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121 Democrats

If democrats are so bad then why is it that when Bush was President did we go into massive debt and went to war on a religion, but when Clinton was President we had a surplus of money and no war. Even with Obama we have come out of a depression and we have come out of debt.

They've been a sore on this nation since their beginnings. Their liberal support of (and from) the KKK up until the 1970s, their resistance against ending slavery, their resistance against giving women the right to vote, their resistance against desegregation are completely inexcusable. Also, the conservative, liberal "democrat party switch" is a myth. The racists never left the Democratic party. They only stayed quiet.

Some people will vote for anything, including their own demise and loss. How much more are you willing to believe?

Screw democrats and there Obama licking, gun stealing, blue faces! - EliHbk

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122 Pulchritude

What? How does this even remotely relate to any sort of problem? People can't help what they look like...

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123 Liberals

Liberals, according to that Commie Noah Webster, are open-minded and free from bigotry. Conservatives are resistant to change ( in other words, doing anything). It's no wonder our current conservative congress is a do-nothing congress.

There's no place in this country for the authoritarian thought policing and language policing that comes for the left-wing

All liberals are carpet baggers

All of the Government branches are terrible because of our corrupt Congress.

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124 Jay-Z Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter, known by his stage name JAY Z, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and investor. He is best known for his album Reasonable Doubt.

Gorilla with lips

I don't have ticket to his concert

Jay-Z is poop! =(

125 Illegal Immigrants

Ya, I mean that's not that bad, but we need better security, I mean terrorists could go to Mexico and then walk up to cali

You guys realise that if Mexico didn't have it's problems, there wouldn't be immigrants coming over, right? - DieGedankenSindFrei

Like my buddy donald said. Let there be a wall!

My parents again

126 Male Entitlement

This is a HUGE problem in America, and the sad thing is that a lot of (male) Americans don't realize it. But there are many many MANY everyday stories (not many are news worthy apparently) of men killing women because they 1) won't have sex with them for money they are randomly offered, 2) won't be their girlfriend (this guy just shot up a college because he was getting very jealous of seeing all these guys having "hot" girlfriends and he couldn't get one, 3) won't go the prom with them (literately a few months before that story, this guy killed a young teenage girl because she didn't want to go to the prom with him. Rape is a BIG thing. A lot of guys think if they have sex with a drunk passed out girl, it is NOT rape. A lot of guys think they should get sex as a reward for doing something they did well. A lot of guys think it is okay to sexually grope a girl, and that it is NOT considered molestation when it most definitely certainly is. A lot of guys think it is perfectly ...more

This is wrong. Why can't both genders be treated the same? Our country has been catering to men. Men here think they rule women. - CatCode

You guys are a bunch of no good evil women who think this stuff up to give the male population a bad reputation! SEX IS AWESOME TRY IT!

Just something radical feminists make up.
(P.S I'm a teenage girl.) - RiverClanRocks

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127 Alphabet Agencies

The US Constitution clearly states that the executive branch is in charge of the Military (now known as the DoD) but our country has a phenomenal amount of alphabet agencies, which the 12th amendment states that anything not said in the constitution is not for the federal government to decide, its left up to the states. So all the federal agencies like the IC or the Department of Education or Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture, etc. Are all completely illegal. If those departments were needed to the country, they could become jobs in the military, that way if we still need them then we can still have them, that or leave it up to each individual state to have a similar department.

Mind Blown!

128 No Love
129 No Happiness
130 No Friends
131 Lack of Nature
132 No Morals
133 Lack of Dating

what? - s46606

134 Too Much Power
135 It's Devilish
136 Too Much Drugs

I agree the drugs can take u down or bring u up - s46606

137 Too Much Technology
138 Too Much Depression
139 Too Much Music and Entertainment
140 Too Much TV
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