Top Ten Problems With America

Wow, where to start? Drugs, violence, corruption, war, the Jonas brothers... My fellow Americans, we're in a pretty crappy spot :( What is our biggest issue today, and what can we do to solve it? We have a thousand issues, so I wanna see a thousand issues on here too!
The Top Ten
1 Racism

Racism is not good. It should come to an end. God wanted different nationalities for a reason. He wanted all of us to get along and love each other, not hate because of what happened in the past. Let's not bring back the past. Just because you're white doesn't mean you are better than people who are black. Everyone is the same. We just have to learn how to love each other for who we are not what we look like. I'm only 12 and I hope when I grow up, racism isn't a problem anymore. You shouldn't treat anyone differently. The golden rule for socializing for me is "Treat people how you want to be treated". I really want to grow up in a non-racist community. I live in Hawaii and there is already a problem with homeless. I don't want to see a bunch of racist people in the world. When I grow up, I want to go somewhere where racism isn't a problem. Thank that is all.

Yeah I hate Racism in the USA, so what if you're Black and I'm white? We're both humans but with different skin color? So what? I really don't see why the 1 race should think they are better than the other race. I never get white supremacy, it's stupid and retarded. The racists that really nark me are the Americans who are racist then claim to be Christian. If they were true then they would see GOD just wants us to all live as 1. Jesus told us to love each other, not hate, criticize or judge each other he condemned all those things. The answer is to love each other always we are all brothers and sisters in God's eyes and we should ALL live in peace & unity regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Equality is right to be had for any man, woman, or child. If it had not been for diversity had there ever been diverse culture in the United States of America, the thought of living in a country where someone was judged solely on their differences, and not how they could change the world, it would be an atrocity. Losing diversity is as ignorant of a choice as saying freedom shall no longer reign in America, and that the select few "Entitled People" have all rights while the segregated and unsupported man was left to made a fool. In my America, in every sane man, woman, and child's America freedom reigns, Freedom Reigns! If we allow our nations pride, arrogance, and unjust thoughts to run about, than we ourselves our the ones not fit to have the right to live in our great country. Thank you ladies, and gentleman, now is the time to let freedom reign.

We are all the same really. You've got a head, 2 eyes, a nose, hands, feet. If aliens came down to earth to attack us and take over the world they would think we all look the same.

People that say "not just black lives matter, all lives matter"; really get under my skin because OBVIOUSLY! all lives matter but black people aren't feeling like they actually do matter. Let me ask you this. Have you ever been a black person before? If not then you don't really know how little it matters to others. Being racial profiled all your life is not fun. You just see that little difference in a person's personal that makes you feel some type of way, and you know it's because of your skin tone. You can be the most educated, successful and respectable person but still be discriminated against. Human beings ALWAYS need a group to pick on. It's disgusting really. Now the Muslims can't even practice there religion -which is there right as an American- with out getting looks or comments about ...more

2 No Respect For The Rest of The World

Americans are considered disrespectful, snobby, and rude (and obese). Well, I agree. We have no respect for them, and that makes us look horrible. These countries help build our world. We should change this by electing respectful and dignified leaders.

Well, we don't really have respect for the guy who represents our own nation, (myself excluded) so I guess we should forget about the rest of the world.

With in the last few years, no one had internet. No one could reach out if they could. Now we are everywhere, we can talk to many, at one time. People do not have respect here in America, how can they have respect to anyone else? Have you ever read an old social studies book in the 20's 30's era? Things are passed down through generations, not just recipes, they pass down bias and hate, so each person teaches their generation the hate. If you were to ask why, they probably would not know. (It was passed down). My husband and I, have a orphanage in Africa, we run it with my daughter Olivia. The love those people give, amazing. We have stop spreading hate and bias stuff about people, people of different color. Sometimes I can still see the lynch mobs, the ones that gathered a criminal in middle of the square and hung him there. How some people are treated, how fast they can go from sweet to evil in one sentence. That was not that long ago, but it happened. Have we only progressed in ...more

We have no respect because we have no family unity or values anymore. We have left God's instructions out of our schools and have taken away the discipline. What we ended up with was open homosexuality, mothers who are never home with their children, the loss of the family dinner time, parents allowing their children to do as they please because our society agrees with it. Look at the differences in magazines from the 30's and 40's to magazines today. There is no educational merit but plenty of sex to distort the minds of children and adults alike. America has been on a moral decline for many decades. We really need to develop a means to get it back. Put prayer back in schools. Give the teachers back their paddles. Expect the children to do their homework. Put strong moral censorship back into all media. We have spent decades digging our moral hole, let's take decades filling it back in. Most of all, teach your children about God and teach them through your own highly moral and Godly ...more

3 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

Here we go again... enough is enough. This idiot has no business being any country's president. He is a complete embarrassment to this great country. He is a racist, bigot, hypocrite, pervert... the list of negatives go on and on. How can any woman support this clown? He has absolutely no respect for them. He constantly calls out female reporters when he doesn't like their questions. He minimizes them by calling them "suburban housewives". He claims he used to just grab them by the p---y. I mean, come on. He has lied every single day about the virus as we now have 6.9 MILLION cases and over 201,000 deaths in the U.S. And yet, he thinks it's funny, a joke of some sort. The only joke is Trump himself. He's a fake, a fraud, and a bully who has absolutely no redeeming qualities. He is a pitiful excuse for a human being. The only people voting for the jerk will be red (neck) states, people in complete denial, or just absolute idiots who cannot think on their own. It is time to take the ...more

This is easy. Donald Trump is an idiot. He spews lies every day, especially concerning Coronavirus. The administration knew about this in early January. What did he do? He sat on his fat ass and didn't do anything, claiming he had it "under control". He continued to play it down. Now that he's getting his ass handed to him by Biden in the polls, he tries to change course for a few days. The American people need to wake up. This idiot doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about me. He only cares about himself and money. Anyone and anything else is irrelevant to him. Over 150,000 people in this country have died so far, and he doesn't give a rat's ass. Easily, the worst president in the history of the U.S. He is an immature, arrogant, hypocritical, and stupid person who has absolutely no business being a "leader". He doesn't know what letter that word begins with. Vote in November and get this dumbass out of office. Don't be fooled again.

He gutted the government's ability to do stuff in his self-centered effort to "drain the swamp", which proved devastating during the COVID-19 pandemic. During said pandemic he said everything was under control when it wasn't, cut funding to WHO, and suggested that people drink bleach. Yes, he banned travel early in February, but he didn't take any safety precautions when bringing Americans home. He sent aid to states after mid-March, but by then it was just common sense, and even there he held back saying that states should rely on themselves.

Also, his attacks on the media have organizations like Freedom House and Reporters without Borders, who once were primarily concerned with developing nations, worried. Yes, the media is sometimes dishonest, but the president is the LAST person who should try to hold them accountable, because the temptation to abuse that power is just too strong. For me to tolerate this even from Lincoln or FDR, you'd need the necessity of a ...more

The guy is obviously dumb, after hundreds of thousands of US citizens died from COVID-19 trump declared a victory, saying he had saved millions of lives.
Take a bow, Sir Donald. You are America's saviour.
Oh also, TEENAGERS tricked him into thinking millions were coming to his rally in Oklahoma. 6200 came.

4 Destroying The Environment

OMG. Every celebrity and politican I can think of has zero respect for our earth. come on people! Do you want your children to live on an earth that has no earth? Stop ruining the world!

This is and nuclear war are the only things here that could affect Earth and ourselves long term. School bullies will never go away, but I wouldn't say it's a world problem. Destroying the environment means less resources to power technology, and less safe a place to live. Some experts predict at our rate humans could be extinct within 100 some years. We must save the environment, because Earth is the only place within light years that can even support humans. People need to look at the long term problems here too!

People cut down forests and build over land that is home to plants, animals, bugs, and other organisms. Humankind just thinks that they are more important these days! But really - are we? Think of an animal that you really like. Look at a picture of it. Do you really think that you are way more important? People think they aren't murders but if they would tear down a forest...

We need to focus on our environment because without it, we would be nothing. We came from nature and all we ever did to it was poke and prod it and afterwards we cut it up or burn it down or just defile it with our machines. We need to help rebuild nature because it holds so much beauty and wonder and without it, we would be nothing.

5 Terrorists

Terrorism is a huge problem not just in the world but within the US. And it isn't just people who identify themselves as a member of ISIS, it's also people who shoot up schools, airports, people of different races including white people. It is terrible problem that must be solved but continues because we let it. We identify a group of people as terrorists and people who minutely relate to that, are grouped with the insane and violent terrorists too. Then comes problems with discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. If we solve one of these problems, it may solve them ALL. If we are united, like those years fighting alongside each other against the British who practiced tyranny during the Revolution, if we devote our time and our hearts into restoring or making our home a better place, then join arms with your white, black, and brown brothers and sisters, and show what the American Dream actually meant to us! If I can believe in YOU, try to believe in yourself.

I get that terrorism is a HUGE problem. There isn't a lot we can do about it. One thing we can do is start securing our borders and making sure NO ONE gets past security or anything without being checked for drugs, guns, bombs, etc. There are so many idiotic people out there who are drunk, drugged, mentally insane, or just violent. We need to do our best to protect our country.

100 people have died so far in the United Kingdom in 2019 as a result of killings, mainly due to knife crime. The UK is three and a half times smaller than the States, so if we say 350 people. Due to ridiculous act of gun legalisation, over 3500 people have been killed. The world would be a MUCH better place without terrorists.

All these terrorist attacks will continue to go on forever and ever. We won't see peace in all nations in a long time. They're just destroying our Earth slowly and slowly. Peace is the only solution but it's hard to preach it when our heroes who do preach are being silenced for doing the right thing.

6 Bullying

I'm 14 years old and I have been bullied my whole life. We need to fix this. These bullys grow into terriosts and donald trump types. Please, stop bullying!

I am a thirteen year old girl who has been bullied her entire life and death is a thought that often finds its way to my head. My family and friends and my boyfriend is the only reason why I won't kill myself. The reason why I have just now decided to share this is because someone who is very important to me is going through what I have went through my entire life. The people who bully think that because they feel bad they have to make others feel bad but they don't and if they would be nice they would find someone who is willing to love them so they don't need to hurt others or themselves. Because I will love them if they need me to or want me to.

I think its hard to understand what someone is going through unless you experience that yourself. I've never had those kinds of problems, but only because I go to a great school where bullying is practically nonexistent. I do know how it feels to just want to be normal so people stop treating you differently. Bullies have a completely different mindset. there is a good chance they had grown up in a bad home and had developed such a weak mind that they use their physical strength to feel stronger. There is always a reason... that doesn't make it any better, but perhaps if more effort was put into trying to understand the victims AND the bullies, a sort of bridge can be built. Bullies want people to feel how they had felt, for someone to understand. which is why they don't stop. Wanting someone to understand you is a human instinct everyone feels naturally. How can anyone be expected to fight against that.

Bullying tears kid's down inside and out. It's terrible. Kid's are skipping school, staying away from people, and even to the extent of killing themselves. This is NOT how our next generation should be acting. Adults also treat each other poorly. Some people are so immature that they have to tear down other people to make themselves feel better. I think it's so stupid. Some kids bully other kids because their parents do the same things. This is not how the world should be acting. We should be working together to build each other up, not tear them down.So a shout out to those bullies out there, stop doing it! You are so much better than that! It won't make you feel any better to make someone else feel terrible.

7 The Education System

I'm 14 years old, and I can say firsthand that the education in America sucks. In my state, they cut science and social studies for elementry schoolers. What the heck! We never learn anything about history in high school. I think school should prepare us for real life. Like, maybe instead of telling us about Bob and his apples, tell us about how to do math for buissness! And how to be an author! And help us find jobs! We are the ones that are going to take care of you when you are old and sick, so give us some respect instead of none. I already know everything that's being taught! Don't waste my time teaching my crap that I don't need!

yus true we keep learning too much about the American revolution, TEACHER! HOLY CRAP WK ABOUT THE WAR FOR IOOO TIMES! jeez and too much stress and school bullying which is stupid, and mean teachers ;-; I just wanna learn something else about the American history cause I'm a nerd of history lol, and kids don't CARE About their education, yea good luck on your future, no this isn't the worst country ever but one of the worst..., and can we learn about the civil war, Spanish American war, and the cold war?, come on we need to learn more history and care for our education.

Not enough funding, when we could take like just 5 billion out of 700 billion military to ensure this country's bright future. Teachers are underpaid and many schools have to shut down programs that are beneficial and enjoyed.

I am in America, and even went to an advanced school, and I must say, I don't know a lot of things that people from OTHER countries even know about America. I don't even know what half of our wars were about. Some people act like I'm stupid, but I simply just didn't learn it. What's worse is that immigrants who come to this country to become legal citizens have to learn ridiculous things that even Americans don't know, like the bill of rights. Most Americans will not know that, or all of our presidents, or all the capitals of our cities. Then again... what's really the point of knowing it? Not like we ever use it, but, it just proves to show that as well as not knowing much about other countries which schools very poorly shed light on, we barely know much about our own country or even history of it. Every subject is just lightly briefed on, but never gone into with any great detail.

8 The Media

Those pests! They cause problems, then fly away and blame the people who they don't like. They have biased opinions and they love stirring up trouble. They need to get their act together.

Media is by far the biggest contributor to americas current epidemic. The media controls what the general population has to hear. Its free on every T.V. and is easily trusted by the greater majority of America. Though things the media covers are true the inflection in which they approach it and the opinion they take on arguments tears are country apart and divides us from being american which is who we all are. It instead uses its power of mass viewership to split us into diverse groups of blacks and whites or democrats and republicans to make us follow their news network for viewership. If you are on here posting that one single person is the sole reason America is going down such as a person as trump or Obama you are are an ignorant and uneducated person who should really read up on issues today.

No. 1 for me is Congress, No. 2 is the Media, No. 3 is the lack of respect for the rest of the world, no. 4 is the education system, no. 5 is the anti-patriotism, no. 6 is the racism (and reverse-racism), no. 7 is the hate from both political parties fighting against each other (it's overdramatize! ), no. 9 is the economy (no. 9 because the Great Depression was far worse and I believe this can be fixed if we get the right president on the job in 2016), and no. 10 is the stereotypical people who live in the country (not that I hate Americans, I love Americans and The USA, best country ever, but the citizens become more and more stereotypical every year! I hate it! )

The media is a huge problem in this country, particularly the way they are covering this election. I just watched the Republican debate, and every other question was about terrorism. They are doing their best to spread fear, which they hope will translate into votes. The media is cherry picking the polls they report, trying to cast Hillary Clinton in as bad a light as possible. Bernie Sanders is wonderful and is doing well but you can tell the Republicans don't view him as a threat. He wasn't even mentioned at the GOP debate, but they sure took after Clinton and Obama. The media, too, is all but ignoring Sanders unless they can use him to make Hillary look bad. Republicans aren't criticizing Sanders because they will go after his supporters if he doesn't get the nomination. If you truly support Bernie and the things he stands for, you have much more in common with Hillary than with any Republican.

9 Corruption

Corruption and a stupid political agenda will be the end of the US. Other countries and foreign investors basically own us with all the debt that we've compiled. So what does the government do to stop this from continuing? They cut a few billion dollars from the budget and than propose a healthcare reform costing over a trillion dollars. The only radical change we need right now is in our spending and materialism. In my opinion, this category is the most dangerous internal threat to America.

Corruption is a massive issue facing America. This is no longer a democracy that serves the people, but one that serves the interests of corporations and big businesses. How can we pride ourselves as a free country when our congress is enslaved to corporations that offer huge payouts, probably taxpayer money, to get them to betray and go against what's best for America and it's citizens? Corruption should be outlawed.

The more money a candidate raises, the more likely they are to be elected. While this is not true in all cases, it is more accurate than I would like. To raise money, candidates must give promises to special interests. Our politicians should have the people's best interests in mind, not the special interests who got them elected.

Our republic has become more and more an oligarchy. I blame a lot of it on Citizens United and the Supreme Court. Corporations are treated BETTER than real people, and have more influence, not just in politics but they can get away with crimes that would have citizens facing jail time.

10 Drugs

Okay for starters I will agree drugs can be harmful to you such as Heroin, LSD, Coke, acid, etc.. But if you think for one minute the marijuana is like any of these drugs then you need to get your facts straight. There are so many people out there that bash marijuana because it's a drug, yet it's used in hospitals and it helps people. Yet 88,000 people die yearly from drinking alcohol, 480,000 die yearly smoking cigarettes. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis, and if there is any deaths from marijuana it's obvisoly won't be anywhere near those numbers. So they legalize cancer, and poison but are having difficulties legalizing medical marijuana?.. My theory on why they won't legalize it is simple. They have to control the population so they have to have alcohol and cancer to kill us off so we don't overpopulate, which I guess I can't blame them because if we overpopulated their would be less jobs and so on. So I get why that's all illegal because it's at your own risk, it's your ...more

Drugs. Drugs. Oh, lets rant quickly. First of all, drugs have taken over. I don't know many celebrities that DO NOT take drugs, but the majority do. Also, many people have died from drug overdoses (Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, etc.) If people are dying from drugs, then WHY do they exist? Also, my school gave us a talk about drugs and we took a pledge not to take them. We also got a booklet about it, and it shows drugs, and side effects of the drug. Also, there're kids, like, young teens that smoke and have cocaine. People need to realize that drugs WILL become addictive, and you will probably die if overdosed.

To be honest, drugs are too big of a category. Benadryl, NyQuil, and technically toothpaste are all “drugs”, and unlike many places in the world we have a good amount of medication and stuff.

Cigarettes and alcohol cause many problems just as death and violence. However, making these drugs illegal will cause the same thing as they did in the early 1900's with prohibition. Illegality of weed and other is also causing death and violence, more specifically gang violence and drug wars. This topic has a thin line that's easy to cross on both sides and neither is truly good. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes as well the fact that the government shouldn't have a say in what people do with their bodies. It causes problems.

The Contenders
11 Anti-Patriotism

We live in a great country and yet we hate it. If you have a problem with America, please, do something. Step up to the plate and swing. Run for political office. Vote for a good politican, and save America. God bless America, the land of the free.

We live in such a free, wonderful and diverse country in the world. This is the secret to why the USA is such a great nation but it is also why the is such division today, and until every citizen and or visitor can put aside our differences and all reach for the same goals, backing each other and loving our country and flag first, then this country will implode from within. Take pride in our country and stand together side by side as one nation. One people, one nation. I want to be the first member of the No Race, Race! You are me and I am you. We are all the same. If you don't love your country then ask yourself why that is. And what you could do to change that. God bless America and all its citizens.

Actually now that I think about it, this is the biggest issue. We can love our country, and those that outright hate it can just move out or something. But instead we get people complaining about the bad things about America non-stop (oh look this list). Those who don't care, well, they're fine as long as their attitudes are not openly hostile. But the amount of people, especially concerning the removal of statues which are part of America's HISTORY shows just how much anti-patriotism is actually going to lead to the downfall of this nation. These people are trying to erase history and that will ruin future generations.

If you are living in America and have no respect for the people that have died to ensure that you even have the freedom in the first place to go on sites like this and say rude and disrespectful things, then please, I beg you, LEAVE! Why would you stay here with your toxic attitude? Some of us actually care about our country and know people who have died trying to make sure you have the freedom to be the little parasite to American society that you are. It is an absolute shame when people refuse to stand up and say the pledge! It's even worse when parents don't think it matters.

12 Obesity

This is a huge problem in the U.S More and more people are fattening up. Junk food is promoted all the time. I can't get through an hour without seeing a fast food commercial. I'm honestly getting worried for our American population. Eventually, we'll become so lazy and fat and die early due to insane health problems caused by extreme body fat. Exercise and healthiness is barely promoted in the U.S. It seems to be ENCOURAGING laziness and fast food industries for the money, no the health of the people. I don't want to be a hypocrite, because I eat junk food occasionally, but I never overdo it. Also, I don't like how obese people keep whining about being "fat shamed" and that "They are happy the way they are" No, Obesity and being overweight and is a problem that needs to be fixed. It's not necessarily something to be PROUD of. If you are naturally big or an endomorph (big body frame) then you're fine and are not fat and should be happy the way you are. But I don't get why overweight ...more

OMG! As a high school student, I see so much obesity. My parents are obese, some of my friends are obese, my bullies are obese, and my siblings are obese! I exersize like crazy in order to not be obese. It ruins your health and America only makes it worse. We have so much fast food and at lunch at school, we have burgers like everyday. Please stop obesity.

If only there were positive examples in the media and even from their parents showing them that it's a good thing to eat fruits and vegetables. There has to be something done to encourage more farmers in America to give up growing corn, corn, and more corn. The farmers are only growing what's needed to make High Fructose Corn Syrup (and other things that will go straight into the junk food that's currently being mass produced and consumed in America) because they will recieve subsidies, they need to start growing actual fruits and vegetables so the supply is higher and the prices will go down, making healthier food more affordable to lower-income families and really every family in America.

I am 11 and I do care about my health. I eat junk food when I go out because there is nothing else, but I don't really consider subway junk food because it actually has healthy stuff in it. I eat a fruit almost every day, yogurt, and healthy stuff. I even forget about junk food at home because I want to do other stuff.

13 Violence

Violence is the reason that people are afraid to walk amongnst the streets that they call home. Being uncomfortable isn't a way to live when you want to just live life they way YOU want to.

I have a brother that is fairly violent when he doesn't get what he wants. He is older than me and I think it is sad to see how much violence is in our world now.

That's the single stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. I'm a HUGE Call of Duty player but I don't have ANY urge to HARM someone, much less kill them

Violence is good. If some punk messes with you, take out a.357 and show them who's boss. Especially if they're Muslim, illegal, cops or members of Black Lives Matter

14 No Respect for Those Older Than Us

I am a 16 year old girl. I live through drama and I disrespect my elders constantly, I disrespect people constantly. I actually have the guts to say it and I'm not making little remarks trying to defend myself. This is an issue because no matter how much the world may change our elders still know more than us. The baseline of issues will stay the same. They have known war, constant death, happiness, life, wealth, dept, etc. The faster we learn to respect our elders the better we will be. Look at many Asian countries that are prospering, in the culture it is common that the children still respect their elders. Everyone says that all of us should get the same respect or we should treat everyone the same. If we do that that we will never respect anyone. We are a disrespectful generation. The millennials and generation Z are the most disrespectful generations ever. We are entitled crybabies who want respect but wont give it in return. We are hypocritical. In the future we will be ...more

People who are more senior than us don't deserve any more respect that what we should give to anyone else. We should have a level of respect for everyone we meet (perhaps more senior family members) unless they give us a reason to lose that respect for them. Just because someone is more senior does not make them more "wise" than those younger than us. Millenials today have become disillusioned with the idea that those older understand the world better. They see the decisions that have been made and the consequences as a result of those actions.

Everyone deserves respect regardless of their age. It's the golden rule, people! You should hold open a door for an elderly person because it's a nice thing to do and the right thing to do, and when you get older, you're going to hope young people will do the same for you. Not everyone is a nice person, but you can't judge an entire society on one person.

Our seniors know so much. They have generations of information. They need to be treated with honor, respect, dignity, be polite. Don't treat them like babies. They have rights, just like everyone else. Someday, we all will reach this stage in our lives. Remember your children will be doing your care. Time to get back to family.

15 Income Inequality

There is no inequality, women are more likely to get a job and if women were paid less why wouldn't they get hired.

Women should get paid as much as men or more period.!

Women should be more respected since we are the once’s who give life to people...

Well then it wouldn't be equal would it idiot

16 Global Warming

THE EARTH IS DYING. What is worse than this? If there is NO EARTH, there are NO PEOPLE. There is no you or me or anyone. Simple as that. Why isn't this the #1 problem? Why is this considered a "belief" in America but a fact in all others? If people don't believe the scientists that this is a big issue, then why don't they become scientists themselves and try to disprove that this isn't real it instead of sitting back and making illogical statements? We can't just escape to another planet. We won't get the technology on time and no other planet is as habitable as earth. We will have to wear gas masks and buy air. This is ridiculous. The first step in fixing this problem is fixing people's mindsets. If we have that, everyone will start putting effort to put out the flames of our burning home. People have to stop destroying the planet for economic benefit. They will actually gain more economic profits in the long run if they stop for a second and help the planet.

Everyone has the ...more

Global warming is a legitimate problem and should be higher up on this list. to the people who are saying it's not real, you're just as ignorant as people who don't believe people should have their rights.

Something the alt-right sees as a lie made up by evil liberals to steal $$$ from the rich.

Global warming is stupid like the rest of the world

17 Alt-Rights & SJWs

They have nothing better to do than whine all the time.

Especially the alt-right

18 National Debt

We are technically bankrupt, and despite the fact that our dollar makes up the world economy, meaning other countries don't want to ask for their money, still, who needs that much debt?

If the USA can't repay China (China owns most of the USA's debt), then China could take land and infrastructure. That's how China obtained Sri Lanka's port & 15,000 acres of land after India couldn't repay a 300 million dollar loan. Currently, China owns 1.3 trillion dollars of US debt (4,333 times 300 million). If China made the US pay up, then they could potentially take 65 million acres or 1/35th of the USA's land from the USA. That's why eliminating national debt is a worthwhile goal.

I don't think india's land is captured due to loans.

Usa is in debt crisis.

19 Getting Involved In Wars We Have No Business Being In

I agree, the US should stop holding Israel back from laying waste to the Arab countries. Just let them fight it out, and whoever wins, wins.

The US is often entangled in the dirty work of the UN and NATO. Most of the conflicts don't directly harm or impact the US, and their intervention is sometimes beneficial (I.e. World Wars, Yugoslavian Wars) and sometimes...contreversial (I.e. Those Middle Eastern Crusade Things)

Its true we do not have to get into conflicts and wars that we have no business being in. WE should only engage if it directly threatens the US.

The problem with this is that war actually stimulates the economy so much more than you'd think.

20 Low Grade Schools

They're not even teaching students life skills and taking many career subjects out of school districts!

The education in schools all over the us has lowered since the last twenty years

So cool and mess up

21 Health Care

Major issue. A person I know had faced suicide issues and got medical help to treat her. She was fine and recovered, and then she received the MASSIVE BILL! She thought she'd go bankrupt by paying that. No wonder people don't seek help! The U.S encourages mental health patients to get medical help, yet they wring the people's money dry. How do low-income people get help?

Too expensive. It is an essential right, and if it was cheap or free then everyone could have access to the basic human right to see a doctor without going bankrupt.

The health care system in America is obsoletely corrupted

The lone nation in the delevoped "world" who don't have a universal healthcare...

22 Common Core

Common Core may have it's benefits but it is definitely NOT perfect. But, no system is. This one just has so many problems. Some will just say we don't know it yet I do and I read it. I do appreciate that states will teach at the same place which does help families moving in the middle of a school year. But all it is mainly are tests and tests. It is a factor of how smart are you at their tests and it puts no individuality within its entire thing. It focuses on one group which makes it harder for others which also creates a lack of education, because we are not teachers for every student, but for a group. No teacher, even though some are great, can go up in front of 25 students and expect to shame everyone! This is a problem and it NEEDS TO CHANGE!

You guys saying common core is bad don't even know anything about it. It does not change anything you learn. It tries to make things a little easier while still teaching it. Also before common core every state taught things at a different pace, so if a kid moved from say, California to New York, their new school may be learning something a grade level ahead of where they were at their old school. It does take a little adjusting to, but future generations are going to benefit.

I like the concept of universal education, but the way they're doing it is just making kids dumb. They should spend more time actually teaching kids things instead of just testing 24/7.

As a student in the upper thrills of intelligence (I don’t mean to brag, but that is somewhat important) I find school insanely easy, boring and a waste of time, it shouldn’t be that way. Ever since common core started the pace of teaching slowed to crawl with every single student being given the same treatment regardless of what they can handle, in my school (Rogers middle school, Long Beach, California) the so called ‘accelerated’ science coarse is the only one offered. Anyone capable of more is effectively punished. It is not entirely the fault of common core, but it at least prevented the improvement of the education system for those who can do more, favoring the parents who want to see their child get all A’s and be a genius. Common Core lowered the bar for students rather than helping students achieve the set mark.

23 Debt

When this government was formed it was planned that we have debt so it would shape our economy so it balances internal and external relations.

Debt in a rising interest rate environment is going to reduce living standards. The social consequences may be severe.

This is the Government's fault. We have intellectual airheads for leaders, they have no common sense or good judgement.

How is debt not higher on this list, America is in 20 trillion dollars debt. It's not decreasing either...

24 School Shootings

Yeah, I'm so sick of violence,
so tired of wounds.
so done with bullets,
inside my legs.
Said I'm so sick of bloody deaths,
so painful and slow.
So why can't I turn off the radio.
(To the tune of "So Sick" by Ne Yo)

Easy fix, stricter gun laws and more security at school.
plus, what you are supposed to do during a shooting is retarded.
you hide.
it's not like bullets go through walls!
what you should do is:
1. identify is the shooter is outside or inside
2. if they are inside, get the hell out the building and run, break a window or find an exit
3. if they are outside, hide, if you run into them, run or fight, look for objects you can use as a weapon or try to disarm them, find cover or swarm them (SWARMING IS A WORST CASE SCENARIO WILL LEAD TO SOME CASUALTIES) you can also play dead, I know it sound awful but hide under bodies or smear blood on you, it could work.
4. find a cop that could escort you outside

there is no foolproof way to survive but you need to remember to think rationally. you are important. there is at least one person who would be devastated if you died.

stay safe.

It's more likely to die in a school shooting then to die in the military. We need to prioritize protecting our children over giving more money to the greedy NRA and its manipulative propaganda. The 2nd amendment states that we have the right to an organized armed militia, and it is being stretched out of context to pit the American people against each other for the profit of the greedy capitalist.

People cause them because of their poor mental health and lifestyles, and gun laws are still too lenient in some states. Gun laws should become more strict so that no more innocent children get killed in schools.

25 Women Lying About Being Raped

They ruin people's lives for reputation and money.

Is this an actual problem?

Huge problem

women need to be prosecuted for lying...can't commit a foul..then say oh I was drunk at the time

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