Top Ten Problems With America

Wow, where to start? Drugs, violence, corruption, war, the Jonas brothers... My fellow Americans, we're in a pretty crappy spot :( What is our biggest issue today, and what can we do to solve it? We have a thousand issues, so I wanna see a thousand issues on here too!

The Top Ten

1 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

I do not understand his "Build the Wall" campaign. For one it is going to cost billions and America is already in debt. Guess I need to buy a plane ticket to Jamaica...

Global warming is killing coral reefs. And are we just going to let trump turn Everywhere beautiful in the country into factory plants? No - lemur

I still Hate Trump and his fans! Global warming deniers are just like Holocaust ones! Saying global warming is a myth is just as worse than saying Heil Hitler, screaming death to Jews and planning to build concentration camps! I do believe in Global Warming because it happens since forever and I know about the Holocaust very well. It's a sad, bloody and violent event where the innocent Jews being labeled as inferior to the Nazis also known by themselves as Aryan or the master race and sent into the Gloomy confiments, where spirits are crushed, loss of self identity until they die called Concentration camps! Never forget the Holocaust same thing with Global Warming. - Jeanclaudejunior

He is already trying to get rid of reusable fuels (Solar, Wind, etc...) and replace them with coal. He is cutting down the EPA too and will make it so that the Earth is choked by pollution! Not only that he is extremely racist & xenophobic. Even his business ventures were largely unsuccessful with the bank declaring Trump bankrupt 6 times! I truly believe that he will be one of the worst presidents in the U.S. for years to come.

I agree that this is a bad thing, but he's trying to help America out of debt. Or at least eliminate the debt. I disagree with you on Trump being one of the worst presidents ever. Obama was, In my eyes (key words my eyes). Obama didn't salute to any of the soldiers he walked past, and it was clear he didn't know anything about how much of a presence our military has in this world, there is a reason we are called a WORLD SUPER POWER. - BigMac2018

That is Incorrect. Under the Trump administration there is record low black unemployment and the wall is a good idea. Half the people on here don't know their facts. He is not making Mexico pay for it which isn't "mean" I apologize for hurting your feelings but you got offended by false information. When he says that he says that the wall will pay for itself by stopping the dept that Mexico puts us in from illegal aliens.

2 No Respect For The Rest of The World

This is very true about Americans. Every other country except for themselves is portrayed negatively and incorrectly in their films and T.V. shows

Yeah, who doesn't enjoy being lumped into a group of stereotypical people by other people who don't know what jokes are! - ObviouslyNotATroll

Ya, we're some pretty arrogant a**holes arent we?

With in the last few years, no one had internet. No one could reach, out if they could. Now we are everywhere, we can talk to many, at one time. People do not have respect here in America, how can they have respect to anyone else? Have you ever read, a old social studies book 20's 30'era? Things are passed down through generations, not just recipes, they pass down bias and hate, so each person teaches there generation the hate, If you was to ask why they probably would not know.( It was passed down). My husband and I, have a orphanage in Africa, we run it with my daughter Olivia. The love those people give, amazing. we have stop spreading hate and bias stuff about people, people of different color. Some times I can still see the lynch mobs, the ones that gathered a criminal in middle of the square and hung him there. How some people are treated, How fast they can go from sweet to evil in one sentence. That was not that long ago, but it happened. Have we only progressed in technology. ...more

America is a very powerful and wealthy country, they sometimes use this power and wealth to benefit other countries, but mostly they do the opposite. I'm sure not all Americans are like this, this is only probably the majority who think people from other countries are inferior and are easy to underestimate and undermine.

3 Racism

Racism is not good. It should come to an end. God wanted different nationalities for a reason. He wanted all of us to get along and love each other, not hate because of what happened in the past. Let's not bring back the past. Just because your white doesn't mean you are better than people who are black. Everyone is the same. We just have to learn how to love each other for who we are not what we look like. I'm only 12 and I hope when I grow up Racism isn't a problem anymore. You shouldn't treat anyone differently. The golden rule for socializing for me is "Treat people how you want to be treated". I really want to grow up in a non racist community. I live in Hawaii and there is already a problem with homeless. I don't want to see a bunch of racist people in the world. When I grow up I want to go somewhere where racism isn't a problem. Thank that is all.

Yeah I hate Racism in the USA, so what if your Black and I'm white we're both humans but with different skin color? So what? I really don't see why the 1 race should think they are better than the other race. I never get white supremacy it's stupid and retarded. The Racists that really nark me are The Americans who are racist then claim to be Christian. If they were true then they would see GOD just wants us to all live as 1. Jesus told us to love each other not Hate, Criticize or Judge each other he condemned all those things. The answer is to Love each other always we are all Brothers and sister's in God's eyes and we should ALL live in peace & Unity regardless of Skin color or ethnicity.

At least states like Minnesota or Washington State are not racist. Raise a family there. It's nice.

It isn't just America guys, racism is a global problem and needs to end! People should not be treated any different because of their skin colour!

4 Destroying The Environment

Protecting the drinking water

We have more indulgent people than we have the resources to support our way of life.

China and India are destroying the environment. No matter how much the US tries, those two countries will ruin the planet.

But the thing is, China is actually trying to hold back. I don't know about india, but what I do know for a fact os that the US is not trying AT ALL - wren6

Cutting down all these trees to build houses and other things is doing nothing but lowering air and oxygen pollution!

5 The Education System

If the people were educated properly, with a full unfiltered understanding of history, with no bias-ism, over half of these problems would diminish and there would be such a thing again as 'common sense'.

Ok, I'm gonna go on a full out rant on this. First of all, education has really gone down in our country. And yes, if you look at my profile, I live in Massachusetts. But, now you're probably thinking "Massachusetts has an awesome education system! ". But, my school, not so much. In my English class (ELA) we didn't do much work. We ate food, threw the food, played on our tablets, and some got pretty bullied. The reason it was that bad was because the teacher was too nice. His punishment for students misbehaving was banishing them to the hallway! And plus, we took quizzes and tests, and never got many back. Since I'm out of that school and going to middle school, I'm missing 7-8 quizzes AND tests that I was supposed to get back! In science, we didn't do much either. We read the chapter, then did a worksheet nobody really finished. Why? BECAUSE STUDENTS WOULD FOOL AROUND AND BE DUMB. Then, there's Social Studies class (Geography or History). We would learn political and ...more - kaitlynrad11

Although we may touch on it, Americans don't really learn about other cultures at all, even rarer in a positive way. This is the main spark to the racism, and the lack of respect that the States uphold due to lack of and false information.

I am in America, an even went to an advanced school, and I must say, I don't know a lot of things that people from OTHER countries even know about America. I don't even know what half of our wars were about. Some people act like I'm stupid, but I simply just didn't learn it. What's worse is that immigrants who come to this country to become legal citizens have to learn ridiculous things that even AmericanS don't know, like the Bill of rights. Most Americans will not know that, or all of our presidents, or all the capitals of our cities. Then again... what's really the point of knowing it? Not like we ever use it, but, it just proves to show that as well as not knowing much about other countries which schools very poorly shed light on, we barely know much about our own country or even history of it. Every subject is just lightly briefed on, but never gone into with any great detail.

6 Corruption

Corruption and a stupid political agenda will be the end of the US. Other countries and foreign investors basically own us with all the debt that we've compiled. So what does the government do to stop this from continuing? They cut a few billion dollars from the budget and than propose a healthcare reform costing over a trillion dollars. The only radical change we need right now is in our spending and materialism. In my opinion, this category is the most dangerous internal threat to America.

Our republic has become more and more an oligarchy. I blame a lot of it on Citizens United and the Supreme Court. Corporations are treated BETTER than real people, and have more influence, not just in politics but they can get away with crimes that would have citizens facing jail time.

Repentance or annihilation.
If America does not drain the swamp in the political and judicial systems people will rise up to bring down the aristocrats but America will not survive.

I think not that much compared to INDIA

7 Drugs

Drugs are taking over our country

Okay for starters I will agree drugs can be harmful to you such as Heroin, LSD, Coke, acid, etc.. But if you think for one minute the marijuana is like any of these drugs then you need to get your facts straight. There are so many people out there that bash marijuana because it's a drug, yet it's used in hospitals and it helps people. Yet 88,000 people die yearly from drinking alcohol, 480,000 die yearly smoking cigarettes. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis, and if there is any deaths from marijuana it's obvisoly won't be anywhere near those numbers. So they legalize cancer, and poison but are having difficulties legalizing medical marijuana?.. My theory on why they won't legalize it is simple. They have to control the population so they have to have alcohol and cancer to kill us off so we don't overpopulate, which I guess I can't blame them because if we overpopulated their would be less jobs and so on. So I get why that's all illegal because it's at your own risk, it's your ...more

I saw a some building that said Drug Test. - TheAwesomeDude54

It was called the opium wars. Do your history people except this time it is in reverse. The Chinese are sending bad fentinal to the test of the world. - SBTAZ69

8 Bullying

Some many people thing that bullying makes kids stronger. WRONG! Bullying makes kids skip school, on average over 10 percent of victims have skipped school specifically to avoid being bullied, over 160,000 students per year.

I am a thirteen year old girl who has been bullied her entire life and death is a thought that often finds its way to my head. My family and friends and my boyfriend is the only reason why I won't kill my self. The reason why I have just now decided to share this is because someone who is very important to me is going through what I have went through my entire life. The people who bully think that because they feel bad they have to make others feel bad but they don't and if they would be nice they would find someone who is willing to love them so they don't need to hurt others or theirselves. Because I will love them if they need me to or want me to.

You have still stayed strong after all your abuse. That is an ability most people don't have. I hope you don't kill yourself, because there is always someone who would be absolutely devastated if you did. Think about the people you love. They want you to live, so do it for them. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I'm a thirteen year old boy and in the sixth grad got got bullied a lot and when I would report it the school didn't do anything and now in seventh grade I was getting kicked and punched by two people right in front of a teacher and she didn't do anything. I told my dad about the repeated bullying and he was furious and talked to my teacher and they didn't do anything. Never trust the teachers to help stop with bullying.

Yeh other countries don't have bullies at all! - Murphypaw

9 Barack Obama Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama II served as the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt more.

Obama is being blamed for Bush's screw ups!

Actually, it's not Obama. We just have a very corrupt congress. A lot of people think that the President has all the power and can do whatever he wants. That's not true. The President actually can't do ANYTHING without getting approval from the Congress. Obama has wanted to do a ton for this country, but it's all been rejected because our Congress is currently filled with very corrupt greedy people who do not care about anyone's well being, especially the financially struggling. They are all rich political figures that ONLY care about making more money, and they won't approve any decision from the President unless it makes them more money.

Obama's policies passed THROUGH congress are screwing up America. We were already in trouble before he comes, and then he lies to America again and again.

He's no longer a problem though. - BlueTelegraph

I look like obama ha ha hoo hoo hee hee poo poo pee pee - MSA33

Everyone who voted Obama has the same mindset as you if not worse. - 0w0uwu

10 Terrorists

100 people have died so far in the United Kingdom in 2019 as a result of killings, mainly due to knife crime. The UK is three and a half times smaller than the States, so if we say 350 people. Due to ridiculous act of gun legalisation, over 3500 people have been killed. The world would be a MUCH better place without terrorists.

Terrorism is a huge problem not just in the world but within the US. And it isn't just people who identify themselves as a member of ISIS, it's also people who shoot up schools, airports, people of different races including white people. It is terrible problem that must be solved but continues because we let it. We identify a group of people as terrorists and people who minutely relate to that, are grouped with the insane and violent terrorists too. Then comes problems with discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. If we solve one of these problems, it may solve them ALL. If we are united, like those years fighting alongside each other against the British who practiced tyranny during the Revolution, if we devote our time and our hearts into restoring or making our home a better place, then join arms with your white, black, and brown brothers and sisters, and show what the American Dream actually meant to us! If I can believe in YOU, try to believe in yourself.

Though we do have a lot of problems to solve, terrorism is by far the worst! Many of our problems would be solved if we could just get rid of it.

They are bad people


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11 The Media

"Reality" T.V. shows that focus on top models, dancing stars, fashion faux pas, "real" housewives, and swamp people are completely dumbing down our population. There is no focus on solving real problems of government overspending, personal dependency, radical islamists, and general decline of morality. Shame.

The media are constantly praising and focusing attention on non talented bimbo's who are famous for no reason. There is no morality about the media what so ever. If you had 2 women the 1 women was a very talented singer, song writer and played musical instruments but she respects her body so doesn't sell herself sexually by stripping and acting promiscuous all over the T.V. and the other woman has no talents or anything notable to be famous for, but she will do ANYTHING for money & fame IE) take her clothes off or do something disgusting & low to gain attention, fame and money; Which 1 will the media pick to shine the light on? They'll pick the woman with no morals & give her loads of media attention and turn her into a celebrity. Then they will publicize her sex life, boob jobs, ass jobs. The woman will date celebrity men and bed hop between them to keep her name in the papers. It is all just pointless really, because she doesn't deserve that kind of attention, where the woman who ...more

This should be #1. Disney spin doctors. - SBTAZ69

Sometimes the media can twist up facts so that people will believe the lies.

12 Anti-Patriotism

The biggest problem in this Country has been corruption, Wars fought for oil, "weapons of mass destruction never found", women and children in other countries killed and then America wonders why terrorists attack them? If bombs from Russia or any other country landed on US soil just once, it would be WWIII, but US does it and its just another day for "Patriots" to protect our "freedoms." that's just Bull. Us bullies everyone to get what they want and if they don't they get what they want they take it by force. Ask Hawaii how it lost its monarchy, even against the Presidents orders at that time. Ask the rightful heirs to USA the Native American Indians. You people think singing a song and saluting a flag makes you a patriot, but actually your just a mindless robot following whats told and never looking deeper to who is actually in the wrong and why they want to keep things they way they are while the corrupt live in LUXURY. You blame muslims, you blame presidents who all have short ...more

If you are living in America and have no respect for the people that have died to ensure that you even have the freedom in the first place to go on sites like this and say rude and disrespectful things, then please, I beg you, LEAVE! Why would you stay here with your toxic attitude? Some of us actually care about our country and know people who have died trying to make sure you have the freedom to be the little parasite to American society that you are. It is an absolute shame when people refuse to stand up and say the pledge! It's even worse when parents don't think it matters.

Maybe the reason people do not care anymore is because Donald Trump won president. As a teenager who is personally ASHAMED of our country, I no longer recite the pledge when asked. And I am not the parasite, I believe our so called "president" is the real parasite. Also, as I am learning about american history, it is a shame to see that all the hard work put into creating our country, is now being put to waste. Also, have you ever thought about the fact that the parents do care, but they are also just as ashamed in our country as their kids are? Well, since you wrote what you said, then I guess not. - aob

This article is proof lmao - GleamingShadow

We live in such a free, wonderful and diverse country in the world. This is the secret to why the USA is such a Great nation but it is also why the is such division today, and until every citizen and or visitor can put aside our differences and all reach for the same goals, backing each other and loving our Country and Flag first, then this country will implode from within. Take Pride in Our Country and stand together side by side as one nation. One People, One Nation. I want to be the first member of the No Race, Race! You are me and I am you. We are all the same. If you don't love your country then ask yourself why that is. And What You could do to change that. God bless America and all its citizens.

13 No Respect for Those Older Than Us

While it is true that many kids do not respect their elders, it is also equally true that not all elders deserve respect in that age does not necessarily dictate maturity.

Yeah, we sure are ageist. - TheAwesomeDude54

In 2050, kids and young adults will take over the world, and ageism will become a big deal.

The internet came so lets troll the younger.

14 Violence

I really don't know about the violence but, I can play the guitar. What song do you like? Stairway to heaven? Ops! It's forbidden.

Violence is the reason that people are afraid to walk amongnst the streets that they call home. Being uncomfortable isn't a way to live when you want to just live life they way YOU want to.

No the US have violence the world does - Jabber

Why can't this world be a happy place? - JaysTop10List

15 Income Inequality

There is no inequality, women are more likely to get a job and if women were paid less why wouldn't they get hired.

Women should get paid as much as men or more period.!

The are paid more which is dumb cause women got the rights a long time ago - Jabber

No just no

Women should be more respected since we are the once’s who give life to people...

16 Global Warming

THE EARTH IS DYING. What is worse than this? If there is NO EARTH, there are NO PEOPLE. There is no you or me or anyone. Simple as that. Why isn't this the #1 problem? Why is this considered a "belief" in America but a fact in all others? If people don't believe the scientists that this is a big issue, then why don't they become scientists themselves and try to disprove that this isn't real it instead of sitting back and making illogical statements? We can't just escape to another planet. We won't get the technology on time and no other planet is as habitable as earth. We will have to wear gas masks and buy air. This is ridiculous. The first step in fixing this problem is fixing people's mindsets. If we have that, everyone will start putting effort to put out the flames of our burning home. People have to stop destroying the planet for economic benefit. They will actually gain more economic profits in the long run if they stop for a second and help the ...more

This should be #1 - jameshoward

Something the alt-right sees as a lie made up by evil liberals to steal $$$ from the rich. - shadomatrix

Its barely real - Jabber

17 National Debt

If the USA can't repay China (China owns most of the USA's debt), then China could take land and infrastructure. That's how China obtained Sri Lanka's port & 15,000 acres of land after India couldn't repay a 300 million dollar loan. Currently, China owns 1.3 trillion dollars of US debt (4,333 times 300 million). If China made the US pay up, then they could potentially take 65 million acres or 1/35th of the USA's land from the USA. That's why eliminating national debt is a worthwhile goal.

I don't think india's land is captured due to loans.

Usa is in debt crisis.

18 Getting Involved In Wars We Have No Business Being In

I agree, the US should stop holding Israel back from laying waste to the Arab countries. Just let them fight it out, and whoever wins, wins.


I see America as a big bully getting involved in other countries politics

Cough cough Yemen, Syria, THE ISRAEL CONFLICT even the president has no authority to say gonna heights belong to Israel

19 Health Care

The health care system in America is obsoletely corrupted - TheStud

What is this against obama care - s46606

The lone nation in the delevoped "world" who don't have a universal healthcare... - DR5996

rip off

20 Debt

Why trump was elected and he does well with that our economy hasnt been higher in over 60 years - Jabber

When this government was formed it was planned that we have debt so it would shape our economy so it balances internal and external relations.

This is the Government's fault. We have intellectual airheads for leaders, they have no common sense or good judgement.

Debt in a rising interest rate environment is going to reduce living standards. The social consequences may be severe.

21 Capitalism

Capitalism is the best system of economy in the world, we have seen what happens to countries that become socialist. THEY FAIL!

"Lol I have it better than u" needs to die - shadomatrix

Social Democracy like the UK or Denmark is the way to go.

Yeah. The Russians were onto something. - virtuallyvirtuous

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22 Rape

What Alabama people do to their sisters.

This is not really a problem that is an issue of the united states yes its an issue for those who have actually been sexually assaulted but for those who falsely accuse someone of the crime should be punished

They sexually abuse our children

I was sexually abused as a child, and I know a lot of people in my hometown who were victims as well. What is saddening about this issue is that no justice is brought to most victims.

23 Gay Rights

It's not the homosexuals themselves, it's the people who want it banned. Most of them say that it ruins families. But ironically, most of them are divorced. Also, this is a "free" country. Unfortunately, not only do they want gay marriage banned, but also immigration, Halloween, etc. Hell, even some people want atheism banned as well. Donald Trump will only make it worse. If only I had enough to move to Europe...

Once again, this is homophobia. - TheAwesomeDude54

How is this a problem? Homophobes are even more of a problem. - shadomatrix

I think it is crazy that this is something that has to be talked about. It's crazy that some people are forced to not be themselves due to other peoples judgement. The USA, along with every other country, should allow gay people to have the same rights as any other person. There should be no differences in how a gay or straight person is treated. Ten percent of the population is gay, so just because the majority of people are straight does not mean you can team up on somebody that is different. We should learn to embrace the differences inside the human race instead of out when anything is different.

24 Lobbying

Political Lobbying is by far the most underrated problem with America. The supreme court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 2010 ruled that "corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts in elections" which means that corporations in America can (and do) spend as much money as they want on politicians that will make them more money. That is an example of CORRUPTION! If corporations control politics and not the people that is called a corprotocracy and not a republic.That Why do you think so many upper class people spent money on Trump's campaign when his policies would destroy the planet we live on? Because it would make them more money. Why do you think Lockheed Arms dumps millions of dollars each year on wacko far-right people whom say we need to spend MORE money on defense?

25 Obesity

Kids are just not worried about their health anymore, snacks and junk foods are being pushed a lot more

Kids are getting fat

We need more effective food police to make sure people eat only what they are allowed to.

Why do you want to be the food police? People get overweight because they eat too much. Let them if they want to.

26 George W. Bush George W. Bush George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.

Insert plane funny joke here - Maddox121

He should be higher. - Userguy44

He was so dumb

He stole the election...should never have been the president.

27 Common Core

Common Core may have it's benefits but it is definitely NOT perfect. But, no system is. This one just has so many problems. Some will just say we don't know it yet I do and I read it. I do appreciate that states will teach at the same place which does help families moving in the middle of a school year. But all it is mainly are tests and tests. It is a factor of how smart are you at there tests and it puts no individuality within its entire thing. It focuses on one group which makes it harder for others which also creates a lack of Education, because we are not teacher for every student, but for a group. No teacher, even though some are great, can go up in front of 25 students and expect to shae everyone! This is a problem and it NEEDS TO CHANGE!

I like the concept of universal education, but the way they're doing it is just making kids dumb. They should spend more time actually teaching kids things instead of just testing 24/7. - shadomatrix

You guys saying common core is bad don't even know anything about it. It does not change anything you learn. It Tries to make things a little easier while still teaching it. Also before common core every state taught things at a different pace, so if a kid moved from say, California to New York, their new school may be learning something a grade level ahead of where they were at their old school. It does take a little ajusting to, but future generations are going to benefit.

Common core is retarded. It's geared to make it comfortable for kids who have a hard time understanding it, but all it does is make it more complicated.

28 Bad Music

Lame. Not a real problem.

How is this a problem? This is an opinion not something that is damaging the country.

Really? Whoever wrote this is silly! The music here is WONDERFUL

Definitely very crucial in young people is music. Cardi B should never have existed

29 School Bullies

School bullies need to leave people alone because someone I love is being bullied at school and I don't think it is right. I have been dealing with this since kindergarten and it still has not went away and they think they do this to make kids tougher but it dose not work I can not tell you how many hurtful things have been said to me. I have survived through a lot of thing. I have endured more that kids my age should have to deal with. For the record I am thirteen. I lost my father at the of five years old, my grandfather at the age of four, my best friend at the age of 13. I lost my cousin a few month ago. I go to school everyday and it is always the same people the same stupid comments and you want to know what I don't care any more it is different when some one says that to me but when it happens to someone I love then that is different. It makes me so mad to know that none of those people have the courage to do that to someone who wouldn't take it. I would like some of those ...more

If you are afraid of bullies, be inspired with them. Fear will only teach you nothing but, it will protect you from something. Use your fear to be inspired and learn something from it, so, you won't be bullied anymore. Be the bully, not the bullied. Be the hunter, not the hunted, be tough, not soft. Be wise, not stupid. Be creative, not submissive. Be the leader, not the follower.

You have already proved that you are smarter than the bullies, so where you end up, they probably won't follow. - SBTAZ69

Kids become to terrified to come to school and I think there should be an end put to it

People have bullied for years and I say its ENOUGH

30 Sexism

I found out that Baby Shark is SEXIST.


You CAN skateboard, go buy a skateboard


I don't live in the US, but all the things I have heard about sexism and sex trafficking in the US is really bad. This one should get much more attention.

31 School Shootings

People cause them because of their poor mental health and lifestyles, and gun laws are still too lenient in some states. Gun laws should become more strict so that no more innocent children get killed in schools. - JoeBoi

This should be on the top pf the list! Every time I hear one on the news, like the Parkland shooting, I think and ask "Is my school going to be next?! "

One Thursday morning, my mom let me stay home because me and my sister's schools were being threatened by a man who said he was gonna gun down some kids on Facebook.

Then, later that morning, before my dad came home from work, he called us and said that the Mono Challenge was trending. What he told me is:

"She'll tell you to cut the stove on while your parents are asleep and then she can kill your parents."

I thought it was real, but before I knew it, the challenge was dead. - TheAwesomeDude54

In Denmark, school shootings are non-existent. It never happened.
Of course, it is important to mention that it is impossible to acquire a weapon in Denmark. - stillwater

A new one Saugus High School in Santa Clarita.

32 Depression

Should be taken more seriously

Since when was depression an American issue? Did other countries magically stop depressed citizens? - RandomThings

Children suffer from the acts of selfless adults, fellow students, and the stress put pain them. And it may cause depression. Children around the world are depressed and it seems like such a sad thing...

33 Taxes

Who needs police and fire departments? We should bring this country to anarchy because we don't want to pay taxes. - owlro188

Not a problem. If you like milk, not paying $7/gallon for gas, and having a military to protect us, then you want taxes. The government also pays your social security and disability when you stop working... think about that.

Taxes Suck!

This is why we as Americans need to realize how much better Trump will benefit us more than Hillary. Although these may not be the best two people for an election; but Trump will lower taxes to 15% and Hillary will raise it. Also, Trump has a more moral standard that the Hills.

34 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician who was a Democratic presidential candidate in the 2008 and 2016 elections.

The reality is we need God to lead this country in order for it to survive.

she sucks

Hillary is a mirror of Obama and carter big mistake except she is worse because she uses the power of position for major corruption and personal gain

She is the worst ever! How many things are we going to let one person get away with? She is murder, and deserves to serve the sentence every other American person should.

35 "Me-First" Attitude

I absolutely agree, we have become an "I got mine" society. You can see this every time a tax increase is proposed for the wealthy. There is always a hue and cry from not only the rich, but the (usually Republican)politicians whose campaigns they finance. Do they feel they owe anything to the people of the nation that provided them with their great wealth? Some, like the Clintons and Kennedys, do but most are like Mitt Romney and just store their money in a foreign tax shelter.

That problem is present in all Capitalists countries. - DieGedankenSindFrei

alex wolff

We, as both a society and as individuals, have acquired a selfish mindset that we can come, go, and do as we please. no one cares about eachother. discourteous drivers, music provoking insensitivity and carelessness towards human beings, When you try to start conversation with people, they look around the room and usually respond with something purely about themselves or they avoid you because you're "wasting their time". come on, you guys know what I'm talking about. add to the list!

36 Police Brutality

Imagine a white policeman killing a black man in an illegal choke hold. In 2017 a black man named Eric Garner was killed due to police brutality. This police officer still works for the NYPD. Imagine the the races were switched.

See, check this out: A (white) cop kills a black man, the media/liberals/SJWs go crazy. But, if a black cop unfairly would to do it to a white man, it's suddenly all good. How? - RandomThings

Considering cops are shooting people simply for running away- I'd say the criminal justice system, and law enforcement needs to be reformed.

Why is this even a thing on this list

37 Ignorant People

Americans are all ignorant about the world around them

*turns away and ignores the "Ignorant People" text* - HelloImDeadInside

Ignore people


38 Cultural Marxism

It's a big problem and it's being pushed down people's throuts that don't agree with it!

no you

39 Body Shaming

Body shaming is an actual problem in America, children in school especially teens go through rough times trying to love themselves and often are body shamed by others in passive and blunt ways. Girls especially experience self hate towards themselves when other girls call them fat, too skinny or judge their body shape. It is something many teenage girls go through which further leads to self-harm and suicide. It I believe is a new arising issue in this generation, even though there is so many singers and actors promoting self-love and everything people seem to still find something wrong with someone else's body.

Bruh, I feel that. It's definable a sensitive subject to talk about and with America's "obesity" rate.

Love yourself, yeah. But you've got to judge yourself too. Reflect on yourself and improve. That's the only way to succeed, to survive. - JustAnAccount

40 Feminism

If woman want equal rights, then it should be okay to hit girls

Good point I mean women got every right but that along time ago - Jabber

Feminism in america shouldn't be a thing anymore. It is true that women and men can do the same thing except biologically. - olivia3

This should be higher..

When a feminist says that men are pigs but you respond with "Aren't women equal to men? " -modern problems require modern solutions...

41 Partisanship


Common it killed Freddie Mercury - s46606

Put on a condom

There's a really simple solution. Put a bullet through the genitals/head of anyone with aids/hiv

43 Too Much Political Correctness

I was looking for this. The level of hypersensitivity these days is astounding. With freedom of speech, we can still say what we want, no matter who may be offended. I have known people who went great lengths to not offend anyone while speaking, and those people became monotonous and impractical to converse with because they are scared of saying something that somebody might not like. Have some backbone. - surgeonsanic

At Least it’s not as bad as the uk - Weirdest-thing

Everything on Earth will certainly be offensive to some people. If political correctness want the US without offense at all, ban everything, including itself, which is offensive.

See: Social justice warriors, radical feminists, PETA, people that think you're racist for disagreeing with a person of color, etc. - RiverClanRocks

44 Republicans

It's not necessarily the republicans that are the problem -it's just the idiots. Don't blame the republicans for believing what they want to believe, blame the individual people in this country who make bad choices, pass bad laws, etc. As neither a Democrat or Republican, I can say that both parties (and parties not mentioned) have played some part in why America is the way that it is.

Republicans are for the upper class, the rednecks, the ones stuck in the past.

I think it is not the republicans, it is the people in the country who are lame and can't do things for themselves! This one is highly offensive to me and probably other people who are republicans as well!

The party of torture, war crimes, endless war, ecocide, environmental deterioration, mindless nationalism, christian sharia law, history denial, science denial, corporate rule, neo-feudialism, job outsourcing, starving wages, recessions, police brutality, implicit racism, institutional homophobia, mass deportations, conspiracy theories, general meanness and disgust for anything new.

45 People That Can't Get Their Priorities Straight

I wish Justin Bieber, narcissism, and neo-Nazis were our biggest problems.

46 Conservatives

Not conservatives in general, just the way that a lot of things in the Republican party are radical conservative, backwards and quite frankly dangerously elitist. Quite ironic for a party supporting the billionaire who claims he is fighting for the small folks...

Shouldn't the Liberals, and SJWs who are twisting kids minds, into thinking being trans is the best thing ever a more concerning issue? Their riots? Conservatives have it right, we aren't the problem. - RandomThings

I get you about the Liberals, but how in the world are Conservatives "having it right" and are not a problem? - Jasmine21064

Democrats are conservative.
Republicans are inconceivably over-the-top conservative. - owlro188

A huge problem - bryton

47 Alt-Rights & SJWs

Especially the alt-right - shadomatrix

48 Obsession with Guns

BARE arms? I have bare arms in summer. Oh, you mean BEAR arms. And just how many people protect themselves with their guns? And how many millions of Americans need to be killed before guns are BANNED!

I saw a young girl on YouTube the other day and she was crying (with joy! ) because she was given a RIFLE for her birthday. Only in America.

Everyone who owns a gun is a potential murderer.

Your correct. However, in the United States we have the right to bare arms. In other words, we have the right to protect ourselves. I definitely agree that something needs to be done, however, instead of leaving it for someone else to deal with we are a team and we all need to do our part to stop this crisis.

49 Unemployment

Good thing trump is president more jobs = less debt - Jabber

Yes there is some discrimination, but honestly no one needs to hold your hand and just give you a job. You need to get off your butt and start looking.

"help life sucks and I have no money what do I do" - HelloImDeadInside

Get off your ass

50 Neo-Nazis

The world is a mixed up place and sometime we just have to deal with it

Common people leave the nazis to the 40's - s46606

I don't think they are the problem or hitler either there Pretty smart

We arer America, go back to Germany!

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