.
7. Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter: I like Mortal Kombat better, you get to "finish" the opponent after all. Street Fighter really is eh to be honest. Actually, fighting games are bad for me as a whole.
8. Conservative vs Liberal: "Conservatives are Nazis!" "Liberals are Commies!" "Make Abortion Legal!" "Outlaw Gun Control!" "Gays deserve rights!" "Lower taxes!" EVERY argument in politics is like this and people actually DIE because of this. The worst part? 2020 election will be EXACTLY this.
9. Lion King Haters vs Lion King Fans: And the Disney fanbase has invaded, wonderful. Yes, it annoys people like me who don't care about your obsessive fandom or hatedom. GO AWAY DISNEY FANS.
10. South Park Vs. Family Guy: So I guess people just hate Seth MacFarlane or something. Didn't South Park parody Family Guy anyways? Admittingly I don't like how Chris is a lot bigger than Lois, and Brian is way too small, but that's caricature.
11. Same-Series Pairings vs Crossover Pairings: Shippers are the worst. That's all.
12. Yu-Gi-Oh vs. Cardfight Vanguard: How many of you heard about the latter?
13. Nintendo Vs. Sega: Ah, I was looking for this one. A CLASSIC feud that really in the end served no purpose. Yes, Sega didn't win, but they still have some good games. In the end, Nintendo is still around while OTHER console wars unfortunately happen.
14. Super Smash Bros. vs PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: One was inspired by the other. It's clear who the winner is.
15. Sony Vs. Microsoft: And here's the other lame console war. Give it a rest.
16. Seinfeld vs Friends: I personally don't watch sitcoms so I don't know or care about these two.
17. Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go: Hah, should it be obvious who's the winner here?
18. Love Live VS. The iDOLM@STER: BOTH ARE CRAP.
19. Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon: I like cartoons from both. I don't like reality shows on Cartoon Network for obvious reasons.
20. Star Wars vs Harry Potter: Not a fandom war if I recall.
21. Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft vs PC vs Mobile: Okay this really shouldn't count. You just lump every single major console developer into a war when I know for a fact that Mobile automatically loses and Nintendo is pretty much neutral to everything, while PC is full of the egotists and Sony and Microsoft are the only real competitors.
22. Kollegah vs. Spongebozz: For real, how many people actually know who these two are. Apparently they are rappers, and not a single person outside Germany would care.
23. Sailor Moon vs. Precure: How many of us have heard of the latter?
24. Gundam vs. Zoids vs. Macross/Robotech: Do I need to repeat myself again?
25. Naruhina vs Narusaku (Naruto): Oh gosh really? A very specific shipping fandom war?
26. Nintendo vs Sony: Really shouldn't count. I don't think Nintendo is competing with anyone.
27. Disney vs Non-Disney: GO AWAY DISNEY FANS.
28. Sonamy vs Sonally (Sonic): Oh wow, another shipping war.
29. Shadouge vs Knouge (Sonic): Wait, are you serious.
30. Tailooey vs. Taiream (Sonic): That's the third one.
31. Sonic vs Shadow (Sonic): Maybe this one I know about, but then again, both are filled with edginess.
32. Sonaze vs Silvaze (Sonic): Are we really doing this.
33. Taismo vs Taiream (Sonic): That is six Sonic-related items back to back. Trying to compete with the other bad fandoms.
34. Kimba vs Simba: Oh my god NO.
35. Republican vs Democrat: Basically Conservative vs Liberal, unless you want to lump in liberal Republicans vs. conservative Democrats.
36. Originality vs Tropes: It's hard to find the former these days.
37. Daisy vs Rosalina (Mario): Well, looks like the Mario fandom had a late start to this list.
38. Karel vs Harken (Fire Emblem): Honest to god, let's lump this particular Fire Emblem thing to the worst fandoms on this site as well. They can be just as bad.
39. Star Fox vs Star Wolf (Star Fox): Both are for furries.
40. Classic vs Modern (Sonic, Several Other Games, Etc): Classic fans really need to hush up and find some good in modern things. Modern fans need to realize that classics are good. That way you all get along well.
41. Bowser Jr. vs the Koopalings (Mario): That's one vs. SEVEN. And who really cares?
42. Nintendo vs Microsoft for Rareware: Again, Nintendo isn't competing against anyone right now.
43. Disney vs Warner Bros: Keep crying Disney fanbase.
44. Sword Art Online vs Log Horizon: What even is Log Horizon?
45. Rap vs Metal: Both are good.
46. Breaking Bad vs Grey's Anatomy: Grey's Anatomy doesn't have an annoying fanbase, so it's a clear winner here.
47. MMA vs Boxing: Since I don't follow sports, all I see are people punching each other.
48. Mario vs Sonic: Basically Nintendo vs. Sega of old. They have those awful Olympic games though.
49. Samsung vs Apple: One of the most IDIOTIC fandom wars ever. There's zero point, both are mobile devices for communication and entertainment.
50. WWE vs UFC: Too many people hate both.
51. Minecraft vs Terraria: Kind of dumb when I hear about it. One's most likely jealous of the success of the other, while that successful one gets too many idiotic fans. Hard to judge.
52. Wario vs. Waluigi: What.
53. Mario vs Luigi: Enough, seriously.
54. Pokemon vs Digimon: Digimon has sadly fallen out of favor, while Pokemon continues to thrive. Only the hardcore fans prevail in the Digimon world it seems.
55. Pop vs. Metal: Again, genre wars are dumb.

Thanks to this list I know the following. Sonic fans love to get into fights over shipping couples and be consistently annoying to everyone, Mario fanbases are late to the party but STILL manage to get into fights over characters as usual, and Disney fans are still huge whiners everywhere. Oh, and there's other wars like console wars and things involving sci-fi and sitcoms, but their fanbases still don't have a huge grasp on TheTopTens unlike the aforementioned three. Outside of this site? Yeah, I'm sure some fandom wars listed here would be worse.


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