Responding to Gen 18: Episode 2

Oh God. This situation has escalated quite horribly. In case you're unaware of what happened, a certain chain of events has lead to certain people blowing certain things out of proportion. Okay, in case you don't know, this is a response to a post made about me which was about the post I made in response to a list someone made in response to a list I made. Long story short I have a post to debunk and lots of time to do it. Let's get started.

"Now, as many of you probably know, Puga recently made this terrible list about problems with TTT’s community in 2018. Okay, there’s a few thingsI have to preface this with: the first is by saying is that I’m by no means biased because I’m a Gen-18 TopTenner. I’m more pissed off on others’ behalf than on my own.
The second thing is that this is not an attack on Puga. It’s simply my opinions and criticisms on what he’s been doing as of late."
Can you guys do me a favour? I want you to remember that last little segment. That this post is not an attack on me, and instead a criticism and opinion on my recent behaviour. Got that? Good.

"Now, Puga...I’m aware there’s flaws with TheTopTens’ community. There always has been and always will be. lovefrombadlands already criticized this garbage list in her own post, which was very well made and your reaction is just...oh my god. Your reaction to this is bad enough to warrant its own post. Let’s get into this heap of donkey sh*t."
Oof, rocky start. Not even three paragraphs in and you've contradicted yourself. I thought this post wasn't an attack on me. Calling my post donkey sh*t? Why, that seems to be an ad hominem attack with no criticism behind it at all. Strange. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he doesn't see that as an insult or attack. I don't, I ain't offended by it, I'm just pointing out a contradiction. We'll find out what exactly constitutes as an attack later on in this post then we'll come back here.

"Oh my much bullsh*t can one shovel in two sentences?
Okay, first of’s not just Gen-18 TopTenners who get upset by trolls. Sometimes it hard to tell when someone is a troll. And, it’s not just us who get annoyed by it. Previous generations likely did it as well, and previous generations likely still do it, Mein Fürher-I mean, Puga."
Yeah, sometimes it is hard to tell when someone is a troll. However, in the incident we are both referring to, it was not. It was obvious to anyone with functioning brain cells that the user was a troll. And true, it is just not you who gets annoyed by it. Unfortunately, in the incident we are both referring to, it was primarily your generation that got rustled at the troll., rendering your point, invalid.

"Dude, she literally said “Not to say there isn’t any.”. She just hasn’t seen any. Now you’re just twisting her words."
I'm supposed to believe this person can be a good representative and spokesperson for your generation when she can't identify three trolls who have been very relevant in her generation over the past three months? Does the original writer of the post have enough experience or knowledge of her generation's behaviour around trolls to try and defend it? I think not, and thus, it's invalid and deserves criticism. Not rocket science.

"Oh, my god...dude, the description of the list says, “Thanks a lot, Gen-18.”. You’re literally only letting people see what you want them to in an attempt to make her look bad and make yourself look good."
Huh, it's almost as if the list was targeted at Gen 18 users to help them improve and learn from their mistakes. It also appears as if not every item on the list will be primarily about Gen 18 users. Surely a list that targets both Gen 18 users and non Gen 18 users can be allowed to have two such characteristics?

"GreyRose has strangely funny comments, and 445956’s recent post series is funny because of how ridiculous it is. You’re such a try hard with your humor that it’s ironically not even funny. You have no room to talk."
I'm not seen as one of the funniest users of all time for no reason, bud. I am hilarious. And saying such a thing is not arrogant when it is a view shared by hundreds of people. You're like a kitten telling a lion he's not scary. Oh, and apparantly when I'm compared to someone who spammed many people telling them to remix a list to get an unsexy person to the top of a list about sexy people for the lolz, I'm the tryhard. Also, kinda bordering on insult territory again here but I'll let it slide.

"AGAIN, she specifically stated, “Not to say it doesn’t happen.”! Also, why is agreeing to remix a list “bandwagoning”?"
Already debunked the first part. Second part? Can you please explain how agreeing to remix and edit an already fair and eligible list to completely flip it upside down on a website where the complete purpose is to let people express opinion, in order to satisfy the needs of one user who admitted the whole thing was petty and went ahead with it anyway, is not bandwagoning?

Okay, so so far, I haven't really been able to fully destroy his arguments, but I have proven why they are wrong. His rebutalls haven't been horrible, but they have beem incorrect. From here on in is where the post really starts to fall apart. Oh, and make sure to keep count of the insults on this post meant to not attack me, we're at 1.

"Oh, really? Who are said users? And, kind users are mostly good users. Every Gen-18 user I’ve ever seen on here is kinder and a better user than you are."
The 5 users I like from Gen 18 are PeeledBanana, SpectralOwl, Spongehouse, Gangem and RelithFloida. Yeah, 5, not 4, I have looked at a few more users and found one more above average user. So, you just said that kind users are mostly good users. Uh, wrong. In fact, most users who present themselves as "kind" usually get easily rustled and can't speak their mind freely in the fear they may damage their reputation. There are exceptions, but majority rules. In fact, the excessive amount of Gen 18 users who brand themselves as kind users may contribute to why I can barely tell you guys apart, which contributes to the lack of variety in this gen. And I thought this post was for constructive criticism? You telling me that every kind user who ever lived is better than me isn't gonna help me learn to become a better user.

"“Stop twisting my words”? Oh, you mean the exact same thing you’re doing?
P.S, you literally said “Every user is exactly the same.”. So, no, that’s not her “twisting your words”, that’s you being a blatant liar. There’s a lot of variety to be found in the music world as well, ranging from an alt pop fangirl like lovefrombadlands to a prog snob like myself.
Also, that’s real rich coming from the guy who’s basically exactly the exact same user as every rustler ever on the site."
Oh Jesus Christ. Someone hasn't done their research. We'll get there in a sec but firstly, I am aware that genres in music exist, I'm not retarded. My point is that there's not much content to appeal to someone who isn't a fan of music at all.

Secondly, did you just invalidate my criticism because I'm a generic rustler? Do you know who you're talking to? Well, clearly not since, you picked a fight you can't win but that's irrelevant. I invented rustling fella, little history lesson. You wanna know why I'm like every other rustler? Because I invented rustling and am the best rustler, of course people are gonna look to me if they want to become a generic rustler, they're gonna echo and copy everything I do. At least try next time.

"Everybody in my generation looks up to htoutlaws, he’s basically a god among TopTenners, whereas you’re an obnoxious, unfunny rustler."
Fun fact for you bud, I've lead a generation before. I've been looked up to as a God before. Calling me an obnoxious, unfunny rustler just proves further your lack of knowledge on what we're talking about. Oh, and it's an insult.

"Okay, two things. First of least your other points had some form of elaboration, this is literally just an insult. Second of all, it’s not the content that’s completely original, even if the content is good. It’s the personalities. I’ll never find another person like TheFourthWorld or lovefrombadlands."
Calling things dull and simple is an insult yet calling my post donkey sh*t is criticism? Strange. Stop bending the rules. And pro tip, if I'm not elaborating on something, it's probably because the original point was too worthless to warrant elaboration. And I agree that personality is better than content. It's a shame that Gen 18's lack of variety makes the former so scarce.

"Better than annoying people like you who resent the newest generation of users for being better than you are. Not saying all Gen-18 users are better than old users, but new users are better than users like you."
Now you're just not even trying. "Resent the newest generation of users for being better than you are" you're calling me jealous? Good argument, selfiefan. Also that's about the 4th insult in a row on this post not meant to attack me.

"And all of that’s not it. You thought that was bad? He made an entire awful post about a harmless listen 445956 made and essentially attacked him for his opinions. Let’s get into this.

First of all, you call generalizing an entire generation of users “criticism”, I don’t want to know what some of your other standards are. Second of all, how is criticizing your bad list “throwing a hissy fit”? If anything, you reacting this way is more of a hissyfit than anything we’ve done."
This is where everything really starts crumbling apart. You're claiming I don't know what criticism is? My list was made with a good intention to help Gen 18 users see where their behaviour is wrong and give them advice and constructive criticism to help them improve. Apparantly, this is not criticism, and instead insulting, as we'll learn later. According to this post, what criticism actually is, is calling content donkey sh*t and then constantly saying I'm worse than newer users with no evidence or advice to back it up. Whatever you say.

"The list is insulting. It’s insulting to the intelligence and effort of hardworking Gen-18 users who put just as much blood, sweat, and tears into their content as users such as DCfnaf do. Your “criticisms” are actually closer to insults than ours."
Oh, my list with absolutely no ad hominem and just advice and criticism is insulting, but all this is criticism? Keep on shooting yourself in the foot. And what does DCfnaf have to do with anything? Yeah, he puts effort into his content, just like I do and all gen 18 users do, but the difference is the quality of the product fella. Not once did I say gen 18 users put no effort into their content, I only said that about stat padders. Gen 18 really loves putting words in mouths, huh?

"Firstly, no, you’re not the flawless ranter and user you think you are. You’re unnecessarily causing a war against an entire generation of users because of your own arrogance. Plus, this rant is just horrible, and your list was not correct, by any means."
Obviously I'm not flawless. I say I am cause it's an act. Personality. Variety. But I guess that concept seems pretty surreal for you. And I ain't the one starting wars, you're the ones who blew a perfectly reasonable list out of proportion.

"He gave examples from the new gen, yes. But, the list is about the community. It goes for all gens. He didn’t place everything on the new gen like you did, he’s just making a harmless list that you’re overreacting to. Our gen has had a better impact on this site than unfunny rustlers like yourself have."
The list is a rebutall to a list primarily focused on Gen 18. The list is not fully focused on Gen 18, just like his is not. But the main purpose of both lists is to send out a message about what Gen 18 is like. That is why I am allowed to criticise him for praising his gen for something all gens do. Also, saying I placed everything on the new gen is just a blatant lie, you can't keep twisting the rules. Lastly, your gen has had a better impact on the site than rustlers? Not a fair comparison. Rustlers aren't an entire gen, believe it or not. And what impact has Gen 18 had anyway? There's more users running around getting rustled over everything? Thanks?

"We forgave selfie because we didn’t know why he’d done the things he did. Yeah, he’s wrong about HT being a leader, so what? You don’t have to act like a massive jerk about it."
I'm acting like a massive "jerk" (good insult, MSS) about it? You really can't differentiate insult from criticism, can you? All I did was use a quote to debunk a point which is supposed to be the second best reason why the community is good. If that's being a jerk then I don't even know what criticism would be.

"Yeah, creative =/= good. And uncreative =/= bad. And, again, he’s referring to the community as a whole, not just Gen-18. Here’s a quote from you, yourself: “Stop twisting my words.”.
Already debunked. Funnily enough, the only one who seems to be twisting words here is you, since I apparantly think all Gen 18 content is effortless.

"Comedy is subjective all of the time, not most of the time. This entire segment is just you unnecessarily whining about us not being funny in your eyes. We’re funny in our own eyes. Humor IS subjective. You’re an extremely self centered person who can’t respect opinions at all, that’s what all of this stems from."
Let me put it this way. Comedy is subjective, but some things are objectively not funny. Throwling "blue Homer Simpson" at the wall and expecting me to laugh will not work. There is nothing funny about it.

"There is a lot of great users on here. You’re just so self absorbed that you can’t expand your horizons and instead decide to resent an entire group of people for no reason other than your own arrogance."
I don't think I made that list because I'm arrogant, fella. I think I've said why I made that list about 6 times in this post alone. And from what I've seen, there remains 5 users who exceed a 5/10.

"My god, dude. Calm down! He hasn’t done anything to you, you’re overreacting to an extent I’ve never seen! You can point out flaws in his list, but this isn’t even criticism. This is just insulting to my intelligence and it’s pissing me off."
I'm the one that should calm down? The original quote:
"I thought this was a list about the site fella, not the community? Take your pick. Next."
Notice how that doesn't seem or sound angry at all? I've been calm as a cucumber throughout this whole fight. I haven't even had to use an exlamation mark once. As for you, Mr. Calm, you seem to have gotten rustled over a post that wasn't a rustle attempt. Then again, your gen got rustled by someone who thinks rustling is to "steal or round up" so I shouldn't be surprised. One last thing. "This isn't even criticism" Don't feel like I have to elaborate here.

"Just shut up! Shut up! Have you seen lovefrombadlands’ reviews? A ton of work is put into our content, as well as every generation. Get that through your thick skull! All of your content is absolutely mindless garbage and you’re a complete d*ck to everyone who’s not completely perfect. I’ve seen bad and good Gen-18 users, but all of them have been better than you."
Holy smokes, quite an aggressive bit of criticism from the man telling me to calm down, huh? I'm not going to read reviews that don't appeal to me. I'm sure she puts effort into her posts, just like literally every user on the site. No need to get it through my thick skull if it's already there. Now, "All" of my content is absolutely mindless garbage. Huh, weird, I thought every generation put effort into their lists? Those 66 episodes of AV I've made, each of which being longer and having more effort put in than the last? Mindless garbage according to Mr. Calm. I know for a fact you haven't read any of my posts, so don't go crying that I haven't read a review. Lastly, I'm being a d*ck? Don't make me laugh.

"Him being in another gen doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to think he’s a good user. This isn’t even valuable criticism. This is you acting like a giant, giant, BABY."
Good job pal, you stated something obvious. My point is that if you're going to make a list that's primary objective is to promote Gen 18 users, perhaps a good idea is not to dedicate an item to a user who's prime was in the same Gen as the person you're trying to prove wrong. Oh, and again, I'm apparantly the one who can't criticise.

"Jeff coming back is a good thing. Him leaving is a bad thing. But, that doesn’t mean that one is greater than the other. The positive outweighs the negative, he fixed his mistake and came back. He’s still as good as ever."
Positives can outweigh negatives, yes. However, opposites can not outweigh each other. Him coming back is the opposite of him leaving. They cancel each other out.

"Do I even need a conclusion?"
Well, since I've successfully debunked and shot down all of your points, I'd say having one as a saving grace wouldn't be the worst idea.

So, what did we learn today? We learned that the writer of this post doesn't like to do research. We learned that Gen 18 users still like to get rustled. And we learned that criticism is actually insulting, and actual criticism is calling a post donkey sh*t. Thanks for the valuable criticism, buddy. Puga out.


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Wow, the post this guy made is one of the I've seen in a while. He really didn't know what he was talking about at all.

It's hilarious to watch this generation of users attempt to debunk a criticism list, while they do the exact thing your #1 entry critiqued them for.

Good debunking Puga. - DCfnaf

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