No Respect For The Rest of The World


We have no respect because we have no family unity or values anymore. We have left God's instructions out of our schools and have taken away the discipline. What we ended up with was open homosexuality, mothers who are never home with their children, the loss of the family dinner time, parents allowing their children to do as they please because our society agrees with it. Look at the differences in magazines from the 30's and 40's to magazines today. There is no educational merit but plenty of sex to distort the minds of children and adults alike. America has been on a moral decline for many decades. We really need to develop a means to get it back. Put prayer back in schools. Give the teachers back their paddles. Expect the children to do their homework. Put strong moral censorship back into all media. We have spent decades digging our moral hole, let's take decades filling it back in. Most of all, teach your children about God and teach them through your own highly moral and Godly ...more

That about sums it up! As a frequent international traveler it has become more and more clear to me - Americans have become narrow minded and its embarrassing.

In my opinion it's not so much America's lack of respect for the rest of the world as America's total misunderstanding of the rest of the world and how they are viewed by non-Americans. So many people, especially now in the Trump Era, think that America has lost the world's respect and that they need someone like Trump to make things better. They don't realise that it's people like Trump who make the rest of the world despair at America.

So many people are quick to judge other on how they live or what they believe in. Someone from a North Eastern country could be visiting their parents, who live in the U.S now, and if they even look or sound different, most Americans automatically go into rude mode. Saying every racist or slur they could possibly think of. And It's honestly heartbreaking watching our country go down the toilet the way it is.

I hate how Americans seem to live in their own little bubble-they don't seem to realize that they are part of the world-e. G I'm English-and from what I see in interviews they seem to think we prance around like mary poppins drinking tea all day :( the worst part is, other countries are seemingly allowing themselves to be Americanized-please keep the kardashians to yourselves thank you

Bet your glad we stopped keeping to ourselves in both World Wars... & pissed we decide to in the Revolutionary. You'll have your own Kardashians soon. You won't need ours - kenikaobrien

They are jealous spoiled brats. They think they rule the world and can tell everyone what to do. Well news flash you americans can't. Just because you have the most powerful army in the world does not mean you are the greatest nation ever. Not to estimate this though. Americans have a shirt lifespan of only 78 years while canada is 81 years. They are corrupt and are responsible for causing wars and have destroyed countries like Syria Iraq and now Afghanistan. Almost every sepreate country thinks they are overrated. I could name like a million problems with usa.

I feel like this is seen more or less through government and the media. We're "supposed" to care for countries that have just fallen into crisis, but then the news gets bored quickly and virtually everyone stops caring. Americans probably care about the rest of the world, but not enough to really make an impact. - Thanatos

At my school, a kid from China arrived so I decided to talk to him. While we were talking to each other, a group of kids went up to us and started saying gibberish that they tried to make sound like Chinese and they laughed.

Maybe they were just speaking a different dialect. China has like 300 languages, it's a big place. You're still probably right but, don't assume. - kenikaobrien

100% False. Never has a country helped the world more in human history than America has. If we didn't respect other countries, we wouldn't be investing and helping them. North Korea is an example of a country who doesn't respect the rest of the world.

I like England, japan seems to have nice people, not all muslims are terrorists (only like 0.1% is), am I disrespectful. I think the people who vote for this are. Many americans are nice! Many great charities and foreign aid programs come from here. How bout that!? - EliHbk

Americans think we are the best that we can build cities on the moon but we could've

Please respect China, most Chinese do not want to be enemy with US, they like American movies, songs, cultures and all. But US government is doing the wrong things.

Americans think that only they are the world

So true because I was watching a movie and Neo from the matrix and a blonde guy was in it anyway when Neo's girlfriend's dad came over and they had a big stupid flying through the air with swords and dubbed English

We think we can just go into other countries and try to help even though we just start wars. We are like unwanted superheros like superman. Coming into the world and helping even though most of us don't need the help. We need to stay out of the world's problems and worry about our selves.

Its not that we don't have respect for other countries. We as a country have given so much money to other countries and have helped so many other places that is now time to focus on rebuilding or country itself.

Americans in general are no different then anyone else. The difference is the ruling class and the government are one. This allows for America to do what it wants, when it wants, to maintain or gain interests.

Yeah this is a problem. During WWII America Bombed two large Japanese cities killing thousands of people, and no Americans cared. But when thtwin towers got bombed (while tragic) IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD! How do you think the families of the people living in those cities felt? They killed thousands of COMPLETELY INNOCENT DIED!

Everything on this list is terrible, but this is possible the worst. And I mean, we barely have respect for ourselves, so it's unlikely that we would have respect for other countries. - FoodQueen

Lack of respect and understanding of other cultures lead to problems such as racism and wars as well as terrorism. It doesn't put the country in a good spot.

Most Americans seem to think America is the whole world. - CabadePartyhunter

We think we are the heroes of the world and get involved in problems making it worse. Also we are still a super young country but see the others as inferior because we have "freedom". But some "freedom" laws are stupid, like the gun laws. Japan restricts its gun laws and death by gun is reduced almost to nothing compared to 'MERICA!

Not true, I live in America and I travel to other countries all the time. I really like the culture and food in Japan. I also love the welcoming sensation of European countries.

Yes the worst country in the world with no respect

Very general statement. Depends on your definition of worst & who are we supposed to respect? - kenikaobrien

America is super arrogant and like we da best. No offense, I'm sure the people are nice but I definitely don't like the government at the moment. And somehow America got the title 'leader of the free world' and I'm like, we get it you're powerful, but no one said you were the leader. - Songwind