Most Powerful Supernatural Characters

This list is based on the show Supenratural and it's most powerful beings. Hope you agree with my list😀

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1 The Darkness (Amara)

As being the oldest being in existence and the first primordial being as well as gods older sister, Amara possesses near infinite power and nearly killed god himself. She is referred to as an omnipotent ( Someone with near infinite power) - Emurad123

Sorrry to dissapoint you but if GOD truly had infinite and unlimited power he could had resurrected both Raphael and Gabriel from The Empty without much difficulty even if THE COSMIC ENTITY wouldn't have wanted to let go of some archangels for example. THE DARKNESS herself may be near infinitely powerful but not powerful enough to revive archangels from the empty and because perhaps no-one had litterally infinite unlimited power perhaps no one bend rules of anything with ease that's why whats what I think.

Accurate mates, accurate.

2 God

As they were born around the same time and are both primoridal beings god and death both possess and immense amount of power. Just like Amara they are also referred as omnipotents - Emurad123

3 God Cas

After gulping up among hundreds and thousands of souls from purgatory, god cas was able to kill Raphael ( An archangel) with a snap of the fingers - Emurad123

Despite having this power he still Feared Michael and Lucifer. - Sbritton

4 Jack (Nephilim)

As we are not sure if jack is stronger that Raphael or Gabriel he can grow extremely powerful as being the biological son of an archangel, jack effortlessly killed a high ranking demon before he was even born, and if that's not enough due to his immense power he created an alternate reality. - Emurad123

Jack should be above Michael since he showed that in the season finale.

Just because he is a hybrid and he is the son the king of all demons and hell also his immortality he is already at his fathers level also jack doesn't rewalize how powerful he is and if he does and also unlocks his true potential he will be at micheals level or even a little higher and plus Michael in apocalypse world is afraid of jack and if he gets angry! you even wanna get me started on that

Jack should be above Michael. He was able to blast him across the room and damage him and his vessel where it couldn’t heal. - Sbritton

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5 Michael

As the oldest among 4 archangels Michael also possess an extreme amount of power and was one of the oldest beings in existence - Emurad123

6 Death

Come on you can't miss death, Aside from being killed by Dean he is still one of the oldest and strongest beings in creation

7 Lucifer

As the 2nd oldest archange alongside Michael lucifer is the king of all demons and can kill multiple pagan gods at a time. As well as being one of the oldest beings in the universe. Lucifer is one of the most feared beings in the supernatural universe - Emurad123

8 Raphael

As the 3rd most powerful archangel alongside lucifer Raphael also has an extreme amount of power being an archangel, and with his other brothers being alongside gods very first creations - Emurad123

9 Gabriel

The youngest among 4 archangels, just like the rest of his brothers Gabriel also has an extraordinary amount of power and was among the first of gods creations. - Emurad123

10 The Antichrist (Jesse Turner)

Jesse turner was mentioned by castiel to grow very powerful once lucifer stepped foot on earth and with that power at a young age he was able to make castiel an action figure with a word - Emurad123

The Contenders

11 Demon Dean
12 The Cosmic Entity

I would wonder if THE COSMIC ENTITY could grow to OMNIPOTENT if he left the empty somehow long ago before the universe was created the cosmic entity was all powerful and then he was for example locked away in the empty to sleep and be in pain at times if he can't sleep and if his OMNISCIENCE was sort of gone if perhaps when he's awake. I would wonder also if JACK could grow to become OMNIPOTENT if it wasnt impossible for JACK since when he was born since that moment castiel for example was sent to an alternative reality would you feel surprised if it was because JACK could become OMNIPOTENT if he did have litterally infinite potential and could gain infinite knowledge and awareness and wisdom if it was perhaps going to happen there is maybe no telling how powerful JACK could had grown it would been awesome if JACK battled THE COSMIC ENTITY and the two omnipotent would been not the only battling if GABRIEL, GOD and THE DARKNESS could have helped in the battle against THE COSMIC ENTITY ...more

I think THE COSMIC ENTITY of The Empty in supernatural is perhaps even more powerful than GOD himself and even THE DARKNESS herself.

I would wonder if THE COSMIC ENTITY now known as THE SHADOW created THE DARKNESS and GOD and even DEATH THE PRIMORDIAL HORSEMAN if it wasnt impossible. Think oEf it like if GOD held power equal to 10 million supernovas and if THE DARKNESS held power equal to 20 million supernovas for example and if THE COSMIC also known as THE SHADOW would have holded power between 100 million or even 1 billion supernovas put together.

13 Eve

As a primordial monster and even predating angels themselves, eve was a very powerful monster who could change humans to a type of monsters she wanted to with a touch. She as also extremely difficult to kill - Emurad123

14 Gimpy

The true MVP

15 Klaus Mikaelson
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