Top 10 Powerpuff Girls Season 2 Episodes

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The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever

I don't hate this episode I just hated blossom and buttercup bickering which made bubbles cry also I hated a very special blossom and fallen arches because I hated the way buttercup and bubbles treated blossom badly if I were in those two horrible episodes I'd give those two something to complain about besides I think blossom is the perfect little girl and I still think bubbles and buttercup are cute and cool I just hate the way they treated blossom badly maybe the writers did have to have a mean spirited ending for a very special blossom and (maybe) fallen arches or maybe they were having a bad day but hey at least they made up and forgiven her after those horrible episodes and the powerpuff girls best rainy day adventure ever is still good because I liked the way they play nice with her

The reason why this episode is the worst so far all because of Blossom and Buttercup's bickering which it usually make sensitive Bubbles cry easily. Man, did the writers of the Power Puff Girls episodes have to affect us and make us easily complain about the sisterly drama tension spats between Buttercup and her sisters Blossom and Bubbles? Well, they didn't have to, did they?

I liked when Buttercup wore Blossoms bow. She looks great in it!

This was a good episode, I liked how Blossom pretended to be Miss Bellum, Bubbles the Mayor, and Buttercup the monster. But I liked how they changed roles like Buttercup playing Blossom and wearing her bow, Bubbles as Buttercup, the Proffesor as Bubbles, and Blossom as Mojo Jojo and the monster. I found this episode quite creative.

Slumbering with the Enemy
Collect Her

This episode was interesting. It was funny how Lenny had so much PPG merchandise and the reaction of the girls once they saw it.

I don't find that episode really interesting because the Townsville people have to save the day themselves

Birthday Bash
Something's a Ms.

I hate Sedusa so much

Sedusa used to be my favourite villain, she should appear as an antagonist more often.

Beat Your Greens

Excellent! For Any Other Episode Now I Hated When The Control Their Parents That Was Scary.

Stuck, Up, Up and Away

I like Princess!

Twisted Sister

Very scary

Cover Up

Best episode ever!

Down 'n' Dirty


This episode is horrible because of child abuse when buttercup refused to take a bath

Also mrs keane shouldn’t pull the fire alarm when it’s a false alarm I wonder why she didn’t get arrested for doing that

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Speed Demon
Mo Job

MUCH better than the Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever!

At least to me!

Good episode

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